Reviews for The Ghost of Grimmauld Place
Salovi chapter 34 . 6/20
I love me some Marauders, so I enjoyed this chapter! I like how Sirius’s eyes changed color to give them away, and how Hermione remembered Remus’s secret. That hug was the sweetest (and makes me want to go read some Remione asap).
Also, Remus fanfiction is the best fanfiction. Did you read any really great stories lately?
CakePOPBookBOX chapter 34 . 6/19
I am so freakin excited for the next chapter update! AHHH this is such a refreshing slow burn between Hermione and Snape and this is such a refreshing take on the time travel verse. Your prose is wonderful btw.
Guest chapter 33 . 6/18
more please 3 :)) Live this story so much!
lia.a.karas chapter 34 . 6/18
Good work
Exeidur chapter 34 . 6/17
Aww, what a cute chapter in the past! I'm liking she's getting some of her memory back. I was wondering how long it'd take before she'd realise what's 'wrong' with Remus. It took a while longer than in most fics (I think), since she's not in the same classes as he is. But I do like her knowing about him and the animagi now :P
Also, I can't wait to see what form you'll make her animal form! I think we've been given hints before, but it hasn't been entirely revealed (or I must've missed/forgotten that...).

Anyway, lovely chapter, thanks for the update
RAV3N R1PP3R chapter 34 . 6/17
Oooo loved the update. Hermione on a war path I like it. Hehe
As always, looking forward to more. :)
FallenSkye24 chapter 34 . 6/17
ahhh I can't wait I love this story!
bibikitten224 chapter 33 . 6/14
finally caught up. woof! I had no idea so much was added. love this story. So the crew knows she isn't gone yet. now how to rescue her?
FreyaWrackspurt chapter 33 . 6/12
What? Was zabini Rida? Did I completely missed that or did you intentionally leave it out before? If you did good job with the surprise and if not I need to pay better attention (and possibly reread some chapters)

Thank you for the chapter.
RAV3N R1PP3R chapter 33 . 6/10
MORE PLEASE! Free Hermione! 3
Exeidur chapter 33 . 6/10
Aaah, good chapter! :D It's finally going to happen, I'm excited! Really curious to see what they're going to do to get her back...

Also, loved Severus's little moment of empathy for Hermione. That was very sweet :)
Viveen chapter 33 . 6/10
Fantastic chapter! We’re getting so tantalisingly close to Hermione!
Salovi chapter 33 . 6/10
I loved this chapter. I can’t even say exactly why. Maybe it was just everybody together in one place, realizing that Hermione was alive and they could save her?
Even though it was like a punch in the gut, I really liked the part where Sirius was hoping that if Marlene and Dorcas were alive, that maybe Regulus was too, and Dorcas had to break the news that that wasn’t the case. That hope was so short lived. Great emotional moment.
lia.a.karas chapter 33 . 6/10
And they know hermione is trapped. The deleted scene was funny.
Exeidur chapter 32 . 6/9
Hi there!

I just made this account to be able to review this story. I started reading a few days ago (even though I don't usually start on 'in progress' stories, and so far I'm loving it! I really like the way you write all of the characters & especially Hermione. Also, I think that even though it's a sort of time-travel fic, the plot is very creative.

Also, I hate you for the cliffhanger. I just want to be able to read on, but now I have to be patient T_T Ah well, lovely chapter, hope to see the next one up soon!
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