Sallyannerenee chapter 59 . 7/31
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I just realized when I reviewed a few chapters back I forgot to comment on your “breaking the fourth wall” by having them watch Supernatural. I wonder if they felt like something was familiar, lol.
Sallyannerenee chapter 58 . 7/31
Dean is so good with Sam! Letting him lean on him, lending him both his ear and his strength. Sad that both of them are blaming themselves for Jo’s death, guilt is such a heavy burden. I like that Ellen and Bill have received them with kindness.
Sallyannerenee chapter 57 . 7/31
It figures that Dean would have a neat, organized place. I think Dean sees them staying close after all this is over. I wonder what Sam is thinking.
Kathy chapter 62 . 7/11
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I wonder if there might be a story or two that involves their friendship in the future? A time stamp maybe? Can’t blame a girl for trying ;)
Elliesamdeangirl chapter 62 . 7/11
That was good with Dean and Sam just relaxing, and not having to Sammy coming up with non gruesome bait, humane actually!I wouldn't be popular on fishing trips, as I'd end up fighting over keeping fish strung on a line alive, till they were ready to kill them!Animal fanatic definitely, maybe men are wired to be more callous?Nice to see John mentally acknowledge that he was getting Dean back as his son, and Sam to brotherly and fatherly of John and Sam both trying to get Dean to use sunscreen on his reddening face, who knew Dean could be so stubborn when told to do something?The road trip would be great for the two of them, just travelling, new places, people, then moving on?They could also go visit Nitro, Storm, and Shadow, and see how they live.I remember watching reruns on cable of that classic American series "Route 66", and I could so see Dean and Sam in a remake?Well, Jensen and Jared!Until next time, haste ye back!(I'm a Scot).Brilliant writing.
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