Reviews for Monochrome
Mangahero18 chapter 2 . 3/15/2018
Okay I give is this a crossover with?
xXCassKXx chapter 2 . 1/12/2018
So after some thinking, I believe I finally know what Taylor's power is, still don't know where it comes from, though.

If my guess is correct, then Taylor's power it to shift into the blank world. Anyone who dies in that blank world will be absorbed into it. Taylor could then summon anyone who died and give basic commands to the person.

This would fit well with the story. The rats and Erik are both commanded the same way, Taylor has stated she killed someone when she was on her first night out, and Erik appears near her. This would also mean Erik doesn't have any powers and is just being resummoned into the world by Taylor.

Does any one know of a story or show or movie where a character has that power? I am kinda interested in reading or watching it, now.
Guest chapter 2 . 1/7/2018
Well that's a scary power alright. Also someone is going to be curious about the similarities between resurgent and alabaster
Guest chapter 2 . 1/6/2018
Did they actually get their powers togheter? Because Armsmaster can check if people are lying, and the PRT building probably has better cameras/sound than what Miss Militia has in the field.
ecoolasice chapter 2 . 1/8/2018
Erik Vs. Skidmark
embrewing chapter 1 . 1/5/2018's lung, if killing him doesn't count as necessary force nothing will.
He-With-Many-Hyphens chapter 2 . 1/4/2018
Erik tried to hurt her didn’t he. Didn’t work out so well for him did it? Is he bound to her because she killed him? Is that the case with the rats/insects too? What’s the crossover with? Kinda curious about it. Seems kinda cool. Much is unexplained.
Annon Ameus chapter 2 . 1/1/2018
Interesting. Not really enough written for me to say more than that. When there is more I will better be able to form opinions.

Also is the crossover with Magic the Gathering? If so be careful as the potential power ramp can destroy the story. My suggestion would be to stay small and if you do have Taylor grow stronger, have her slowly work her way up to calling upon larger 'spells'.

Other than that good luck with your writing and have fun with it.
iTyncWithReality chapter 2 . 1/3/2018
this is shaping up to be wicked. and wickedly funny-you killed it with 'Bad Touch' omg I sooo wanted her to pick that one and not to pick it. I was totally amused and at the same time was utterly repulsed. such a strange and wonderful dichotomy of feeling! wonderful. downloaded.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/1/2018
All wards taylor fics are shit, and so is yours
tacomaster0928 chapter 2 . 12/31/2017
I need more! I need detail! Please?