Reviews for Dawn of the New World Order
Eternal Nexus Warrior chapter 29 . 8h
Yeah, agreeing with others there. Time limits are not fun and are stressful as heck. A common thing for me to do is to get stuff done ahead of time if I know there is a time limit (My stuff has been packed for over a week for the con this upcoming weekend as an example). Still, it looks like everyone's got their hand's full on this one. Well except one nation (sees Lithuania's van going downhill backwards)The brake Lithy! Don't forget the brake on the van! *sees car still rolling down hill* Let's hope he gets it in time, otherwise that is gonna be some expensive insurance needed on the van. Still, I love slightly insane Lithuania (There needs to be more artwork on deviantart of it dammit).

Well it looks like Hungary's starting to figure it out. By the words Rod and I in the note/book that's one of Gilbert's journals? He must've wanted Bosnia to get rid of them to hid any evidence oh him being a leader of the order. I do kinda sympathize with Hungary, getting a head injury isn't fun, cause I had that happen when I slipped on ice in February.

And damn, I must say there were some intense situations in this one, and I loved it! Some ended on a good note like with Mauritius (Switzerland has limits on stuff, yay!) while some ended on a bittersweet situation like with Hungary and ROC (Speaking of, RIP ROC). Even though we had those situations, this whole situation turned out great.

Also, I am sensing a reference in that first section of the chapter (The one where the countries are saying each others names and looking shocked before someone yells quiet, part), and I'm frustrated because I know I've seen it before, but can't remember where it's from (damn my memory! XD). I feel like it's a reference to a cartoon movie I grew up watching.
Guest chapter 29 . 14h
Just so you I ow, people find it offensive that Hungary is displayed as a you can girl given that in reality the country takes issue with it, along with Poland. And, North Italy is currently ticked off with Germany, along with his spouse because in canon a unification is a marriage, and the rest of EU.

Though I can still see Veneziano reading the wrath of said spouse sucking the mafia or the evil she on him for the false rumors lol. You better come up with a way to cool him down Veneziano, Romano might just fine a way to push you in a volcano for the belief of you cheating.
Eternal Nexus Warrior chapter 28 . 7/10
I really think the fight scene was well done. I have to admit though, I was not expecting that ending scene, and you rocked it completely! It was amazing Blaze!

Well, at least we know where El Salvador is now. Looks like Sweden and Finland have been busy, And I can tell Norway will be as well. I still can't get the mental image of Norway smirking out of my head, and that's a good thing, cause there needs to be more artwork of him either smirking or smiling (And part of that may be because of me cosplaying him). Better luck next time there Egypt.

I sympathize with America there a bit. Last month it seemed like a lot of people were texting me on my phone a lot, but a lot more while my siblings were at school. Looks like Liberia and Molossia could use some hugs though. And America, cause all three of them seem to be going through a bit there. And speaking of people who could use a hug, Mauritius could probably use one as well (Oh what the heck, hugs for all the hetalia characters! XD)

It looks like now we might know who's going after Egypt and Guatamala now. I'm really excited to see where this development is gonna go, cause South Vietnam seemed rather interested. And speaking of Egypt, I might have to make a little mini side note of this chases between his dog Anubis and Saint Lucia. Seeing those chase scenes just makes me crack a smile reading them.

All in all, I really liked this chapter, and I'm pumped for the next one! :D
Guest chapter 28 . 7/8
Well sheeeeeet, Western Sahara is really screwed now lol. I wonder how the DRC would treat Egypt. I assume he would still be bitter about the Congo-Arab war (which is actually the only reason Belgium was able to colonize the vast Congo region at all).
AquaEclipse chapter 23 . 7/3
'"Oh, he's actually one of us, he and I are lovers, actually."
South Vietnam nearly choked on his ice cream.'
Pure. Gold. XD
AquaEclipse chapter 3 . 7/3
Both SARs are in on this? Hell yeah! Count me in, despite me being a pacifist and you lot being totally sadistic/cruel.
AquaEclipse chapter 2 . 7/3
Yay! My city's in on it! I stand with the New World Order due to personal loyalties! (I'm from HK.)
NadiaJA627 chapter 27 . 7/2
There were some things that caught my attention in El Salvador's room; number '1954' which was found on Senegal’s abdomen, the mention of “it”, and the drawing Algeria found. But besides that, there seems to be a somber atmosphere looming over the nations, adding to their sense of helplessness when they found out that he wasn't present. The scene where Honduras called his name, only to be greeted by eerie silence makes it more prominent. The last part between Algeria and El Salvador was pretty scary. I think I know why he didn't want her to call him out, the gesture and the expression he gave out may imply a –possible- consequence if she does so.

After knowing which room the Africans would be in, I hoped that Mauritius being in one piece was Switzerland's main concern. Liechtenstein stated herself that she could visit another time, but he still invited her in. Mauritius’s thoughts resonated with me because I think it would be far better to be left with a sane member, rather than four less sane ones who were already enraged with him when he escaped. I don’t think South Africa and the others would stay true to their words. Right now, I count on Switzerland who would –hopefully- prevent the scenarios from becoming a reality.

