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Glmo11 chapter 9 . 3/23
what would have happened if harry spoke to snakes?
Glmo11 chapter 1 . 3/18
how would he even know sisterly love when he doesn't know love when he grew up.
Glmo11 chapter 1 . 3/18
kinda disappointed that he forgave remus i was expecting throwdown.
Maglad chapter 30 . 3/11
Well I finally caught up to this story so I think its fair to write an actual review in the review corner now. I know, what a concept, right? Usually a lot of people waste the window with "thanks for the chapter" instead of offering constructive criticism, suggestions or you know... an actual review.

Here we go

This is what a crossover should be, plain and simple.

Now to unpack that.

There's far too many 'crossovers' that are nothing more than a 'X reacts to Y' story, with a character from a story being transplanted to a different story and just watching as that story happens, without actually affecting or changing anything. Which is what I call the Cardboard Character Cutout Syndrome. As in, its not a real character, its just a cardboard cutout with a picture of the character standing there, not really doing anything at all.

This is not such a story, this is a real, well-writen crossover where Harry's existence has deep, meaningful effects on the original story, changing it for the better.

And it is the better because honestly the original story isn'0t that great, and the original villains, like Cao Cao are honestly... well, pretty dumb.

The author mentioned it, and I agree with him fully. The original villains for DxD are absolutely stupid, but we can't really ask for much in a series that exists for fanservice only.

Honestly, I like this version of the story a lot more than I like canon. Hopefully Rias or Koneko will just throw Cú at the battle junkie (Arthur) or the bully (Vali) the next time they show up.

And if Cao Cao gets bitchslapped when he makes a move, I'll do a standing ovation.

Anyway, I don't want to sound like I'm just sucking the author's cock so I'll also drop a few criticisms. Hopefully they're positive. They're few anyway.

1 - What happened with Grayfia? It looked like finally someone was calling her out on how incredibly unsympathetic and cold she was, not to the level of actively going out of her way to hurt Rias, but certainly not caring enough to help a family member that so clearly had idolized her for years. I was really, really hopeful that something would come out of it, but it was solved in a single paragraph and off-camera with a 'and then they talked' and the next time we saw them, they were getting along again. I cannot express how incredibly disappointing that was, and have to wonder if the Grayfia fans bitched about it enough to the author of the xover that whatever the plans for her were, ended up being rushed into something else.

2 - Akeno is suddenly straight. Wut? I wonder if I misread something at some point? I got the impression that Akeno had been slowly been revealed as bisexual, and felt a little guilty about feeling attracted to Rias, who is her sister figure. That was what I got from reading how she 'deeply enjoyed playing with Harry and Rias during the plugsuit scene, but felt guilty about feeling excited over Rias' and then when she saw Rias angry and taking charge, it was mentioned she basically liquefied her panties due to how excited the sight of Rias being dominant was, yet suddenly the author seems to have completely dropped that and decided to make her straight out of nowhere.

I was also amused by reading how it took them so long to remember that 'hey, all these cities have access to the Nile river, and it has a blessing to keep its water drinkable and healthy'. I kind of wonder if a reader pointed it out or something...

Truly, I wanna know what Rias & co ended up doing to the floo network to stop incoming wizards without using lethal or even harmful force. Maybe simply place one of Rias teleport tunnels right at the exit, leading to a tank of tar and a sack of feathers?

I was very amused when I saw Irina and Xenovia pop out of nowhere, and knew right away what would happen, tho I have to admit, I thought they were going to show up again as angels. Truly did not expect the Asia gambit.

Truly, I get the feeling that the subplot with Grayfia maybe suffered because either it was so old the author forgot what he wanted to do with it, or Grayfia fans bitched about it enough to get it changed. Not sure what happened with Akeno, tho. Genuine case of 'I forgot'?

For a more serious comment...

When I saw that scene with the Chaos Brigade attacking the plane, I thought Harry was gonna go ballistic. As much as he had been shown to be incredibly serious about his family, as much as it had been mentioned that he tends to overreact when his family is threatened, as much as we've been told that touching his family triggers him, when his kids and wife were almost killed during the plane incident, he was very calm and methodical. I really, really thought we were gonna see guts rain down from the sky, so its not just Akeno but also Harry that gets build up one way then goes through weird personality changes.

