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Dani chapter 10 . 12/27/2003
When comes the next update?
Love this story!
justso chapter 10 . 6/14/2003
Nice story, but canon has it that Thranduil is Sindar, not Silvan, and he has golden hair. Just so.
Miss Aranel chapter 10 . 6/7/2003
Hi there! I've finally decided to check this story out, and am rather sorry I didn't look at it earlier.

Toddler Thranduil was too cute! Orphy the worm and Hoppy the stuffed bunny, hmm? And "Gilly Elfy"! LOL! Again, just adorable.

I like 7 yr old Thranduil too...very well done; good job with keeping the idea of his position as prince of Greenwood in mind as he deals with the other children. Thought that the bit with him telling the contest overseer that his name was "Thranduil, NOT Prince Thranduil" was rather poingant. : ) And he's cute, even if he doesn't think he is. *grin*

The appearances of all the other characters have been great as well! I loved Gil-Galad...the way Thranduil hugs him at unexpected times is just great. Elrond was done well also, and I really like the way you've worked Galion in. The bits with Thranduil and Galion just acting like kids were wonderful! Yes, I think they'll get to see each other again. : )

"Creepy" Galadriel was great too...I've read somewhere else that Oropher probably didn't like her and thought her rather "power-hungry". I haven't read any HoME, but I'm assuming it's in there? *shrugs* Always found that sort of interesting. Anyway, you did a good job with her. : )

I could point out things about each chapter, but won't bother, and will only comment on this one *laughs at self, for she has already whipped up quite a bit*.

What exactly happens to Coirin? Will we find out if he makes it to Imladris or not? He is quite a charming young Elf. His little brother, on the other hand, could use a few lessons in acceptance and common courtesy in general. *smirk* It is too bad that he's lost his older brother though. : (

Haha! Thranduil misses his own food. : ) As a kid, I had the same problem when staying at other people's houses...casseroles with vegetables mixed in seemed to be extremely popular...something I detested. It's typical that he'd miss his own room too...nothing like getting home to your own bed and toys and such.

Hmm...the ever popular "potty break"...and it ends with a horrible spider! That would not be very much fun, especially for a little Elf! And then his poor ada is so surprised and rather terrified (it seems, at least), that he is fairly unable to sooth his son. Poor guys. Good move of Oropher's to send the little guy (though young Thranduil might smack me for calling him that...wait, he is only allowed to hit orcs...*smirk*) home, despite his pleas to stay. I hope everything goes all right for the spider tracking party.

Oh, good, Saldor is being comforting. Kids get upset so easily, and then their imaginations take is good to see somebody around to (try to) make Thranduil feel better while he waits for his ada. : )

Better go...thanks for a nice little late-night read.

Thranduils Lady chapter 10 . 6/6/2003
Hey! Excellent story!I love the way you portray the charachters. Most other fics have Oropher be a nasty son of a dog of the female persuasion. I think you know what I mean;). Not enough people write young Thranduil fics...or old Thranduil fics for that matter..and he's the greatest, most beautiful Elf ever!

I like the way you incorporated the butler in it too, maybe you could establish that tiny problem by the name of alcohol. By reading the Hobbit, I think he must have been quite a drinker to have put so much wine, let alone Dorwinion, into his big flagon! This is one of the best fics I've read, and I've probably read most of them. Keep up the good work! x
BlueberryPancakes chapter 10 . 5/24/2003
Aw! That was really good, I liked it! It was sweet, and sad... please continue.
Lutris chapter 10 . 5/17/2003
Lol, it was fun when Thranduil's narrows his eyes at the rabbit ;) on the other hand, why a cliffie why? ;) my! I hope Oropher comes back.
Dragon-of-the-north chapter 10 . 5/17/2003
Oho! Here's some symbolism, I believe - or at least some premonition... Evil attacking and Thranduil wanting his father to stay with him, but he cannot? Sounds like it should tell us something, really...I should have known earlier... When Galion called Oropher "Orpher" - sounded suspiciously like "Orphy the wom"... Every time that poor king's name is changed into something... interesting, we get a glimpse of what is in store for him... *sniff* - that's not good, for I really like your portrayal of Oropher and... do not want him to die. ;-)

Your description of Lindon was wonderful again, especially when contrasting it to Mirkwood - and it was great that you showed how differently the magnificent elven dwelling is perceived by different persons... For adventurous little Galion, it is like a prison, while Thranduil is fascinated with the place...

And I still love your portrayal of little Thranduil! His saying good bye to all the Lindon elves was so cute... I'd love to hug him! :-)

One question... Where did you get the translation of Thranduil's name from? I must admit the only one I ever came across was something like "beyond the great river" (would certainly be an extravagant name), but as my Sindarin is practically nonexistant, I cannot judge the matter...

