Reviews for Perto de Morte
The Patil Twins chapter 1 . 12/31/2017
Yay, Gred and Forge :)
I am really impressed by the way you've set this story up, mainly because you took a darker part of Gred and Forge's childhood (Knockturn Alley) and turned it into something darker. I've always wondered what George would do after Fred's death, and I even attempted (and failed :3) to write a little bit about it. But I never imagined this, and how George would be willing to kill his best friend to get his brother back.
I also like the idea of a kind of reverse (idk, the perto de morte is kind of the same but different? :p) Ressurection (did I spell that right?) Stone, and how it could be used to exchange a soul for another.
The nice, unicorn part of me wants to say I was surprised to see that George would do this, but then there's this Threstral part of me that isn't surprised at what George does, because I know how desperate grief can make you, having experienced it myself.
I realize that this is a fairly long review, but the end was the most interesting part. I don't completely know what could've happened when George did the spell, but I have two theories.
One, George's soul disappeared into the perto de morte, and two, the action of murdering someone make the stone act like a Horcrux sort of thing. Idk, those are my theories.
So, finally ending this novel review, thank you for writing me such an awesome story about my two most favorite characters EVER, and I wish you a merry late Christmas, and great New Year's Eve, and a happy New Year in advance!
-Parvati Patil
ofstarsandstuff chapter 1 . 12/25/2017
dear god. i am ruined.

How did this go from happy goofy rainbow boys to this... I am split between being in awe of your writing style and wanting to hide inside a closet and cry forever. I'm scarred, okay? Woah