Reviews for Ouroboros
NGPhoenix chapter 1 . 5/6/2018
I just finished the game so of course i had to look up fanfiction! And i found this one, quite short but i still love it very much! Lovely writing, i can so see Milton saying all of this! During my playthrough i hated Milton for being so obnoxious and so cowardly negative but i liked him and wanted to take him with me despite it all but guess what... he didn't want to come! Man my pride was hurt. I was too much of a hippie for him LMAO
I, too, wrote that frogs were persons on a random wall.
Also, did you just make a whatsup dog joke? Because it made me cry (im jk). I like that they chose the name Alexandra, i'm like, lowkey in love with her and i so loved to listen to her voice, she seemed to be such a sweet person!
"He considers it narcissim now." *wheeze*
Thank you for this ! :D