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AquaEclipse chapter 38 . 9/16
My first reaction- No you did not…NO YOU DID NOT.
After finishing the chapter - your heart is not quite over. Please…stay safe…and strong … for me. A City with so much potential. The City that would beat Singapore in Maths and Reading test scores if s/he were simply…eliminated. I know this place is called cutthroat for a reason. I want you to extract vengeance, because you, my City, have so much more to live for. #BauhiniaProtectionSquad
Please, Blaze, grant me my wish. It's the least we can do for the dot on the map with so much ambition and so many dreams but so little time in real life.
Eternal Nexus Warrior chapter 37 . 9/15
Sorry it took so long to get the reviews done. I've just been so distracted with how it's been on my end. But I promised to get these done, and no matter how long it takes, the reviews will get done in the end. This might be a little shorter than usual though, If I'm being honest.

So over all, we got a lot of fight scenes in this chapter, and each one seemed to flow flawlessly with one another. The highlights of the battles had to be Lithuania vs Poland, Egypt and Hungary vs Turkey, Bulgaria vs Romania, and the battle at the end. I have to say out of all of them (and in this case it may be due to him being one of my favorite hetalia characters), but I just loved seeing Lithuania just take out Poland. He's a nation who, not only in the anime/manga but also in history, has taken a lot of shit and still was stubborn enough to keep fighting. Granted he has more reasons why in the anime due to physically being injured by Russia and mentally by Poland for his betrayal, but you get the point.

And now Guatamala is free thanks to Vilnius. I am honestly wondering how shocked Lithuania's gonna be once he finds out. Once he gets over the fact that he killed Poland (An insanely laughing Lithy mental image keeps coming to mind right now).

Speaking of facts, as usual, we get our relatable situation, and in this case, it's with DRC and Liberia going wild. While the one friend of mine I'm talking about never hijacked a car, he had a tendency of going fast and screeching the freaking tire wheels on the pavement. And in regards to that I have been in a lot of weird yet relatable situations (The humor ones for the most part.
AquaEclipse chapter 37 . 9/9
something have to be my school's namesake? Don't insult her, geez! Please find something else to agree on in public…
AquaEclipse chapter 37 . 9/9
My City is about 40% countryside. That's a world record for highest ratio of land conserved for parks. And please, don't teach your enemies how to fight when on a real battlefield. They'll use those tactics against you someday if they're smart.
Oh, and what puts the Special in SAR is the fact that us SARs have more freedom than the Mainlanders and de facto rule ourselves and only get assistance from the Mainland when concerning foreign affairs and military…theotrically. Practically though…it's a complicated matter.
And I'm happy that you and Belize agree on something, but why does that
Eternal Nexus Warrior chapter 36 . 9/2
And all hell has begun to break loose! *cackles happily* Seriously though, all these battles have got me pumped for this arc. I still have to say, Lithuania and Poland's confrontation was my favorite though. And the way Toris mocked Poland the same way Poland did all those years ago... It was awesome!

And speaking of Vilnius, I love how she's clever with this. Instead of going into battle like that, she chooses the sneakier plan of going to go rescue Guatamala. I honestly can't wait to see the south american's (Or central american, correct me if I'm wrong) reaction to this. The other reaction I'm kinda curious on (if it happens) is Vilnius' reaction to Poland. Since herself (before she was created) was taken by him all those years ago, would she know it was him and go into a rage for hurting her brother? I'm just asking since I don't know the whole process behind created regions, micronations, and capitals.

I did like Hong Kong and Belize's fight so far as well, because it shows. She's one of those characters I have to say is unique in the chapter, because while she is against the order, she understands some of the enemies and sympathizes with them. But at the same time, she knows it's a fight she can't loose.

And of course that cliffhanger. So the africans "were" on this the whole time! I get the plan. Go to the runaway nations land, then bomb it while Egypt and his group were battling. Damn that's clever! No wonder the africans got quite a few scenes in this arc. Props to the genius of it Blaze!

