Reviews for Elusion
acherongoddess chapter 66 . 9/22
geekymom chapter 66 . 9/22
Wonderful chapter!
Vladimir Mithrander chapter 66 . 9/22
Bucket List Item: get into bad fight. Check!
Yuuki Heartfilia-Dragneel chapter 66 . 9/22
Ooh interesting why end it like that now i want to know more what happens
Gurgaraneth chapter 66 . 9/22
Love it
The Devil Itself chapter 18 . 9/21
I heard my number being called and I just could not resist the temptation. ;)
Urg chapter 18 . 9/21
Its good ill give you that
acherongoddess chapter 65 . 9/18
monstermadcat chapter 65 . 9/18
I don't think you addressed how Harry was so certain that he was dying. I'm surprised at the lack of a cliffhanger. Are you okay?Can't wait for more
geekymom chapter 65 . 9/18
Fantastic chapter!
Gurgaraneth chapter 65 . 9/18
Love it
Damm harry just got back toms soul nd doesnt realise it toms ganna love seeing harry with his soul round his neck
Millie072 chapter 65 . 9/18
Other than Harry recovering Salazar's locket, little more occurred than the realization that life is short. Live it. Actually that's monumental. Still no genuine advance of the plot. If there is one. Agree with one of your other reviewers, Harry is distinctly unlikable. At least Voldemort makes no bones about what he wants. Harry is coughing up blood. Just how is he continually hiding this from everybody?
S chapter 65 . 9/18
Ok, that was a little better...still really short though.
S chapter 64 . 9/16
I've gotten so bored with this fic. They dance around the same issues, the story doesn't make any real progress. The cliff hangers are obnoxious because they imply that the story is moving forward when it really isn't and the main character (Harry) is just an unlikable d-bag. The romance moments are good when they actually happen, but now it's like "Oh my gawd just fuck already." I've been following this for awhile but I'm just so bored!
OnlyRoyalBlue chapter 64 . 9/16
so good.
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