Reviews for Broken Robin
Flora chapter 32 . 5/24
I appreciate the explanation on Tim's behavior. I feel n
bad for him he's so paranoid and it's justified twoof the people he's with literally tried to kill him.
Flora chapter 30 . 5/5
Tim probably feels tramautized after what happened. I wonde r why? Maybe because of the memory blocking technology that is affecting Dick, it cvould be affecting Tim as well.
Ailyn Vel chapter 31 . 5/5
Sweet, precious baby; I want to steal him and keep him safe from Bruce (all of them, not just the evil one that hurt him).
JasonTKD chapter 31 . 5/5
Wonder how much more it'll take for Dick to realize how "daddy" treats him isn't right. Hopefully the Robins will be there to protect him whenever he gets back.
steelec1 chapter 30 . 5/3
Not sure I understood what just happened.
Ailyn Vel chapter 30 . 5/3
Is Tim going insane? Or just having a strange panic attack or something?
Dawn chapter 29 . 4/19
An update! Hurray.
Good. Now more chapters.
Flora chapter 29 . 4/14
No poor Dick! He serms to both be making progress and not making any at all. He is asking wuestions but he's doubting himself. I'm glad Damien was there to help Dick.
steelec1 chapter 29 . 4/9
Oh, no!
C.B. Weasley chapter 29 . 4/8
Oh my goodness... this story hits you right in the feels! I love the complex relationships you have managed to build up with all the characters! I really just want them to beat the shit out of daddy! Fantastic work!
NoVacancyMind chapter 29 . 4/8
Ohhhhh noooooo. My baby birb what u gonna do to urself!
Ailyn Vel chapter 29 . 4/8
That was surprising mature and deep for Damian.
Guest chapter 28 . 3/17
The hypnotism makes me suspect that alt!Bruce was a supervillain, and not just some horrific abuser- hypnosis doesn’t work that way irl, but comic book logic...

Real brainwashing takes longer and relies more on isolation, which I guess it could be? MK-ULTRA May have found things that make people easier to do it to, and while that takes a lot of drugs, Bruce is rich. Don’t know why he’d go through all that effort if there’s nothing greater, such as biological relations, villainy, or a sexual element, though, when normal methods probably take less effort, even if it would take longer. What would the rush be? It’s interesting to think about.
Flora chapter 28 . 3/10
Wow, love the extra progress. Now we know how Dick was brainwashed the poor kid wasn't even allowed to think. I wonder if ecil Bruce put a device in Dick's skull.
Ailyn Vel chapter 28 . 3/8
Tim, you incompetent moron!
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