Anyways, that's all for now. if I missed anything to give an opinion on, let me know Blaze.
AquaEclipse chapter 36 . 9/2
Cameroon, not Cameroun.
The most 'irrelevant' part...#YaoiFangirl (mostly Solar tho)
Boo, motherf*ckers.
"But the plain was -" Isn't it supposed to be 'plan'?
Pain helps you relax, Bulgaria? (I sense a masochist.)
I guess next time's the results of that. My City, please stay safe. You are one of the few NWO members that I want to protect with all my might (which isn't much, but...).
Eternal Nexus Warrior chapter 34 . 9/1
Finally, I get time to finish this review. Since I effed up and hit the review button for 35 before I was done, I am giving full reviews for both chapters in this one! Kinda combining them too so if they're a bit confusing, my bad.

Chapter 34 and 35:

It looks like The africans got another person on their side. With this many people against them, it's gonna make for a tough battle in the long run. But we'll have to see once the whole world knows. after all only a handful of the nations know the truth at this point. And there a lot who have yet to be introduced in DOTNWO yet. It looks like they're having fun terrorizing the others though at the moment. Well, some of them at least (Though that'll change come tomorrow)

I do have to admit that the evil teddy bear is a little unnerving after seeing the evil ones from the movie Krampus appearing on deviantart sometimes. It's not terrifying, but I would keep my distance from that bear, especially if Haiti controls it. Last thing I need is a repeat of my deceased pet rabbit haunting my room. XD

There are times when I am like Seborga in that section of the chapter, because it's so relatable. Still it's amusing seeing the antics of our favorite axis trio and Romano. And our little Romania, Poland, Hungary, and Bosnia group as well. I feel like whenever I read their scenes, it's 100 percent relatable to some of the crazy stuff that has happened in my life.

I think on of my favorite scenes in this was the Indonesia, East Timor, and Malaysia section, cause it reveals possible ships in the future. The whole sleepiness scene followed by that wake up slap was cute and funny at the end. It's got me hyped for more ships in the future!

Next, we get more from our precious group that is Bulgaria, Lithuania, Turkey, and Vilnius. They still make a well balanced group First off can I just say how I sympathize with how Bulgaria feels? Because I can. I am literally one of those who is over protective of my friends, and anyone who hurts them feels my wrath. Still, I gotta say I am literally gonna enjoy poland's reaction completely next chapter. I can already sense Lithuania's evil smirk when that happens. And the mixed reactions were a nice touch from Egypt's group.

Good news is Romano's alive again. I had to laugh when he woke up, because I have several scenarios when that has happened to me. One being dealing with insomnia at 2 am and finally starting to go to sleep, only to have some idiot join a discord I'm part of, blow up with server by spamming messages to everyone on said discord, and waking everyone else in the usa in the progress. He got kicked off after an hour, but a lot of people were pissed off for that (Now that I think about I think I told you about that before) so... yeah. Bottom line is Romano's reaction is relatable. XD

The one thing that's got me curious is why Prussia wants to see France before the others kill him. It makes me wonder if he wants to apologize for lying to him, or if he wants to show his true colors to France before this is all over. Still, looks like Morocco, South Vietnam, and the others gotta wait to kill him.

If it's okay to give a bit of advice Blaze, I do have a bit to share. I really like the whole switching point of views because it allows people to see from different perspectives, but don't forget to remember to include some of the other past characters as well like America, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, North Korea, and both Ireland and Scotland. Since they're part of the order as well, It helps to add scenes with them in on occasion as well, even if it doesn't seem to fit the arc well.

Other than that, I think that's all. If I'm missing anything, let me know Blaze! :D
NadiaJA627 chapter 35 . 9/1
Being occupied with your thoughts should be the last thing in your mind when you’re in control of any vehicle whatsoever. But, I do agree with South Vietnam’s sentiment; some thoughts just won’t go away. One of them that perked my interest was how he felt when he abruptly left Indonesia, that’s certainly an interaction I’m looking forward to! Morocco seems very adamant on reminding him of who he is and what he truly craves for, digging under the affable persona and straight into the point. I heard and saw the effects of Agent Orange myself, and…just think of the destruction that would cause. On a lighter note, his banter with Hong Kong dissipated the tense feeling left by Morocco, as South Vietnam uttered his last words before the segment came to an end.

