Reviews for Sonata in Triplicate
Elementary555 chapter 7 . 5/23/2018
I read all the fic and I'm liking it.

I feel that it is based on hyrule warriors with a touch of botw for Zelda since it has desire of adventures or that I believe or by Urbosa or I do not know it.

Will Ganondorf be going bad again?

I like how you incorporated Midna and her ally. Midna says things at inappropriate times.

I think Midna will protect the princess Zelda from anyone who tries to harm her or if it does not happen well, I do not know, it would be nice.

I like the original characters, something that I could not do if I wrote something.

Well, I hope the next chapter.
Guest chapter 7 . 5/20/2018
I like this fic.
Midna flirts with the princess at a bad time ... Midna does not waste time.

(sorry for my poor english)
SpaceDimentio chapter 7 . 5/20/2018
This is a really good chapter. Zant actually seems like a threat! Goodbye Link's sword, does that mean it's time to go find the Master Sword?
So Midna's crushing on the princess, eh? That's adorable
SpaceDimentio chapter 6 . 3/27/2018
Oh no, good Ganondorf isn't gonna last, is he :(

Ah yes, Ghirahim. I never got all that far into Skyward Sword, but what I did see of him definitely reminded me of a certain jester :P
PaintBrushJr chapter 2 . 1/16/2018
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this long review!

Let's start with the positives.

*Zelda's a LOT more fleshed out now. She seems snarky, interested in just about everything, and is clearly her own character. It actually reminds me a lot of BOTW's Zelda, but she seems to slowly be becoming her own character.

*The Zora's don't have some fat king this time. It's a queen... THAT DOES THINGS! You have no idea how annoying it is when characters don't do things... It's refreshing to see that minor characters will have a bit of impact on the quest besides: "Hey... Do that thing."

*The descriptions of the environment was beautiful. With a bit of practice, I feel like you will be able to show us the world in a whole new light... A stunning light!

*Yay! There's battles! Guess what? They aren't terrible! It is always, ALWAYS difficult to do a battle in a story without it sounding dull. You're getting closer to that perfect mark.

Now... the not so fun things...

*Zora's Domain was... bland. I wasn't expecting a grand castle, but I was hoping that we would get to see more of the place before immediately going to Big Fish McGoo's lake. Perhaps you could talk about the setting in greater detail?

*The fight with the second Wizzro seemed a bit... dull... Again, fighting wise, it was great. However, the Wizzro himself didn't seem to do much. Especially seeing as he seemed to be a duel-type Wizzro. Make sure to take advantage of unique enemies, by them showing off their skills in a longer battle.

*Finally, be wary of character dynamics. This isn't a major con, but still something I should address. Character relationships and dynamics are definitely important in stories. We don't need to know a lot about them, but it's important to show character personality through actions and dialogue, then show how that personality works with or clashes with others. A good example was Impa and Zelda's relationship. But Oshana... She just seemed... off. She had this very gruff personality, but then it just kind of dropped out of her in the arc.

Ok. Here are a few tips I have.

*You state that this is like its own timeline. Good. USE IT! Definitely take advantage of this, because it means you are not restricted towards any game species and lore. You can officially make your own enemies, backstory, and such without interfering with anything. That is good. Use it.

*Again, personalities. Make sure to show how they work with characters, areas, and most importantly, fighting. While people may not realize it, your personality corresponds with your fighting style. If a character is sly, very sneaky, they probably won't use a giant cannon. If a character is loud and boisterous, they probably won't use knives. Try to integrate personalities into various fighting styles, and find ones that suit your characters.

*Don't be afraid with a story taking a long time. Go slow, because people are patient... (I think my readers know that... I feel bad for them...) A delayed story will eventually be good, but a bad story stays bad forever. -Miyamoto (modified.) Reread your works multiple times, and if you have friends who are willing, have them read it too. Try to make a story that isn't too dull, but not too exciting...

With that long comment, that is PaintbrushJr, signing out.

Stay original!
James Birdsong chapter 1 . 1/1/2018
Cool story
SpaceDimentio chapter 1 . 12/29/2017
Aww yeah, Zelda fic! I like friendly Ganondorf

I haven't seen a post like that, but I know of Dadondorf, from Loreweaver-universe on Tumblr. Basically Ganondorf becomes good and raises Link, while Zelda is consumed by paranoia and kidnaps Ganon and link has to go rescue him. (If this link doesn't work search for the tag Dadondorf on their blog)
loreweaver-universe. tumblr post/163878463549/abuelt-unbound-jhaernyl
PaintBrushJr chapter 1 . 12/29/2017
Hmm, a Zelda fic with Ganondorf as a protagonist? Very interesting...

While it's interesting to see this happening, it's pretty obvious what the pros are.


-Ganondorf fighting his lineage/reincarnation thingamadoodle is very interesting. I'm excited to see how this can work out for character interactions.

-NEVER BE AFRAID OF OCS! If an OC exists, do NOT be afraid if they temporarily overshadow a character. As long as they don't blot out the story completely, you're good. The fact that Fergus and Lori clearly have personalities and a history with Link is really good. The fact that Mido, I mean Morshei is shown to be a new guard and not familiar to the two protagonists help immerse us into the world. So go wild with OCs, just not too wild.

-Finally, Zelda's doing something. She is getting a weapon, she's doing her research, that's great. You're showing us a Zelda that will clearly not get Peach'd without a fight (but if you want her to become a Damsel in Distress, don't worry, I'm just saying that Zelda is reacting to this situation that shows character.)

But let's move on to the not-so-happy subject...

-The beginning was a bit rushed. We had Link's Uncle/Father/Male Guardian tell him to deliver a sword, he meets Ganondorf, they come to the princess, suddenly plot. This could have been executed better with slowly introducing each character, like having Zelda wake up from the dream (not yet revealed to us) and beginning her research. Then Ganondorf is being mocked and harassed by the Gerudo, giving us a reason to actually trust him, (because characters hated by everyone are naturally good for some reason,) then having us introduce Link to the story, and with the blade.

-Just a small recommendation, but maybe you could place this in a timeline esque thing. It seems like it would be set after Majora's Mask due to the hint at Skull Kid's mischevious doings, but that wouldn't explain Lori and Fergus. This isn't necessarily a con, but a recommendation.

-Finally, everyone seems underdeveloped. For their short screen time, Link is mute, Ganondorf is mischevious and Zelda is calculating. The fact that every character is quickly put into a box is kind of unsettling, but I'm sure that this will be remedied as the plot goes on.

So yeah, I'm excited to see how this plot will go, and will be watching with great interest.
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