Reviews for Aftercare
mommymac0508 chapter 24 . 10/12
I loved it even if I wanted that creeps face destroyed but Edward is what and who makes her truly happy
amogle chapter 24 . 10/3
Loved it can’t wait for more
CentauRita chapter 24 . 10/1
The chappie had a good..."ring", to it!

Thank you for your update.
CentauRita, NorCal Gal
joshuasmom131 chapter 24 . 9/30
I just found this story and read all 24 chapters before I could sleep lol...awesome story, can’t wait for the next chapter...definitely will be reading more of your stories if you keep writing!
Taylor9901 chapter 24 . 9/29
I loved her strength
debslmac chapter 24 . 9/28
edaygin chapter 24 . 9/28
awwwww but also lol
cbmorefie chapter 24 . 9/27
Loved it, thanks!
grandmachix chapter 24 . 9/27
I'm sorry Carlisle had to bail Edward out, but I'm glad 'J' got beat up. Bella is healing. And one day karma will pay him back.
frostedglaze chapter 24 . 9/27
Can’t there be a freak accident where both James and Victoria get drunk and fall on a fire ant colony and die from horrible multiple painful bites?
lillianolivia.white chapter 24 . 9/27
Yes, I feel like Bella was vindicated and regained her power from confronting him with the protection of the jail cell. Im sorry that Edward got arrested, but he was justified. James and Victoria deserved worse than that. But as long as Bella is ok , that’s all that matters. I do think Carlisle and Esme deserve an explanation, even a vague one.
Godschildtweety chapter 24 . 9/27
pinklady34 chapter 24 . 9/27
I’m happy on how Bella handled that excuse of a man...she proved that she overcame her fears and was stronger. Edward proposed and bought them a house. Amazing!
midnight-sun1918 chapter 23 . 9/14
Please update, I love this story!
cbmorefie chapter 23 . 9/11
Thanks for the update!
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