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Mr.Destructo chapter 1 . 11h
Serafall Leviathan would be the best girl shes got boobs and shes a magical girl his daughter would love that
Mandalore Requiem chapter 3 . 9/21
I just had a thought. Do they have strip clubs in Japan? Why doesn’t Issei go “graduate” his eyes there?
Ranmaleopard chapter 7 . 9/19
As always this is just really awesome and I can't wait to see what happens next. Please continue
Holios the Demon Companion chapter 1 . 9/19
Harry's way of talking while in wolf form reminded me of Scooby too
CodyJaaxs chapter 7 . 9/18
Holy crap, this fic is awesome! The length, the character development, the story! Its all in its own unique way but at the same time similar enough to hold back on the naysayers talking trash about how its not cannon. I'm loving this story so much, especially how harry interacts with them all. I can only wait patiently for the next amazing update!
The Immortal Siegfried chapter 7 . 9/18
Love the story but I have a question. What does FILFY mean?
Orcinus21 chapter 1 . 9/17
this is really an interesting story... you have got quite a grip in your story telling and way of sharing information... looking forward to your next chapter...
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 4 . 9/16
please have yasaka and harry get together, they would go really well together i think, and he would do amazing with kunou
x.blink.x chapter 7 . 9/15
Story is awesome plain and simple your doing an amazing job
Mana's Cinder chapter 7 . 9/15
I'm warming up to the idea of Harry ending up with the Boosted Gear. The important thing to remember is that Harry is the protagonist of this story, and despite his power up there are still plenty of beings much stronger than he is. Unless you have him take a background role (which would get boring), he needs more power to fight stronger foes. People like Vali won't really care who he is or what he wants, they just want to fight strong people and I think Harry is strong enough to tempt their battle lust.

Giving the Boosted Gear back to Issei seems like it would be a waste. To be honest, I think you'd be best off removing him from the story or making him more of an inconsequential background character. His personality is truly awful and Ddraig was the only thing that made him remotely "interesting". Ddraig doesn't seem to care about him, so there's no real reason to bend over backwards to try and made Issei interesting. As far as I'm concerned, Harry's presence in the story removes any need for Issei. And Harry is a mature adult who is far more interesting, competent, and reliable than Issei could be.

You can call it greed that I want Harry to end up with more power, but I think it's also more realistic for Issei to NOT regain that power regardless of who else ends up with it.

Besides, I enjoy the idea of Harry and Ddraig becoming friends as Harry visits him inside the Sacred Gear to the point where Ddraig decides he'd rather stick with Harry and lend him his power. It would go well with the more mature perspective this story tries for, letting Ddraig actually make a choice for himself and for it to not be made based on outplayed, ridiculous Shounen nonsense like what Ddraig is currently claiming is his criteria for a new Host.
Outlook42 chapter 7 . 9/15
Thank you again for the new chapter I’m enjoying the story
Alexis Starclimber chapter 7 . 9/14
I honestly don't think Akeno fits in with the relationship, not even if it was a 11 relationship of this Harry with her. And if you really need Rias just so a relationship with Akeno semi works then I don't honestly see it moving forward. It's not like the relationship of ATP Harry with Emma in where Jean was the primer for Emma to join the cohesive relationship, as with her you can actually see that individually she can mesh with the others in the relationship and it was just the multifaceted aspect of it that didn't compute for her. I just find it the Akeno aspect lacking all around, and it seems like this Harry hypocritically calls out all the perverts in the series for their hormones while he himself let's his hormones distrust encourage, under a pretence of maturity, to go along with Rias in the pursue of Akeno just because Rias already fills the emotional aspect that he was really seeking in a partner.
aliestrikehero chapter 5 . 9/14
He has Fragarach, a certain Irish Enforcer would be jealous.
Lycan01 chapter 7 . 9/11
Good story so far.
Guest chapter 7 . 9/8
Honestly the most surprising event was the resurrection of Issei. After all without Ddraig his a human and subpar at best. And while I get that Rias is nice, it's one thing to feel sorry for him or try to save his life and another to actually resurrect him. It's not like she can go around saving all people who died before her time.
And now she will be not only responsible for him, but he is also part of her peerage. Peerage who dislike him or are even disgusted by him.
That plus the fact that he brings nothing positive makes her decision kind of weird to me.
But I guess she was too close to the situation to just give up on him with "well, tough luck" comment :-D
Also from Rias peerage the best adept for wielding Ddraig seems to be Koneko. While not truly simple, she can be quite firm and unyielding in getting or doing what she wants and for some it can be seen as simple-mindedness no matter if it's by-product of her tragic past and trauma or her mask which she wield against world as to not get hurt that much ever again.
Still with a new/bigger family and a little sister to protect? Hell yeah, I can see her actively wanting to have Ddraig as her sacred gear because it's something that gives her enough power to stand against pretty much anything. Since she is already vital character this could cement her position :)

About the rest.
Well Kala is back but with important decision before her. Add the fact that Harry will be in her close proximity but with his reluctance to spread himself too thin... Yeah, she can be in for a ride :-D
Still given everything what happened I'm getting more and more unsure if I truly want her with Harry. But the other best option is unlikely. I wish her a happy ending but falling for someone else so soon after her turnaround thanks to Harry? It would just sort of cheapen her whole character I fear :(
Sadly her priority is not high enough for the list of Harry's potential mates. Especially with even Akeno struggling in that position.
Still at least she is alive which is good :)
About Mittelt I'm mostly curious which position she will held in Rias's peerage? I also admit I'm not exactly sure how exactly it works with using (is it even used?) evil pieces on Fallen. Does it just boost the corresponding stat or does it reborn them as devil/part devil?

I also liked the extermination of Fallen by Harry and Rias's peerage since it definitely wasn't a battle :-D
Regarding Asia I'm glad she found such good and safe home. Definitely wanna see anyone trying to get into that house :-D

Anyway another truly amazingly good chapter I just didn't have the time to review before so finally catching up on that :)
How can you produce so many stories each month DNS or not I will never known :)
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