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Tenjo chapter 4 . 1/21

Now they are planning to attack Harry and what does Kalawarner do? She suggests they attack when he’s with Lily.

If he gets with her without learning about the shit she was involved in planning, I’m gonna be very annoyed. It would be a relationship hinging on her hiding things from him.

If he gets with her DESPITE learning about the shit she was involved in planning, I’m gonna be totally pissed. It would show you have no interest in writing a consistent character and are perfectly willing to force uncharacteristic actions if it allows the harem you have planned.
Tenjo chapter 3 . 1/21
It’s pretty clear you’re set on having Kalawarner in the harem, so much so that you’re doing bullshit mental acrobatics to justify it. While that would be fine otherwise, I still remember you giving a bullshit excuse for why he wouldn’t pursue Kuroka. Shall I remind you?

He will reject Kuroka because she protected her sister.


He doesn’t yet know how evil Kalawarner is (she’s literally planning the murder of two innocent humans while going on dates with him, and regardless of her developing feelings for him fact remains she had nefarious ulterior motives when she approached him… motives she is still trying to achieve right now), but he does know she consciously tried to use some kind of magic to manipulate him into bed with her and that she only wants to fuck.

Yet instead of telling her to fuck off out of his life and wash his hands of her, as Harry WOULD do as soon as someone tries to play with his mind like that, he says he likes her and would calm down in a few weeks, meaning he’d forgive her.

I’d really appreciate it if you had some consistency with his approach to characters, because as it stands you literally just pick and choose who goes into his harem without any real in-story reason. Even Sona and her peerage, more specifically Tsubaki. You want Rias and Akeno in his harem, but because you don’t want any of Sona’s peerage their aura inexplicably has no effect on him. You make a bullshit excuse about his werewolf desires, but then what about Tsubaki? Because as far as body shape goes she is very similar to Rias and Akeno. Actually… you had him attracted to Hermione (who’s built like a man) and Ginny (who’s built like a boy), so none of your excuses had a leg to stand on from the start.

I’m ranting, but when the author can’t be fucked making a valid in-story reason for things, or even a reason at all in some cases, it annoys me. It’s a massive pet peeve.
Tenjo chapter 2 . 1/21
… I’m confused as hell. You say he might not accept Kuroka because she ran away TO PROTECT HER SISTER, yet you imply that both Yubelluna and Kalawarner are already confirmed as part of his harem when they’re both genuine scum?

So he’d reject the girl who protects her family (a trait he values) but he’d accept a psychotic, sloppy nymphomaniac who’s already obsessed with a trashy guy, and another slut who has no doubt murdered many innocent people along with the things she will do, namely participating in Asia’s death and working with Freed.

Uhuh. Makes sense.

I’m not making this point to try and get Kuroka in the harem either. I don’t like her character, because it’s somehow both bland and annoyingly quirky at the same time… I’m just pointing out the lack of consistency.
Tenjo chapter 1 . 1/20
It’s always weird when these stories start with Harry and Ginny having a sexless marriage, or a boring sex life for no apparent reason. Because the author almost always makes Harry a very good lover, but ignore the fact Ginny has to get sexual pleasure elsewhere. You outright said she refuses to do anything but missionary but she was riding this guy just now, wasn’t she? She doesn’t like continuing after having an orgasm, but she cheats on him like the orgasms he gives her aren’t enough for her?

So then… is Harry good at sex, or is he so bad that she only does missionary and then fakes an orgasm to get it over with? The latter is the only one that would make sense here.

The problem is that you authors never bother to think up an actual REASON for her to be unresponsive to sex with him, for her to want to cheat. It could be that despite being the best lover she’s ever had, he puts too much time into work and Lily so she’s often left untouched and seeks pleasure elsewhere. It could be that she’s simply the kind of whore who, though her body may be satisfied, only feels properly ‘sated’ when cheating. Hell, maybe he’s too big for her and it hurts so they only screw sparingly and the pleasure doesn’t justify the pain, so she seeks out a lover who is more her size.

Point is, if he’s good enough to please her and her only real complaint about sex is that he has too much energy, there’s no actual reason for her to seek pleasure elsewhere. You’re trying to have your cake (Harry is good at sex) and eat it (Ginny is unresponsive and a cheater).
Banat chapter 28 . 1/18
I am 4-5 days in and 2 million words later I will be waiting for the next chapter
storp930 chapter 28 . 12/28/2021
Simply amazing
NightFyl chapter 3 . 12/28/2021
The Viking Stranger chapter 28 . 12/23/2021
dude, you just put my dread and depression meter so high, today.

Story wise, it's an incredible building up of the story but reader wise, that was too damn depressing. And you know the kicker for this? Even doing this, there will be an ever present guilt and depression unlike any they will ever feel.

Despite what I'm feeling right now, good job.
WithinTheMadness chapter 28 . 12/21/2021
I had been wondering what the exorcists were still doing. Damn that was cold.
The entire Harvest was straight cold.
And poor Asia, who did so much, gave practically everything she had; She'll be traumatized for a long while.
I'm not sure I've ever read a more arctic piece of FanFic. This was superbly written.
Malchior chapter 28 . 12/15/2021
I think I have a lot of issues with the Harvest actually working, because it conflicts with your established rules for the setting. Mainly, that the power of a God is, in some way,, tied to the amount of belief from its worshippers. The Christians weekend all of the pagan gods by killing and/or converting the followers, which is why they were driven back. They lingered on, however, in the minds and memories that survived, because they hadn't truly been forgotten.

Here, however, Akhenaten and Nefertiti sacrificed every follower for their rise, and killed almost everyone else in Egypt along the way. So they ascend to Godhood... but now they fall from power because they have no followers. Harry draws his powers from the old myths, legends, and fairy tails that still live on, but Akhenaten and Nefertit don't have that benefit.

