Reviews for Conversations Inside a Metal Dome
Maryl-Sama chapter 1 . 2/18/2018 hard,and I remember in a deleted scene Charles mentions that Jean was his wife,I think she died in the attack of Westchester ;,( the story was short and simple but I imagined every moment excellent job my friend!:)
LittleSlytherin394 chapter 1 . 1/1/2018
Uh oh! It’s me again! ;)

As always I got ridiculously excited to see that you posted a new story, and lemme just say you didn’t disappoint! Logan was kind of a weird movie for me because even though I loved it for what it was, I still haven’t recovered from the trauma of the first viewing to even think about watching it again. I basically grew up with these characters, and the way this movie decided to take them out left my childhood feeling brutalized. I don’t think I’m ever going get over That Scene. Charles deserved so much better. :’(

That said, though, reading this was really nice. Therapeutic even. Like you, I also really liked the dynamic between Logan and Charles. I’m the biggest sucker for found families. Especially when everyone’s kind of an asshole, but they love each other anyway. Most of my memories from this movie are all of the horrific things that happened, so it was really nice to read this tender little moment between them before everything went to hell. I’d almost forgotten that it wasn’t ALL doom and gloom. And wowowow that Jean part hurt like the dickens (in the best way possible). Everything about this was very bittersweet, and I loved every moment of it. :’)

Thanks so much for sharing this story with us! It’s always exciting when you write something new! Oh yeah! And happy new year! I hope it’s a good one! :D