I do wonder what he'll do when he hears that Kala got hit with the cruciatus. Now if I remember correctly, the result of using this curse is a life sentence in Azkaban, so... that should be interesting. I mean, a pensive should show that the hit wizards were throwing it around while sponsored by the ICW.

Honestly, I love the worldbuilding in this story. I really wanna see the reactions of the wizards to reading about how Rias met with Harry, about her 'secret magical society' issues with blood purity and how Harry trampled over Rias' arranged marriage by helping her train for it and so on.

In the end: This is not just a great fanfic, but a shining example of what a crossover SHOULD be like, and I can't wait to read more of it!
Maglad chapter 17 . 3/8
I mostly enjoy the story up to this point but feel several things were handled poorly in this chapter, such as Grayfia and Rias becoming friends again while off camera. I was really enjoying that the author pointed out how cold she was towards a family member that had showed her nothing but respect and admiration for years, and was almost cornered agsinst a very serious and life altering problem.
While on the subject, i never understood how ppl thinks Rias would forgive her parents as quickly as she does in canon. Its a little better here, but not by much since we’re talking about parents for gnoring their child’s desperate plea for years on end without bothering to check on her claims. If she had marrier Raiser and then complained if everyday abuse, it feels like they would have dismissed it just as quick.
I liked this chapter’s idea of shower ng how trading freedom for security usually leads to government abuse.
I really thought we were going to see a big Sirzechs/Grayfia fight and was looking forward to it. It feels extremely disappointing that it wad all handled off caamera.
Maglad chapter 9 . 3/6
I think its actually a bit ooc to think Akeno has modern views on her wants, since she came from an extremely traditional family (to the point they’re a little cartoon-like by our modern sensibilities) and then was ‘afopted’ by yet another hyper trafitional family. I’ll agree that she’d be unlikely to deal well with immediately being responsible for children, tho.
I do think that if she got wind of Lily thinking she was to blame for her mom going away and the discrimination she went through as a half werewolf though? Instant rapport right there.
Hopefully shell rejoin the harem later because I feel Lily and herself are almost identycal in that sense.
Maglad chapter 4 . 3/5
I’m so happy Jeanne is gone. Good riddance to bad trash.
Maglad chapter 3 . 3/5
Uh now I feel bad for Kalawarna missing on potential happiness.
ElementalMaster16 chapter 30 . 3/4
The last two chapters were amazing! I was re-reading this story so it took me quite some time to get to it, but I love the conclusion of the Egypt arc. (well, mostly concluded I guess)

It was quite interesting to see all the relief efforts, and the rather predictable ICW response.
FlawedBauthor chapter 3 . 3/3
Genuinely, how do you have fans? This is trash. You can't spell, grammar is all over the place, and no one acts like a real being. All your stories are like this.
MattBlack chapter 19 . 2/18
I hope they remember that when dealing with the Fae, iron is their greatest weakness...
Sadhaka chapter 20 . 2/15
Do a test. Look for Harry in each fight. He is either absent due to plot device or does one big thing and then disappears. The others get detailed but not Harry. Its like hes a side character.
Sadhaka chapter 20 . 2/15
So far youve saud his patronous is an owl, pheonix and now a stag.
Sadhaka chapter 19 . 2/15
If wizards are so inferior to others why did the whole Harry clan struggle with just a few?
Sadhaka chapter 18 . 2/14
The goblins try to kill them and she ends up paying them off? Also thr comment on Harry only being dangerous when he has his usekess god powers is funny. So far the story has shown all wizard magic to be weak and pointless. Harrys god powers are a joke. A sword that is weaker than the gryfgindoe one, and vague powers pointless except as plot elements.

No new magic. No learning Devil magic. No Japan magic.

Youd think you could squeeze in magic in between thousands of kid play. Especially in a story supposed to be about a wizard.
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