Reviews for Mending the Knots
heartfanglives chapter 56 . 8h
Finally current on this fic and it’s about 4 am. Don’t regret anything aside from the fact that there are no more chapters lol. Can’t wait for more!
MereC55 chapter 12 . 2/29
Yah, I forgot how bad Weiss was pre-character development. Thankfully, once the said development sets in, she comes an awesome character.
objectivepersona chapter 49 . 2/24
Hijacking someone flight destination for this reason seems...
Enraem chapter 56 . 2/15
Noooooo! I’m caught up!

Silver lining is that this is one of the really good ones that are still updating.
With how F’d up the world is, little greats like this are very much appreciated.
Enraem chapter 44 . 2/15
Aight, I take back all the bad vibes i sent in my last review/comment.

FF should really have a separate section for reviews and comments.
Enraem chapter 42 . 2/15
Oh come on!
That was some BS cop out right there!
I’m a crew member of the VNS Arkos by the way.
Majin Prune chapter 48 . 2/12
... With this treasure I summon!
Vorthod chapter 50 . 2/5
Damn, Cardin got the short end of the character stick in this series, but I have to admit that I am very much looking forward to the upcoming shitstorm.
Vorthod chapter 41 . 2/5
Hi team NDGO! Bye team NDGO!
brickarms100 chapter 56 . 1/19
I love this story so much. It is one of my favorite fanfics. I think it would be awesome if Jaune somehow massaged all the female characters in RWBY. It can either be a harem or everyone wants Jaune to be around them. It would be hilarious. Also, maybe Jaune can cook something for Salem and its like she can actually taste it(she probably lost her sense of taste due to her being immortal,maybe) and she starts to want him romantically.
NyaNyaKittyFace chapter 56 . 1/16
I love that everyone is just getting more and more curious about Jaune, sorry, about God Hands. The effects of his aura on people are honestly amazing and something that truly is a game changer if utilized correctly. I do womder what kind of effect it would have on Salem though. I THINK it would burn away some of the grimm within her while simultaneously strengthening her magic, but who knows. Then theres the possible effects it could have in her curse. This story makes be believe that Jaune’s semblance is “Amplification” instead of simply “Aura Amplification.” The former being something far more diverse and useful, also more TERRIFYING, than the latter. I find the idea of Tyrian passing out from the chance to touch Salem’s back hilarious, yet also extremely possible. Lastly, im glad to see this beautiful story still going strong! Cant wait to see how things develop. Also, whos the romantic interest for Jaune? It feels like it could be Pyrrha, Neo, or the twins…or Glynda of Ironwood’s paranoia is fo be believed. Personally I’d prefer Neo.
deathshade37 chapter 21 . 1/14
Yoy must live jn central Texas or somewhere similar to even know about water softeners. Not many places have enough line deposits for it to be an issue. Honestly, you're the first fic I've ever read bring it up.
HellKnight70 chapter 56 . 1/14
It was not a matter of if. Only when Salem wanted that massage.
WearyCurmudgeon chapter 56 . 1/8
- Intel
Really not grokking Watt's response outside of personal rancour.

Cinder discovers info that she can't make heads or tails of, may be nothing, may be something. So kicking it upstairs is fully logical.

Let the boss lady and other minions figure it out, while she goes back to trying to fulfill her primary and secondary missions.

That's being efficient and not wasting time, energy and limited resources that can be utilized for her actual objectives.

So again, not grokking Watt's attitude on this issue.
Guest chapter 56 . 1/8
Only a 2k world update, seems awfully short, or is it just the set-up for Salem’s massage causing something REALLY WACKY to happen?
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