Reviews for Unbidden
dtandrews1823 chapter 50 . 10/14
I love this story so much. like when I was catching up on it just recently I got in trouble for reading it at work.
ArkhamAnnie chapter 50 . 10/11
I told myself that I wouldn't read this story all at once, that I would take my time with it. So of course, I read it all at once. :)
LittleLorna chapter 50 . 10/10
Woah things turned dark quickly D:
LittleLorna chapter 49 . 10/10
The childish part of me just pointed my finger at Bren and his allies and go "HA HA" when I saw he is worse of in funds than the coalition.
ldsrsc chapter 50 . 10/6
Just when you think we're in the denouement, you ramp things up! This story is killer!
ArtemisBare chapter 50 . 10/5
Pffft. My kidneys would not be surviving this week without your support.
LittleLorna chapter 48 . 10/4
Protective Ben is so angsty yet cute at the same time, I love how you turned his rageful vengeance into something that could help change the galaxy.
Guest chapter 49 . 9/27
Thank you!
ldsrsc chapter 49 . 9/27
The way Rey and Ben speak to each other is so romantic and realistic. I love them.
Obscure-Reference-Girl chapter 49 . 9/27
Wouldn’t dream of leaving this crazy ride
Grateful fan chapter 49 . 9/27
I’m amazed how you can write such wonderful chapters of your stories so frequently. Know that your efforts are greatly appreciated.
ToughSpirit chapter 49 . 9/27
Another great chapter, awesome sex scene, and tender moments. Always a pleasure.
White.Demon.Feathers chapter 49 . 9/27
We're getting close to the end! This is the first story that I've been with every update from the beginning and I am so glad you committed to it for so long!
Awesomesauce3 chapter 49 . 9/27
Always look forward to reading this every week!
LittleLorna chapter 47 . 9/26
Looks like friendships and alliances are being made but I cant see Samuel going done easily there surely has to be some more angst. I like Shree and Poe's relationship with Ben how they can be there to encourage or needle him. Mmmm space cupcakes taste good xD
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