Reviews for Through the Veil of Secrets
Guest chapter 23 . 3/3
Finally! Though I’m excited for Oliver’s head to explode! That’ll certainly be entertaining and I bet he’ll brood too. I’m glad you included the flashbacks to explain thing, shows you more of their relationship and makes Daisy’s realization seem more natural
Guest chapter 21 . 3/2
Chris’ auror instincts, I just about died when I read that part thinking he was just jealous, sadly it did turn out to be true...though I would still like to chalk up some of it to jealousy. This was quite a long chapter with multiple POVs that I really enjoyed. Daisy and John are set to explode catastrophically soon, that’ll be son and explosive. Magnus is one to watch, wonder what Iris really saw in his head. I’m also curious as to how he is related to all of this, gotta be personal somehow.
Guest chapter 17 . 3/2
Not gonna lie, seeing Wills upset is heart wrenching considering his normal attitude. Though I love that Pixie is finally back to usual or at least coming back! Wonder when she’ll realize it’s always been Wills that helps her out
Guest chapter 16 . 3/2
Hmm I might actually be able to get on board with Chris and Dom. This chapter has made me think about it a bit more. Also I saw someone else’s theory about the bug bad and believe t has some merit. No one ever understood the Veil anyways so involving it somehow is not unreasonable and having the title allude to it would be a funny thing to do as an author
Guest chapter 11 . 3/2
I love the family bonding going on here and the insight into where everyone is at. I bet Dom will be fierce and really show her inner Gryffindor in any battle scenes in the future. If she doesn’t already have some planned. I know Dom and Molly are jokingly only Gryffindors due to family, but we all know how Gran Weasley kicked butt in canon and I can totally see Molly and Dom being the same!
Guest chapter 10 . 3/2
Jeez, Remus really was a prat there! I’m seeing more of the Daisy-Wills connection and wondering how you want that one to play out. I feel for Remus, but he’s still being a complete and utter prat. I like Dom’s perspective more now, but of a change of pace and like that we flip perspectives. It gives the story more dimensions.
Guest chapter 9 . 3/2
Just a note: during the flashback the sentence cuts off when Dom is “ducking” to get out of the way of Iris’ packing. You can guess what it was likely supposed to say, but just so you know. I like seeing more into Iris’ past and a new look at Dom. I bet I won’t be happy with Remus’ asshole moment since he is quite annoying right now, but hopefully things will look up from there. Lots of jealousy from him and I think the struggle Daisy is currently having is a bit eye opening for some. Daisy always seemed to do a decent job of putting on a brave face, Dom is probably just now seeing through it.
Guest chapter 8 . 3/2
Oh I’m excited we are starting new stuff now! I really enjoyed Wills’ story and seeing his perspective. I like his Slytherin side and think he could be a valuable asset to the team in that people do dismiss him easily due to his comic relief. I really hope you have a good explanation for Remus or that we could see into his head a bit. I’m pretty upset with him, but I understand his jealousy. I’m wondering if he and Alan should develop powers too or maybe they have a more important role of grounding Jamie and Daisy as well as pushing them to get them where they need to be? If he’s going to be this bitter I just want to see his side a bit more to understand it all and hope for his sake that he still has a role to play and goes back to good ol’ happy, funny Remus.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/2
Is this hinting at Chris and Dom for a potential romance? Intriguing, also would be pretty hilarious considering Chris and Daisy in the past. That could be a bit messy. Just the idea of it makes me laugh with the possible awkward/humorous conversations and situations.
Guest chapter 26 . 1/28
yes yes yes yes yes!
Loving these books, can’t wait to read the next one
AleenaBean chapter 26 . 1/25
Hmmm I sense a Lucy/Kelly engagement, which I very much support! This preview also makes me wonder how Christmas on the island is going
AleenaBean chapter 25 . 1/25
Good ending to this book! Really cannot wait to see this island!
cjconner326 chapter 26 . 1/25
Oh! Will they be back for the ball?

What will Wills do without Pixie to dance with?

Love this series! Thank you for sharing your world!
twilightlover427 chapter 23 . 1/23
What a wonderful chapter! I had so many emotions while reading this chapter. I felt so sad for John. However I love the fact that Daisy felt Willis. Can’t wait to see it all unfold!
AleenaBean chapter 23 . 1/23
Hope this isn't the last we see of John, he's such a good character. Also wow, I figured she had felt Wills but didn't know she'd figure it out so soon after breaking things off with John. Especially considering the only reason she told him to go to America was that she loved and wanted to protect him.
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