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shirousagi87 chapter 49 . 2/7
Damm was hoping he went home and get trained by his grandfather and come back as a badass hunter with scars and muscles... though probably vale would be no more
kreshryl chapter 49 . 2/7
Nice chapter. Honestly I was expecting Jaune to go home and go through a training montage or a time skip for next year. I guess chronologically Cinder's plan can't be arbitrarily shifted 1 year later since the Vytal Festival is during the first year. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read more :D
merendinoemiliano chapter 49 . 2/7
Excellent usage of everyone, cannot wait for next training sessions
ChrisRoad chapter 48 . 2/7
raaah new knots update
Darkanaklusmos70 chapter 49 . 2/7
Nain Tarlow chapter 48 . 1/30
Poor, sweet idiot, that Cardin. He couldn't have gone after a worse target. At this point, even Salem might go after him.
Hm, wonder if the immortal Queen of Grimm can be bribed with massages? Would definitely end their hidden war, if she needed Jaune and by extension humanity alive so she could get a proper relaxation everyone once in a while
Great work as always
harashien chapter 48 . 1/21
Not gonna lie… I cackled too
Ryuseix chapter 48 . 1/21
Cardin fucked up
Guest chapter 48 . 1/6
I need to buy more popcorn for this
Guest chapter 48 . 1/6
Great cliffhanger, please post more soon.
Jpc123 chapter 48 . 1/6
Who wants to guess which one will nail Cardin and his families collective asses to the wall first? Because seriously, each one can sink Cardin and his family by themselves easily, if not drown them in enough problems that would make it impossible for them to recover.

Checking out the line up:

Professor Ozpin: Headmaster of Beacon’s Famed huntsman academy and a prominent member of the Vale Council. Both those ranks makes him extremely powerful and influential. Him reporting to the council that a son of a fellow councilmen is abusing council authority for such a petty reason? Definitely scandal worthy, if not enough to put Mr. Winchester’s power as councilman into question.

Pyrrha Nikos: Rising star huntress, famous icon, a list of corporate sponsors at her side. She doesn’t use it much, if at all, but she has a lot of media influence to her name. Cardin may be a government employee and son of a councilman, but Pyrrha holds much, MUCH more sway from people all over. She is an internationally famous huntress prodigy. Statements from her would hold a lot of weight.

Pyrrha can just walk up to a news outlet, ask for an interview, and say that a close friend of hers is being attacked through the actions of corrupt official using blatantly illegal means to ensure he could not recover financially from the Grimm attack. With said official being her former classmate, who has a history of attempting to slander and assault her during his time at Beacon, that would imply that it would a indirect attempt to bully her again. Paparazzi would swarm the Winchester house the moment it’s broadcasted.

Aureville Arc: seems like the guy has done a lot in his time as a huntsman, if he can call a favor in from Ozpin. So he definitely has connections that can make it possible for him to expose Cardin and make it hurt. The Arc family sounds like has a long history of successful huntsman, so his family has quite a bit of weight to throw around.

Weiss Schnee and team RWBY: Weiss has enough money and reputation that a legal team to tear into a corrupt councilman would be a snap. Also good publicity, helping the Plus Jacques can buy all of his fathers stocks and assets when the price drops in the eventual aftermath all this, giving him the chance to acquire more money and presence in Vale.

As for team RWBY as a whole, they are the ones that assisted greatly in holding back the Grimm during the breach before the arrival of the Atlas military and Beacon huntsman.

They are heroes of the hour. Assisting in the apprehension of corrupt figures denying a lawful citizen the money to recover from the recent disaster for such a biased and unlawful reason? Sounds legal to me.

Junior and his gang: As the head of the ONLY crime network in the city of Vale, Junior has magnanimous power over the whole Valean underworld. He probably has enough blackmail or “unsavory detail’s” to get the Winchesters kicked out of office, if not the city. Cardin is pretty much using his power to rob Jayne, and Junior by extent, of their money. No one likes it when you take their money, especially not a criminal empire. Cardin will be lucky if they just break all his bones.

White Fang: Though partially, quite a few people in the white fang, the lieutenant in particular, see that Jaune is one of the few humans who does not discriminate against Faunus in his business and holds no patience for anyone insulting his Faunus customers of employees. They will at least give him some sign of thanks.

Cinder: will she be present? I hope so. She likes Jaune’s work and has quite a history of not letting slights against her go unpunished.

Neo: no explanation needed.

There’s the line up of people ready to defend Jaune. All in all, it will be a nightmare for Cardin Winchester. How tragic.
Where’s the popcorn?
SLENDER GUY chapter 1 . 12/28/2022
At the start of the chapter,and i can only say:Or maybe it is just a normal shop and you are tresspassing Glynda
Guest chapter 48 . 12/23/2022
Nice cliffhanger
Doom238 chapter 48 . 12/23/2022
kill cardin slowly and painfully
Erditse chapter 48 . 12/22/2022
Really love this story and hope for it’s continuation
And Cardin really fucked up
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