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Adjei18 chapter 4 . 7/15
Hi I’ve really been enjoying this fic so far but there’s something I feel needs to be pointed out. I’ve noticed you tend to repeat things already stated in previous passages. An example is this chapter where you mention in one paragraph how Seraena takes care of magical creatures out of need, and then not a paragraph later, you mention it again in almost the same wording and add extra information. This tends to get annoying, no offense but If you correct this your story will be elevated to a whole ‘nother level. Good job, though!
Basker chapter 7 . 7/8
I’m screaming. This fic gets better and better. The reborn could be a good group of friends and allies for Gabi. I thought she would be alone in the world but she isn’t! I can’t believe how shocking and relieving it must be to see “familiar” faces.
Cedric! I think Rhaegar was jealous. Lol
I suppose he has a right to be. But Cedric and Gabi aren’t destined and tied together with this crazy dream of ice and fire.
At least she knows someone who knew and remembered FLEUR! Can you imagine? I’m so happy even if their friendship would be looked upon with suspicion by others.
Lily and James! I need to tell them all about Harry Potter and how amazing he is and how proud they should be. lol
Cersei Lannister seeing her for the first time gave me life. Yesssss!
Loved it.
I like that Gabi is thinking about her future and how she can help the people of Kings Landing.
Oberyn and Robert and all those other flirtatious womanizers are in for a rude awakening if they think gawking and trying to charm a Veela will work in their favor at all lmao
Elia is so sweet. God... it really must be so exhausting and annoying to be stared at and lusted after so much. It’s so uncomfortable when people blatantly check you out. Like what the heck... keep your eyes to yourself. Rude.
I hope Gabi And Rhaegar fall in love. I think they could. I want it to be an amazing great wonderful love that made this traumatizing second life worth it.
Aerys has got to go. Like... killed last week.
But I think we have a couple of years left to suffer his presence.
I can’t wait for the wedding. Gabi will look so beautiful and the gifts and the people and the food and the everything!
Looking forward to the next update!
Basker chapter 3 . 7/8
“The poets and bards would go wild trying to outdo themselves.” YESSSS PLEASE! I am laughing so hard already. I love the over the top songs and praises it makes me laugh like nothing else.
I love that Gabi is still herself and won’t let go of what she loves which is healing and learning.
I loved the POV of Lord Steffon. Everything is so beautiful... i loved his insights and thoughts.
I enjoyed hearing about the brothers. They’re all up to something. I love that even with their own ambitions they focus too on their sister. Even if they do t think much of each other they all seem to get along well with her.
The dragon eggs... I am shook. I can’t believe the priests are already seeing things. I mean I can... since Gabis IS magical it makes sense things pertaining to her would be clearer.
Sera is brilliant. She laid out the bait and now here is her prize. She’s way more than just a beautiful wife and mother. That woman is dangerous. Her patience is amazing.
I loved the people’s reactions to seeing Seraena for the first time. No one believes the outrageous songs and tales until they see her for the first time.
Basker chapter 2 . 7/8
I love Saera. She truly wants the best for her daughter and for her to have power in her own right. This family is raised to be ambitious and great. That’s how they stay at the top I suspect. It’s a bit of a culture shock to Gabi who has been raised in a way more easy going and laid back manner.
I think Gabi could do so much good for the world. Maybe free some slaves since she hates slavery so much...
I like that she isn’t hysterical or stupid. She’s quiet and calm and thinks ahead.
She isn’t stupid with her magic which is great. It’s just too bad that she feels she can’t trust anyone.
I wonder if her brothers will play a big part later on. Even the religious one is curiously ambitious and bright.
I feel sympathy for her plight and her parent’s position. They’ve never seen a veela before. Of course they won’t know how to treat her the same way as Apolline and Antoine :/
Seraena is a gorgeous name. A little homage to her mother and just pretty on its own.
I think with her intelligence and charm she’ll be able to win over the Westerosi. She has an advantage. Many actually. Even if she only sees the downsides to all of this. Which are many and varied lmao
Basker chapter 1 . 7/8
I loved this chapter. THE house of Life!? That’s just too perfect lol
At least Gabrielle saved her family. They’ll miss her and grieve for her but they’ll move on. It’s worse for Gabi who is all alone but I hope she can come to love her new family. I felt really sad when she felt guilty about this new family not having their “real” daughter.
