Reviews for Zootopia: Firefalls
Bear678 chapter 12 . 12/24/2023
Samosas ... all the way
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 25 . 8/8/2023
oh man... poor Peggy and Dave!
cant imagine being a parent who lost their child.
at least they get emotional support from all the friends Trisha did make here and from Judy.
and poor Delta working like crazy to find his girlfriend.
a really though job Director Moss has here.
al the emotions boiling up when he has to deliver the bad news of stopping the search.
but lucky them the skunk did find a way to continue the operation in the disguise of a training. :D
LMAO! the second most favorite fox appeared! Finnick! :D
wonder if he will also help in the search or just biting of some faces! x,D
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 24 . 8/2/2023
how could you take away our beloved blue-eyed monster? D,x

(i am sure she will come back save and sound but still... i miss her already!)
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 23 . 7/27/2023
if Debbie wouldnt have cheated, Judy would have won the race fair and square.
but of course she had to make her ancestors turn in their graves and pulled an old timer fox stunt.
lucky for Judy that Trisha was at the right moment here to even out the odds and dunked the mudball right into her face! x,D
thats karma for you b***h! :D
or wait... let me rephrase it. karma loves to throw blue-eyed monsters like Trisha at you! :3

(to be honest... i hope Debbie will try to get her revenge on Trish, only to fail and get double karma!)
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 22 . 7/25/2023
HAHAHAAAA! how did Judy and Nick overslept and missed the whole lunchtour? x,D
the day must have been really exhausting and with the extra bad energy they got after what Debbie said to Nick.
whats really interesting is the dream Nick had about him having a pinecone baby with Judy!
i also had really crazy dreams when i had a lot of stress/bad energy at work.
so i can relate with Nick. :)

and at least the two are at time for SMORES! x,D
best part when Trisha explains how to do smores!
and embarrassing Judy by forcing her to sing&dance with her after she tried to embarrass Trisha!
not a really good idea of Judy to try to "dance with the devil"! x,D
hope she will learn her lesson after a few more embarrassing songs with Trish! ;3
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 21 . 7/25/2023
WOW! that was a really lower than low punch under the belt.
how dare she judge Nick after what she did to him!
not even that... i am pretty sure she knew that Judy and Trisha were in range to hear them. :(
cant believe that Trisha managed to hold still while hearing Debbie slander her friends.
at least Nick could convince Judy that everything is fine and Debbie only said that out of envy.
why else would she be that persistent to mock them?
because she is jealous and tries to break them up.
but well...
best way to get rid of that bad experience by snuggling with their bonded mate and go for a nap. :)
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 20 . 7/19/2023
HILARIOUS! not only did Trisha manipulate Debbie's alarm to ruin her sleep but also manipulated the hiking trip. which explains why she looked like she slept in a bush when she arrived at Nick's cabin.
i was at least expecting pinecone-booby-traps and trapholes on the way! x,D
but still a funny trip they had.
would have been great when Trisha did had draw an Debbie's face!

and FINALLY! Judy and Nick marked each other! about time if i would say! :,)
cant wait to read Debbie's reaction when she notice it. :3
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 19 . 7/14/2023
LOL! the bunny's are in a gang?! whats their name? couldnt read it anywhere...
but funny how Nick does do the same mistake again and again about breakfast.
did he not learn his lesson? x,D
he will be printed on a wanted poster and hunted down if he dont stop angering people in Lynn's restaurant. ()'
and FINALLY! it was already time that someone gives Debbie a piece of "Pinecone"! :D
cant wait to see what Trisha will do the next day when Debbie gets out of line again!
no one plays with Trishas fox! NO ONE! except for Judy! x,D
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 18 . 7/13/2023
WOW! what a bitch Debbie is!
not only trying to butcher Nick with all those racist comments but at the end trying to get him into her bed?
what is wrong with her? :(
lucky him the day is finally over and Delta is going to take the next day over for him so Nick can have some refreshing alone time with Judy. :)
and of course Trisha would come to rescue Nick!
the only other bunny in Nick's live he does see half-naked! x,D
now Debbie will get her fair share of punishment if she dares to hurt Nick again!
no one is going to be unpunished in the present of Trisha the Sword of Pinecone! :D
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 17 . 7/13/2023
and here i thought Skye could stand up to Debbie and get her to quiet down.
but she seems to be more cunning than expected.
at least Nick could get some break from her.
damn! now she is ruining one of Nick's most enjoyable memory!
didnt thought she would play the same game as Nick did to figure out Judy's race.
i am feeling really sorry for Nick that he as to go through this. :,(
now Debbie knows...
a really bad luck that Clive did look up the parks website.
i like that guy but now he has opened the doors to hell on Nick.
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 16 . 7/12/2023
wow... i really start to HATE that Debbie. enough is enough! :(
glad to see that Lily has Nick's back.
otherwise he would have already murdered her.
but good to see that the other Visitors are docile people who are taking this trip serious.
and more good news for Judy's project that Clive and Al really like it here.
something that gives Nick really high hopes!
and of course the farewell of Chris... a really sad moment.
we will miss him all! hope he will visit his park-colleagues soon.
and a really funny joke he did with his son.
for a moment he even fooled me when i thought he had something against his sons girlfriend. x,D
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 15 . 7/10/2023
wow... that is a really hard and depressing time for Nick... :'(
and its not getting better with how Debbie is disregarding Nick's emotions.
hope she soon stops her dumb game of hurting him.
and finally!
was wondering why Judy wasnt responding. what a dumb 'accident' of her radio to get missing.
but now i hope Nick has a plan to save the day at Fairfax and stop the attacks from his ex.
because on Judy's site it seems like the day is over with the rain as a bad extra. :,(
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 14 . 7/10/2023
the Townhall Meeting was really funny! best part with Judy having hiccups and Trisha starting to shoot pinecones at the crowd! and of course a pinecone for Nick about his comment of breakfast! x,D
but now...
we finally see the storm that i am sure has to come someday...
Nick's ex appearing!
cant wait to read what he will do! (*0*)!
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 13 . 7/6/2023
it was soooo funny reading! xD
the tradition to karaoke is a GREAT idea! i like that (even if i would die out of anxiousness). x,D
and the changes of the song to match Trishas style is also a good idea!
would have been cool to hear Chris singing for his last bravado as a ranger.
and its also a real pity to not see Jack sing too.
but overall it was fun to read! great job, Blue! :D
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 12 . 7/4/2023
does it even matter if i say how well written the chapters are?
because i dont know what to write since all the time the chapters feel like getting better and better!
i didnt had a chapter so far that was not good. x,D
what a great surprise!
at first i was ponder how Nick would survive the 7 days to defeat Trisha and what tricks or lessons he would use to get through. i really thought about it an hour long.
only to be thrown out the window for a surprise that it was all just a test and everyone already waiting for him at the top!
it was really a heartwarming moment how the Rangers welcome Nick to their Rangerfamily. :,)
and for Trisha to getting the honor from Jack to swear him in... what a moment of joy! D,x
what a night!
i am soooo happy for Nick! he deserves it! :)

just one thing...
i hope we will get a story from Bluelighthouse where Nick really has to survive a week with limited resources! i really want to! :D
regardless if it is in the Firewatch Universe or in a new story.
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