Reviews for Stranger Than Fiction
Emerald Time chapter 6 . 5/10
Tonks! I love this! Thank you for the new chapter!

Good luck in your writing.
Paul Garros chapter 6 . 5/9
bold words for someone within prediction distance
Avalonemyst chapter 6 . 5/7
Love it!
sandmanwake chapter 6 . 5/7
So Tonks and Percy in Harry's corner. Catching Wormtail and helping to free Sirius is going to advance both their careers.
MissiYoung chapter 6 . 5/7
Harry. My dude. Get Percy to give your Liaison Scabbers. Little knowing dude. Seriously. Retrieve the godfather. TAKE CONTROL!
alaskan-dracolych chapter 6 . 5/6
This story is a blast. Most that take a similar rout glosses it over. Percy and, probably, the... other person, definitely like the characterizations. Really like the way this is going.
Stormshadow13 chapter 6 . 5/6
Lol, inter Tonks.
manapohaku2 chapter 6 . 5/6
Can't be tonks she is still a 7th year during Harry's first year. Unless 7th years have apprenticeships. Honestly wondering who it is.
couragetcd chapter 6 . 5/5
I'm sorry your RL writing has been put on hold, but can't help but cheer for updates from one of my favorite writers when I'm a poor schmuck whose life hasn't really changed outside of wearing a mask to get groceries and not being able to take my kid to a park. I'm also excite about the early entrance of Tonks!
Margaret Luna Sullivan chapter 6 . 5/5
Re the last note: Tonks, most likely. Good chapter, as usual
fraidykat chapter 6 . 5/5
AAWWW Tonks! Loving this story. Stay safe and well.
Thank you,
Jake Crepeau chapter 6 . 5/5
"I wonder who he's got in mind..."

Duh! ;D
Hortensia chapter 6 . 5/5
Very nice idea, I'm looking forward to reading more. Will you post it at AO3 as well? For now there's only one chapter there.
theladyjaded chapter 6 . 5/5

Your face has been missed! glad to see you puttering around the computer again! Always a joy when you update, it makes my inbox so shiny. are you planning to update other things or getting this out of your system first? Can't wait to see how you grow Percy and explore the relationship with Harry!

Asviloka chapter 6 . 5/5
Thanks for the chapter! Entertaining as always. :)
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