I wonder what Coirin's role will be in the rest of the story... He certainly is an interesting character!

And did I understand correctly that Galion will appear again? Oh, I'm looking forward to that... He is awesome! :-)

I had to LOL over the naughty rabbit - and Thranduil's "You better not have seen me..." comment... :-D

And it was expertly done how the hilarious, harmless situation turned into something terrible and really, really frightening from one moment to the other... I especially liked (well, liked? ;-)) that they could not see all the spiders, but only heard the clicking close by... Lets the readers' imagination run wild... Frightening!

This is still a most wonderful story - write on soon, please! I can't wait! :-)
Dot1 chapter 10 . 5/17/2003
*gulp* A cliffhanger!

I loved Thranduil bouncing around excitedly saying good-bye to everyone - he seems like such a normal little boy!

Galion is great - I really liked the scene where he nervously confides in Oropher.

And I still think it's hilarious that everyone is so afraid of Gil-Galad!

As for the spider incident...poor Thranduil, the first taste of what he will spend most of his life dealing with.

Um, Oropher will be o.k., won't he? I mean, I know you can't kill him but he won't be injured or anything, will he? Will he? :)
feanen chapter 10 . 5/17/2003
good chapter
feanen chapter 9 . 5/15/2003
good chapter
Dragon-of-the-north chapter 9 . 5/14/2003
Aww... Cute! :-) I do love your little Thranduil!

But on to the details... The "waving game" between Thranduil and Oropher was very nice - and very true to life! Of course, one is reassured if one knows that a proud and protective parent is watching the contest! :-)

Then the conversation between Oropher and Galadriel... You did an awesome job of turning the allusion to Oropher's dislike for Galadriel's intrusion into Lorien into a marvellous and convincing conversation! Both Oropher and Galadriel were so in-character and convincing! I am truly awed!

The description of Thranduil aiming and shooting was one of the best bits of fanfiction I've ever read... Very convincing in the details - and simply great! I loved Thranduil's relief that "it was over" even before he knows how he has done... Sounds like a very familiar feeling. :-)

Oropher is a wonderful father! It's so sweet how proud and happy he is! :-) The image of Thranduil contentedly sitting on his lap is so cute!

And I do love little Thranduil! It is so wonderful that he is happy with his second place and that he is happy for Galion as well... I could hug that little elfling!

Oropher is right - he will be "a good elf", and, I suspect, a wise ruler as well... Being happy with one's own strength and not always feeling the urge to be the best and compete is something very important, I believe... :-)

Please write on soon - this story is simply so wonderful that I cannot wait! :-)
Lutris chapter 9 . 5/14/2003
Yes, I luv this chapter! It is wonderful when Thranduil is happy being in second place and hugs everyone ) write more about him and Galion, please? ;)
M0R0N chapter 8 . 5/6/2003
You said you were a slow updater, but that is a bad habit. You shoulld update and make it into a god habit.

Is Thranduil ever going to meet Elrond?
Dot1 chapter 8 . 5/1/2003
Hi! I just found this and it's fantastic! I absolutely love your portrayal of a young Thranduil, though it's difficult to picture him growing up to become a great ruler! Gil-galad is hilarious, it's great to see Thranduil unknowingly breaking through the tough exterior! As for Oropher, you've created an amazing character, I suppose it's just a little poignant when we know what the future holds... It's a wonderful look at the true natures of the great Elven lords. Sorry for tuning in so late, but well done!:)
Dragon-of-the-north chapter 8 . 5/1/2003
First of all: Thanks for your kind review - but you must be joking! Of course I love your story - it's great, great, great! :-)

Now on to this wonderful little chapter! :-)

Your descriptions are still wonderful and expertly written - I liked the contrast between the merry, peaceful atmosphere of the Lindon gardens and Oropher's memories of what befell Doriath. It shows the constant threat under which the elven realms are so very well! And it is very fitting that you bring Elrond into the story exactly at this point. I like your portrayal of him - he is convincing and gorgeous, and yet, he is not above everyday problems... LOL to his fear of the "the odd-looking dessert" (not, by any chance, cherry pies? :-D)!

I like the developping friendship between Galion and Thranduil very well. They are both very cute and funny, and I really, really hope Galion is the same Galion who will be Thranduil's butler later... (and consequently the Prince of Dorwinion Barrels, or something? :-P)

Your way of showing Thranduil's difficulties with his own social standing is very convincing - not too obstrusive, but they are there... Being a prince means having few friends and having to learn how to behave... I think meeting Galion is something really good for him! :-)

Now I'm looking forward to the outcome of this tournament - yes, Galion, go and win! :-) (I like that elfling immensely... ;-))

This is truly a wonderful, well-written, touching and funny story with great characterization and gorgeous descriptions - so write on soon, by all means! I shall be waiting impatiently! :-)
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