If you keep true to the rules of setting you've made, then you've made a worse villain than Grandpa Lucifer and Trihexia, because they succeed in their evil plot, ascended to God hood, and then fell from Godhood because of their own actions. Pretty anti-climactic. Even if the ascension lingers, it should fade over time, and a rapid one at that. It would make sense for them to ascend, only to fall to a demigod state like Harry.

As an aside, I *have* to think many, many,manypeople will come to worship Asia and Harry, since belief empowers deities, Harry will receive a massive boost.

At the same time, I don't think the Harvest should be capable of extracting a sacred gear, because Dulio was not a follower. Sure, rhe device that took Issei's (Asia's in canon) did it, but it was a device specifically designed to do so, and probably built by Azazel for that exact purpose. Since he is, arguably, the foremost expert in Sacred Gears next to God himself, it makes sense. The Harvest was not designed to do that. If Dulio had opened himself to the Harvest, sure, but since he didn't...

Because otherwise, you also have Irina and Xenovia also being killed, and they had Excalibur fragments, while Xenovia also had Durandal. Did they absorb the power of those Holy Swords as well?

What about any sacred gears that hadn't been activated yet? There are tons of sacred gear users who never awaken their sacred gear and never learn they have them. That's one of the things the Hero Faction did in the Light Novels, was search the world for the unaware and forced an awakening. With the millions upon millions killed in Egypt, surely some of them were unawakend sacred gear users. Did those get absorbed as well?

An argument could be made that they did absorb those, but because it wasn't intended, its only temporary. With the revival of so many who were killed, it's possible that Irina, Xenovia, and Dulio will reclaim their powers as it fades away from the formerly ascended gods.

Furthermore, what Akhenaten and Nefertiti did very likely could draw the ire of all of the remaining gods who might very well hunt them down specifically to kill them and halt the damage their presence inflicts on the magosphere of Earth.

Finally, I think you've probably grossly underpowered Sirzechs and overpowered Hades. Excluding stuff like Ophis, Great Red, Trihexia and the ExE gods, Sirzechs is only beaten in power by Shiva, and Ajuka is his equal. There is literally no one else who even comes close to Sirzechs and Ajuka, other than Shiva and the "infinite power" beings. Every single person in the LNs confirms that Sirzechs could wipe Hades from existence with almost no effort. Even if you wanted to nerf Sirzechs, the idea that Hades is able to take on Sirzechs and his peerage is ridiculous. In order for that to happen, Hades would have to have jumped up to near Shiva in terms of power, even with a nerfed Sirzechs simply because Sirzech's peerage are all strong enough to fight God's on their own.

You seem to have this weird power ranking system going on where Harry and Ddraig both realized Sirzechs vastly outclassed them, but Harry is able to easily kill God's, even weakened God's, without much effort. Granted, Harry has grown stronger since he made thar realization about Sirzechs, but not to such a degree.

I dunno, I think these reviews are kind of pointless because I know you've basically already written several chapters ahead and there's no way you will address any issues I have with this chapter. You plan so much ahead that you can't go back and change things now without throwing off everything you've already done.
ElementalMaster16 chapter 28 . 12/8/2021
An amazing end to a spectacular arc, you certainly got me completely invested in the story as it developed.
zmanjz chapter 28 . 12/5/2021
That was utterly epic and horrible though mitigated in the end.

I had a feeling that was what the harvest pillars would do, but we had the benefit of knowing the name of their plan.

Always hated beings like this. Parasitic worship fiends. Reminds me of the Ori from stargate.

Asia is simply amazing. I'm glad she was able to save those she could, but damn.

That battle was among the worst in history. The side of good was missing variables, so on this day, evil won, though their victory was mitigated.

But though they have power, they have lost their anonymity.

In the words of Captain Gabriel Angelos to the demon that barely escaped destruction on Tartarus: "I know you now."

And this is not something Harry will abide.
angeleyes24245 chapter 28 . 12/2/2021
DXD isn't a Fandom I really follow so im not sure how I started reading this but I could not put it down. Well done. Can't wait to read more. Thank you for sharing
Blaze1992 chapter 28 . 12/1/2021
. . . holy f**k that ending was dark as s**t
hgx chapter 28 . 11/30/2021
hola primero quiero recalcar me gustan tus historias están muy bien equilibradas y la trama es solida

No se si sectas retos para después convertirlos en historias completas pero me gustaría que hicieras una historia de one piece y naruto o one piece y shirou emiya

-que reemplacen a luffy así como remplazaste a luffy con ranma
-que sea harem
-tu decision si tiene fruta del diablo o no

me gustan muchos este tipo de historia pero lastima que nunca haya buenas la única realmente buena de naruto y one piece parece que la abandonaron ase mucho tiempo (Shinobi of the High Seas) y la única que tenia esperanza de shirou emiya y one piece la abandonaron después de tres capítulos (A Sword's Nakama)

espero con ansias una historia no es obligatorio solo una sugerencia.

hello first I want to emphasize I like your stories are very well balanced and the plot is solid

I do not know if you sect challenges and then turn them into complete stories but I would like you to make a story of one piece and naruto or one piece and shirou emiya

-that they replace luffy just like you replaced luffy with ranma
-make it harem
-your decision if you have devil fruit or not

I like this kind of story a lot but it hurts that there are never any good ones, the only really good story from Naruto and one piece seems to have been abandoned for a long time (Shinobi of the High Seas) and the only one who had hope of shirou emiya and one piece abandoned her after three chapters (A Sword's Nakama)

I look forward to a story just a suggestion is not required.
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