Reviews for Unbidden
smokingcoffee chapter 3 . 7/14
Please update soon this is my favorite reylo fic!
Itsame chapter 40 . 7/11
Actually dying from Ben Solo Pain Train withdrawals. I hope you are ok BUT... I am shriveling up like a raisin without this story.
Vero Diaz chapter 40 . 7/11
Please update soon
Vero Diaz chapter 36 . 7/10
Padme deserved to be honored, more than the Aldeerians
Sangsu chapter 3 . 6/28
I have to hold myself back from hitting the favorite button at the end of every chapter...and I'm only 3 chapters in!
( I added this story to my favorites list before I even began reading it btw).
gibbs chapter 40 . 6/21
Whyyyyy have you forsaken usssss? Please come back, you still have readers in here! What about the pain train? I need pain train in my life.
Anna10473 chapter 1 . 6/12
Just started to read. This is my first Star Wars story! Love it!
Ayame1431 chapter 31 . 6/8
OMGGGGG BRILLIANT! “Simple really, I made him think one thing while I did another”

Just like in the movie when he turned on the saber and killed Snoke! Omg FANTASIC and clever writing. I’m sorry I was sooooooo excited for this part just wow.
lexmckkni chapter 40 . 6/3
Ben cry’s, I cry, we all cry
I will stick with this story no matter how long it takes to complete. Sending you love
slightlyxjaded chapter 40 . 6/3
I loved it! It makes sense that bringing Rey back would require a stiff price. Unfortunately, the Force seems to be sooooo much of Ben’s identity that he’s crushed and lost without it. Thank goodness Rey is there to help him through. I dare say he’s in good hands. Fantastic update!
AgathaRoesler chapter 40 . 5/29
just found your history
im from brasil
and let me tell you
you are AMAZING!
Sheena Kushiashi chapter 37 . 5/29
Ugh, I love fictional politics so much. This was so satisfying to read. I can't wait to see how the relationship between the TL's - what I'm dubbing - Stormtrooper Alliance and the Resistance develops, especially with Finn being such an obviously massive influence and idol to them and his own relationship to the Resistance.

Your attention to detail astounds me, as usual. Everything is kept very real in terms of how things are playing out and how characters react to them. Like how TL told Ben that Rey is fine ( and for all intents and purposes, she was) and Ben wasn't prepared for her to be hurt, when he knows Hux wouldn't just let her off with giving him shit. You touch on those lapses in thought beautifully. And on that note, there's so much said in between the lines that really round out the politics of this chapter in that for every exchange of politics and strategy there's the underlying veil of emotional drive that makes everything tie together and work. Great work!
Sheena Kushiashi chapter 36 . 5/29
I'm so glad to finally be catching up!

I love how you're setting up what's to come. You make it very clear how new and tense this dynamic is and how it can potentially affect the mission. The stakes are extremely high for everyone involved and on all fronts, and you've opened the doors for this mission to either go completely south or be a complete success (sans the typical and expected snags, of course) with the varying interactions Ben had with members of the Resistance and TL. This chapter is also a highlight to one of your hidden talents of creating real tension. Despite most of your readers, myself included, being well aware of your Happily Ever After policy, I can still feel anxious on the behalf of the characters and the massive risks they're taking.

I will say that during Rose and Ben's scene, that last interaction when before they actually go to Leia's quarters felt a little flat. Maybe instead of "Rose tilts her head and looks at him for a long time. Then she slowly nods, 'I don't know why, but I believe you'", "Rose looks to him for a long moment with her head tilted and her eyes unsure, before giving a slow nod. 'I believe you'"? It's just a suggestion; the rest of this chapter and that scene were beautifully done, it's just that one moment that doesn't seem to be working quite as well.
Itsame chapter 40 . 5/24
Perry, this update made my whole month! I was so happy to see this and I'm eager to see where it goes. You have an absolute GIFT for writing. If this were a book, I'd buy it in a heartbeat and I hope you update us on your writing career as I'm also eager to read your original works as well! I hope your move goes smoothly. Sending prayers and happy vibes for your momma and for you.
DiscordMarie chapter 40 . 5/23
Omg... I like what you did to Ben, but I am sad for him... this is a great story. Looking forward to the next update, when you have the time.
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