I guess that the group’s reaction towards Turkey’s ‘revelation’ sums it up when it comes to that kind of thing. Granted, each of them might have different stances according to the countries they represent, and that religion plays a big role in shaping their perspectives. The Central Americans plus France seems to be more accepting and shocked, while the African trio less accepting of that fact. The light hearted situation came to an end when Algeria stormed off, and, this is where the pain starts. Imagine how hard it is to listen through someone’s rant without them knowing that their words cut your heart, and then having to pretend as if everything’s okay. However, I don’t blame Algeria for the things that came out of her mouth. To be presented with an appalling revelation like that, I’d say that her reaction is authentic. But still, the thoughts that Tunisia had during the whole thing to when he went to excuse himself left me with a pained feeling in my heart.

It’s been a while since Singapore even showed up, I’m glad to know that she’s back. A friendly face is definitely what one needs after having to deal with a captor whose job is to seemingly unnerve you to no end. All things considered, Singapore’s reaction towards the whole thing went by rather smoothly as someone who had their house broken into, threatened if she didn’t comply, and having to listen to someone that started this whole thing for her and act as if everything is normal. Seriously, need Singapore’s composure. I’d really like to see her interacting with Indonesia later on. Philippines expression in the end only furthered my worries for the two female nations.

You know what? I’m not even surprised anymore. You’ve really got to hate someone in order to…I don’t know, continue arguing after crashing your flying car onto a friend’s house? It makes you wonder if those two would work together when the time comes, though, I doubt that would happen without a little squabble here and there. But can we talk about how exactly they arrived? Does this mean that Romania invented the first flying car? I mean, talk about an entrance! Unfortunately, it was cut short due to the arrival of Haiti and his group. Judging by the words uttered by Turkey himself, something tells me that the next chapter isn’t going to be so pretty.

Things aren’t mostly going well for the non-NWO nations, as they always seem to be off somewhere in the distance, reminding them of their presence and what they’re capable of doing should they show to do so. Among the things happening as of now, the main event, which is the brawl between Egypt’s and Haiti’s groups is something that I can’t wait to see. I hope that you update soon!
AquaEclipse chapter 35 . 8/26
Monaca, not Monaco?
Flying car, wth?!
Let's get ready for a slaughterfest next chapter...shall we?
Eternal Nexus Warrior chapter 35 . 8/26
I am just silently waiting for Poland's reaction to this, mainly cause I know what's coming, and the anticipation has got me more hyper than downing 3 bottles of soda.
AquaEclipse chapter 34 . 8/19
A/N: it won't take tong?
I am happy that ya acknowledge my City's nickname. Did ya take it from my profile?
thank God. no public M-RATED stuff. My City's human age is just 16 or so! not even of age! …SV, shut up! My baby's grouchy enough as he is. Y'all, watch yer tongues, or Solar's gonna go HAAM on ya lot.
Oh well. GET READY FOR CHAOS! Aka, can't wait for next chappie!
Headcanon: HK's weapon(s) of choice is butterfly swords ( en. wikipedia wiki/ Butterfly_ sword), because they're from S China and are kinda featured in one of our martial art films.
NadiaJA627 chapter 33 . 8/19
Despite the outcome, it’s relieving to know that Belize’s group is –finally- at safer hands. I’ve got to hand it to Egypt, transporting a large number of nations must’ve been quite tough, but he did it. The situation at Belize’s house could have ended a lot worst if Anubis wasn’t there, the three occupants would have been taken by Chile and Colombia, causing more losses at the resisting nation’s side. While it did pop up in my mind regarding Panama’s absence, I was rather surprised to see the revelation that Panama knew! It would –probably- make him the same as Western Sahara and Khoisan if that were the case. On top of all of that, now that they’re all in France, the group certainly has a lot to tell to the newcomers. Though, but I do worry about one thing. The Order has assembled a group of nations that are led by Haiti, and are on their way to France as we know it. Considering the large amount of nations involved in both parties; we’re in for a brawl.

