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sampler22613 chapter 3 . 6/20
i loved this fic and would love to see more if you are up to the task
Genital WarThunder chapter 1 . 3/31
Why you no have Aralak?
Wacko12 chapter 2 . 3/27
should Alarak and have him side with Salem for a time
TaekiAnahazu chapter 1 . 1/25
alright. how the hell are you going to make a word out of this cast of characters. it's really weird.
in other news, you should probably think of a better name. it's really generic, this one. just so you know.
LordGhostStriker chapter 2 . 1/16
Damn that ending was fucking sweet as hell.
Guest chapter 3 . 1/16
You should bring in probius as Karax pet robot. He could small cute and deadly at the same time.
Hi chapter 3 . 1/15
I for some reason want to see Karax make a goddame army and have it fight in the fall of bacon (help me) just dont let him fus to dah Artanis into Selendis it might be funny tho (just) and for gods sake do not give nora a cannon (Monika)
Warmach1ne32 chapter 3 . 1/13
Haven is the Huntsman Academy of Minstral. Sanctum is the Combat School of Minstral, or Minstral's Signal.

Just found this fic and loving it keep it up :D
Cjonwalrus chapter 3 . 1/10
No where enough good Starcraft fanfiction of amy kind, keep up the good work.
Ready101 chapter 3 . 1/9
will there be zerg in the future?
SCAgamer chapter 3 . 1/8
I for one loved the chapter. The chapter lengths are good. One of my personal pet peeves are extremely long author notes in the story. Overall good story so far.
LeiCiel chapter 3 . 1/8
Oh man, so much happening. Where to start...

The bit between Weiss and Karax was definitely unexpected, especially that little blush at the end there. It's definitely gonna make Beacon a lot more interesting.

Hm... Ruby developing a crush on the only guy who seems to get he love of weapons. Weiss meeting the same guy, whom she already had a crush on. And the oblivious guy who has next to no social skills at all. XD

I'm really enjoying Selendis's parts. Seriously, watching that hard ass executor falling prey to the tortures of tickling made my day.

I definitely can't wait to see how she reacts to seeing Jaune at Beacon since it's clear that he won't be getting in the legitimate way. Though I could easily imagine him sneaking about since he knows she'll be there.

Vorazun's reluctance to join the new White Fang was expected as well as joining mainly for Blake's sake. I'm sure she's going to be a major part of Blake's eventual departure as well.

Then, of course, we have Artanis, the burgeoning chocoholic, and Pyrrha, the future champion and cereal mascot. I feel so sorry for Pyrrha though. First Jaune in canon and now the reincarnated protoss. What is it with her and dense, clueless guys? XD

Beacon is definitely gonna be an interesting ride. Especially when they all finally meet one another.

Quick question. Will they be telling anyone about their shared pasts as protoss, especially when someone inevitably notices that they couldn't possibly have met prior to Beacon?

Either way, great chapter. Looking forward to the actual start of the main story now that the prologue's done.
Truemmerphantom chapter 3 . 1/8

I never thought it possible, but thanks to you I ship Weiss and Karax. That tiny mechanical bird that actually genuinely acts like a tiny bird was one awesome birthday gift, even if the former Protoss doesn't realizes it. That snippet was beautifully done.
And oh gods: Dust Cannons! Cannon-rushing is a thing again! :O
(On the other hand, just what kind of mischief has Karax unknowingly done that led to the creation of P-10?)
(As far as I know, Sentinels (The Zealots of the Purifier Faction) all have 'basic' AIs. If they are personalized or not, I do not know. I also suspect that the Interceptors of the Carriers are also controlled by AIs. Probes and other robotic units besides Dragoons and Immortals use AIs, too. I would say that the Protoss Phasesmiths are more than able to create 'lesser AIs', even though they most likely copy-pasta them over and over again.)
(... And I just remembered Ruby and her fixation on anything related to Weapons... and the Fact that she build her Sniper-Scythe herself. The Reaper and the Phasesmith would be able to talk for DAYS without any end in sight. Seriously, how did I forgot that?)

Selendis... By the Xel'Naga, she truly is a child! So far, in this fic, she's my favorite Character, even above adorabubble Karax and Artanis. Even though you spoiled her weapon of choice, the fact that she'll "give everyone the axe" is just adorably brilliant! If I wasn't a guy, I would most definitely shout something childish like "Kawai". _
(Solarite Reapers, the Battlepear/-Axes, were wielded by the Aiur-Zealots who were kept in Stasis on board of the Ark-Ship "The Spear of Adun". Just a little Trivia from your resident wannabe SC2-nerd. :D )
(I would also suggest giving her some form of shotgun or a few grenades 'just in case' she may feel the need for it/them. If a Protoss thinks he has enough firepower he either is at max supply or obviously hadn't build enough, and Selendis isn't different. :) )

I feel for Ghira and Vorazun. The man knows that, with Sienna's leadership, the White Fang will slowly, but surely become a shell of it's former self but he also doesn't want their members to fight one another... And Vorazun had been basically guilt-tripped into joining. Bad Blake, bad!
(Though I doubt Sienna should directly start with the systematic hospitalization of human entities and, instead, 'reascue their fellow brethren from the vile clutches of these disgusting humans' instead. *Cough* Schnee-Dust-Mines *Cough* )

And Arty! Darn, he makes the whole world spin around himself and doesn't even realize it. Sorry Jaune, but someone else has to save your guts from splattering on the ground. (On the other hand, Jaune's the twin of friggin' Selendis, so she'll probably bully him through a training regime, if he want's to or not. He can save himself.) Anyways, Vacuo will cry rivers of tears when the Hierarch charges towards Beacon to Storm the valean hearts. Yes, I know, my puns went off with a Yang.
(Artanis developing a Sweet Tooth. He and Nora will understand one another perfectly.)
(Poor Pyrrha. If her crush inevitably intensifies she may start to do something incredibly reckless to get Arty's attention.)

Things I wish to see, but probably will never happen:
- Weiss tackle-hugging Karax in poorly disguised joy at the worst possible moment
- Pyrrha tackle-hugging Arty in poorly disguised Joy (capital letter intended) during the first day of Initiation
- Karax hacking into the CCT-Network and constantly improving it without anyone noticing it
- Karax and Ruby creating a 'Flamethrower on Stakes' (Colossus)
- Selendis and Yang going All-Out in a bar-brawl
- Vorazun, Ren, Blake, Professor Oobleck and Ozpin sitting on one table, all drinking Tea / Coffee / Rocket Fuel / Hot Chocolate
- Arty finding out what Love is
- "Hierarch?" "Executor Selendis?" "Hierarch?" "Matriarch Vorazun?" "Hierarch!" "Karax?"
- "Bow before the Might of the Tal'darim!" -Alarak defeats Salem in Rak'Shir and becomes Highlord of the Grimm-

I greatly enjoyed this chapter and will patiently (read: impatiently) wait for the next update, but, more importantly, I hope you'll have fun. :D

Thank you for reading my ramble.
radtej chapter 3 . 1/7
Buwahaha. Selendis is cutest.
Saurian96 chapter 3 . 1/7
AWW...Don't worry Pyrrah, in 5-6 years you'll be the one of the hottest lady in Beacon.

Also. Karax in time may figure out how to create life since after all, in Remnant an AI can have a soul.
I can imagine how Vorazun is just gonna NOPED out of there ounce she figured out how unhinged Adam is.
And another thing. Are all their long range weapons gonna be plasma based like Neptunes?

This just occur to me. Will you designate a theme song for each the Protoss Protagonist?
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