I really really want her to love this new family. I can’t imagine how disappointed and sad I would be if my little sister didn’t love me lol
A veela I’m Asoiaf... I’m scared for her. The people in this universe are straight up savages. I hope Gabi still has her magic. If not... I guess her family seems quite wealthy. They’ll be able to afford security. And maybe Gabi’s beauty might move some people to protect her.
Great first chapter! Can’t wait to read the rest.
Innieminnie chapter 7 . 7/7
dang son...I wonder if all those who died will show themselves here...Sirius I wouldn't be surprised if he arrived body whole, in tact, and the same age he had been when he fell into the veil xD! No, but really, can you imagine? We've got Fred, Snape, Tonks, Remus, Dumbledore...and yeah, cannon just went out the window so.. I'm looking forward to the next chapter quite eagerly! Also, was that a bit of jealousy there Raegar? Teehee! I hope they've also retained their magic...though different bodies and all. I wouldn't be surprised if the only reason she retained her magic was because of her lineage. This might benefit her though since some death eaters might have also been transferred over. You never know~
Innieminnie chapter 6 . 7/7
The only thing I can think to complain about is the absurdly long author notes at the beginning. like a quarter of this chapter I spent reading your responses to your readers, and while normally I wouldn't mind, this time it was a bit much. I suggest just answering the guest reviewers if you absolutely must and pm everyone else.
Morning Songbird chapter 1 . 6/20
You know, I'm really pleased at the fact that you are not afraid of talking back at people who insult your work. Your work is actually one of the best under this crossover I've rad so far. Good job.
sweetchill chapter 7 . 6/20
Huwow. This is absolutely incredible. I haven't read a GOOD HP/ASOIAF crossover in a LONG time. This has totally exceeded my expectations. Blew my mind really. Please continue on with this brilliant work, my good author. Please do. Excited for the next chapter! D
laurenalexander83 chapter 7 . 6/9
This is great! Looking forward to the next chapter.
BookNerd1947 chapter 7 . 6/8
Wow I am REALLY loving your story! I love Gabrielle and I can always respect a gorgeous female character that is acually reealistic and has faults and all. Plus, your writting style is beautiful and after this I’m definitely checking out some other stories of yours! I never really liked Rhaegar, simce he is either a madman who kidnapped and raped a teenager, or a lovesick fool who caused the war, the death of millions and left his wife and young children for a teenager. But your portrayal of him is very good and I acually really enjoy Rhaegar.
However, there are things I’m not the biggest fan of. I understand that Gabrielle is a goddess, espically after the third time you described her, but really, you don’t have to describe how she looks every other chapter. You write how awed the character is, but leave her description out please. Also, the last chapter left me shock. So Cedric, Lily and James ALSO time travelled, but I kinda find it unbelievable that NONE OF THE ever met before. I get that its like a Medieval Times, but really, it would make sense if at least one pair met before. I can’t decide if I like the additional travelers but I can’t judge yet because I don’t know enough.
I really hope you do a Cersei and Rhaella point of view! Also, I’m pretty excited for when Lily and James meet and find out what happened after they died. I hope that is in the next chapter. You should also have Gabrielle help out Flea Bottom and visit orphans and stuff, since I can definitely imagine her doing that and it will help her reputation.
Anyways, hope you update soon! I love your story overall.
Skogsmard chapter 7 . 6/2
Just found this story, and binged it in a day. Please update soon, but feel no pressure. A rushed chapter is rarely a good one.
salsas100 chapter 7 . 5/22
Very interesting. And oh I'm laughing. I don't think that only the good guys were reincarnated... So... Hahahaha.
And was she the only one to keep her magic? Or do they all have access to it? I wonder...
lord aessir chapter 7 . 5/16
latinoamerica te lee xd pdt:
me encanta tu fic pero actualiza mas rápido le veo mucho potencial y se a vuelto una adiccion leer una y otra vez tu fic
Guest chapter 7 . 5/5
Wait, does this mean that people who died in the other universe are reincarnated here? Awesome chapter as always!
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