For someone who was forced to fight out of the blue, witnessed him shooting and missing East Timor by a few inches, and forced to come with him in the end, I don’t know if I should either admire or be baffled at how calm Indonesia is after everything that’s happened to her. But, I can’t say for sure that it also represents how she feels in the inside, since she’s shaken up after the incident with East Timor. Philippines’ attitude toward her isn’t helping at all. I understand his determination in helping Malaysia, but, I feel like he’s giving off something similar to a false sense of security. He’s showing both friendliness and hostility towards both female nations, and it’s hard to understand which is his real persona since he seems to switch on and off between the two. I don’t know about East Timor, but Indonesia’s definitely sums up one’s reaction towards someone who was presumed dead, especially since the two had relations during ancient times. There’s got to be interactions between the two if this were the case.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t worried for Bahamas, Saint Lucia, and Seychelles when both Chile and Colombia were right outside of their houses as they spoke, especially when the three aren’t as powerful when compared to the others. Knowing that Anubis was there, I had thought of a much more different scenario before it was shown otherwise. But I was glad nonetheless when it turned out that Anubis had successfully secured all three female nations! Again, I’ve got to hand it to Egypt for thinking ahead and was prepared for this sort of situation beforehand. Now, I just wonder exactly where the four of them ended up in.

If one were to put aside the ominous intentions behind DRC and Nigeria’s conversation, I would have thought of this moment as a sort of brotherly moment between the two. I used to remember just how uncomfortable DRC is when faced with Nigeria’s…tendencies towards others, but now, it’s nice to see them getting along just fine. It can be said that both Belgium’s suffering and ROC’s condition are the two things that drive DRC to learn about dark magic in the first place. Even though it’s very risky and unsafe, DRC took the chance to accomplish those two goals of his, despite them contrasts with one another in terms of someone’s wellbeing. Now that I know where they’re headed off to next, I’m quite worried for both Algeria and Egypt. Knowing the Africans…it’s never good.

It appears that the Trials arc has come to an end! So far, it has been quite the ride, with many different scenario and a lot of characters involved. I’m never tired when saying this, but, Hungary and Romano’s situation has never ceased to provide comedy gold between the not-so-good happenings during the course of the arc. The formers’ situation is one I look up to since they’re nearing their destination. And it would seem that Bulgaria’s beloved is finally revealed! What a twist! I have to admit, the ending scene was something that caught my eye. Belize was –in a way- right with El Salvador’s condition, and judging by his behaviors and the similar drawing that was found, his mental condition is certainly far from normal. I guess that wraps it up for this chapter, and, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next. I hope you update soon!
Eternal Nexus Warrior chapter 33 . 8/14
Can I still say that I'm still dancing around in celebration? Cause now I can happily start shipping Bulgaria with our now revealed lover! So many different shipping images and drawings to imagine! *eyes sparkle* Oh I am in super happy mode right now still! :D

Yay, more Romania, Poland, and Romano antics! Speaking of Poland, I can only imagine why Lithuania hates him at this point. Considering that I've looked up some of their past, there's reason for Toris to hate him. Also, mental image of Austria with an Aizen personality is there. I wonder what he has planned for Egypt's group. Once they're all alive and well that is. Although it looks like someone else has plans for the group as well.

Is it me, or could I feel a possible ship between DRC and Nigeria? Cause I can imagine it, and I think right now the only ship that I know of fully is Turkey and Sadik (Still fangirling here). It looks like our group africans have a bunch of plans for the group in france, as well as a few other things too.

Well, Indonesia knows that South Vietnam is alive. I can't wait to see what goes on between her and the other personification in the future. Since it sounds like the two used to be close back then.

Anyways, great chapter this week blaze, and if I missed anything to review, let me know. :D
FGLFFFF chapter 1 . 8/13
Ok I can confirm that the capital of Maravi was in Malawi. It was called Manthimba
AquaEclipse chapter 33 . 8/13
The Brawl Arc? More deaths? This is extremely OOC for normal!me, but heck yeah.
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