Reviews for Homeward
deviantgirl17 chapter 33 . 11/21
please please please keep going this storyline needs an ending.. well more like I need an ending because it's getting too good for it to stop now.
Guest chapter 33 . 11/19
I love this story so much! Your writing, your world building, everything is to perfection! Thank you for writing this magnificent story! I am so glad I have found this gem!
Update when you can and make sure to take care of yourself!
*Goes off to read the story for a 2nd time, but won't be the last made me an addict for your story ***
JellyBeansxyz chapter 8 . 11/17
Nah i would’ve bailed. Fuck your sister, if youre gonna insult me, she can just die.
jazthaneleidelrosario chapter 33 . 10/19
another well done masterpiece good job
Guest chapter 33 . 10/8
Man still wishing for an update this is togood to abandon this far in
Anon chapter 33 . 9/19
Brilliant read. Looking forward to new chapters.
Guest chapter 33 . 9/9
I really wish this fic would continue i know its been a long time since stuff has been added but I come back and check all the time I fell in love with this story.
Guest chapter 33 . 8/23
I really love this and can't wait for more. Im in tears.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 33 . 8/17
I was happy to see Kuro alive and I hope that Sakura gets some training from the pride.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 32 . 8/17
I like Tobirama and Toka. I also like how by now both Izuna and Madara have realized their mistake.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 31 . 8/17
Good chapter, honestly Madara’s reasonings, although unfortunate, make sense and don’t feel forced.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 30 . 8/17
I find Izuna’S obtuseness honestly pretty infuriating. He is completely tunnel visioning on Sakura’s wood release and completely ignoring the fact that she just risked her life to protect the Uchiha. If she was a Senju than she should have teamed up with the Hagaromo to destroy the village. What a dumbass mofo, I take everything I said about him back.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 29 . 8/17
I wonder what power the Hagaromo clan has and more specifically Junshi. Also it was nice to see Sakura let loose, although it will have consequences.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 28 . 8/17
With all due respect I hate polymath and I am glad that you are keeping Sakura and Madara monogamous. Also I don’t understand how Sakura marrying both brothers at all would increase the chances of strong offspring at all. It doesn’t make sense at all. The only scenario I can think of where polygamy might result in more strong offspring is if you have a single strong man that marries multiple strong women and has possibly dozens of children. TLDR polymath involving a single women and multiple men doesn’t make any sense from any perspective
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 27 . 8/17
So wait is Sakura necessary to the events of the past going as they originally did or not cause if she is I don’t like that. Generally time loops like this are annoying.I prefer her creating her own alternate timeline through her interference.
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