Reviews for wishes
DiAngelo646 chapter 1 . 3/25
This was frigging adorable! Dudley needs more reconnecting with Harry, and I absolutely love how Ron gave him a second chance! Dudley was, in Dumbledore’s words, “the poor boy sitting between you two”. Dudley was given everything, but that was not what he wanted! Great job!
The Crownless Queen chapter 1 . 2/10
Aww, I loved this! I'm a fan of Dudley and Harry reconnecting post-Deathly Hallows (usually because Dudley has a magical child which is a headcanon of mine :p) so this was really lovely to read. I don't think I've ever seen quite this scenario before. It was very original :)
I loved the take on the Dursleys' Christmases too. I can totally believe that Vernon would be so derisive of religion, and it makes total sense considering their characterizations that it would be just about the gifts they could get for Dudley rather than anything else. I wish you had put in a bit more backstory about what happened to him and Petunia though. I mean, I assume that they're dead, but I would have liked maybe one more line telling me how that happened :p
And then Harry knew about it and sent Dudley an owl to invite him over for the holidays, and this was honestly so sweet and soft and good. Their dialogue and interactions were also so perfectly awkward and in character. It was clear that they had grown up and apart, and I loved how you showed that. It made for a beautiful scene.
Harry's line about rust getting in strange places while Dudley went like 'nope i didn't want to know please shut up' was also perfect, and a nice little piece of humor in the rest of the hurt/comfort stuff.
And I loved Dudley's reaction to the Floo. Like, him imagining his obituary in the newspaper was amazing and very funny.
I loved how bittersweet the mood was in this. You managed to keep to a perfect equilibrium too, not making this too angsty, and mostly just keeping to an undercurrent of wistfulness that worked well with your writing and made this story even more beautiful. It kind of feels like a dream, to be honest. It's very smooth to read :)
And Dudley's (re)introduction to the Weasleys was so good! I loved Ron going all 'i'm gonna protect my bro here by threatening to unleash my siblings on his cousin if he doesn't behave'. Like, yes, of course Ron, this is an amazing idea. (cwl) But it was a lovely characterization of him too :)
And Dudley's envy at Ginny and Harry's relationship and easy love was so good too. Painful, but good. I loved the note on the fridge scene :) it was probably my fave bit of this fic.
This was truly lovely and I loved it! You have an amazing way of writing :)
Nice work! ;)
Cheers! :)
Guest chapter 1 . 12/26/2017
Hecking amazing.