I thought that America’s part of the chapter would be of his internal monologue to himself, as he ponders about his role and actions this whole time. What I didn’t expect was that there was going to be an emotional scene. Tony barely appeared in the story, and yet, I couldn’t help but feel bad for both him and America as they said tearful goodbyes to one another. I didn’t expect this, but even so, it integrated well with the chapter, and shows how America really feels in the departure of a friend. In the end, a spontaneous event such as this one can leave an impact just of how genuine the emotions that they felt. And I’d say that this is one of my favorite moments of the story.

Western Sahara’s plan to seek revenge momentarily stopped when she accidentally bumped into Mali, and she directly went to the point. After getting what she wanted, she went off, but halted abruptly when Senegal was mentioned. Her reaction was one of horror, as she told Mali to back off from him. She must have knows about this during her -unwilling- involvement in the Order, as she also knew about Spain's fate. And when Senegal arrived, that's when she snapped, and told him everything about what he can and cannot do before she went off. And now, she has much pressing matters, as she is faced by DRC, who acts as an obstacle in her plans.

The suspense is felt again as the chapter ends in a cliffhanger, though, I’m not as sad as I was during the end of last chapter. Even then, I’m curious to know on how things will turn out, especially the standoff between DRC and Western Sahara. Aside from all of that, I hope that you update soon.
Eternal Nexus Warrior chapter 27 . 7/1
With that moment where Bosnia's freaking out with Hungary driving fast, I can relate to that so much! One of my friends was the Hungary, and I was the Bosnia. XD

But wow, that scene with Algeria and El Salvador sent chills up my spine! Between the dark pictures left by whoever attacked him (If he was attacked that is), and his appearance when he appeared and disappeared, it makes me wonder what's going on there. And speaking of what's going on, I think I know where Mauritius situation is heading. These trials just seem to be getting harder and hard for him.

Then we have the touching scenes (I like the whole balance between light, heartfelt scenes and dark scenes). I think I cried a little bit when Tony had to leave (His reason is understandable though), and I like how America cared for his friend's well being. It's the same with South Vietnam and how he still cares for East Timor.

I'm rather excited to see that fight between DRC and Western Sahara though. DRC has the element of surprise at the moment, and that's gonna make for a shocking situation for Western Sahara.
Guest chapter 13 . 7/1
For chapter 13, I think the DRC would have also been the personification for the Kingdom of Kongo, a major pre colonial African kingdom before he fell under Belgium. Other than that, very nice story.
SpacePotato117 chapter 26 . 6/25
Dat cliffhanger killed me lol
NadiaJA627 chapter 26 . 6/24
I can really feel Bulgaria’s anger after recalling his memory of being separated from his beloved, it’s no wonder he wanted to get back at Russia. The mixture between cheerfulness and sadism in Bulgaria’s personality would be a terrifying sight to witness. I felt bad for Estonia and Latvia, that’s definitely something you don't want to see after waking up. The last bit where Bulgaria and Lithuania laugh like that in the end really shows their bond, despite Lithuania’s intentions at the beginning.

To have an old friend meet an uneventful end like that would devastate anyone associated with that person, and drive them to do something they might regret. Like Western Sahara’s case for that matter. France’s action is no exception. It was a good thing that Egypt and Monaco stopped him, because –as hard as it may be- nothing good will come out of it. The scene between him and Monaco was bittersweet, but I liked it. I’m looking forward to the meeting, despite it being held in a small amount of days, a lot can happen.

Bosnia’s condition reminded me of Malaysia and Senegal’s, since they want to know what “it” is, and feeling like something was missing, if it’s true. In terms of severity, I’d say he’s in the bottom since he doesn’t harm himself, as well as not having harmful intentions. He seems to be in a trance-like state, as if he was hypnotized or something, since he wasn’t aware of what he was doing before Hungary snapped him out of it. From Hungary’s assumption, they must be heading for France. But the number of Order nations stationed there…they have to be careful.

This is out of context, but if I was there while Honduras drove like that, I would hold on to the assist handle and pray for dear life. I know that her worries fueled her to do so, but still. They finally arrived at El Salvador’s house, but based from their reactions –Algeria’s in particular- the sight greeted them seems very far from pleasant. Did the Order managed to get to him before they all did? Poor Honduras…I hope it’s not too late for him if his condition really was that bad.

A lot of emotions are felt by the characters in this chapter; France’s sadness, Bulgaria’s rage and Western Sahara’s thirst for revenge just to name a few. I liked how they’re conveyed to the point where I can feel for them –France’s in particular, I feel bad for him- and make me wonder how they’ll cope with it. There’s a lot I’m looking forward to, and I was sad there was a cliffhanger at a tense moment! But it was a good since it kept up the suspense. Still, I hope you update soon!
Eternal Nexus Warrior chapter 26 . 6/24
You have no reason to feel bad about leaving it on a cliffhanger, cause I do that as well Blaze. XD

The scene with France finding out about Spain's death was well executed. His emotions especially. The most crucial part in scenes like those are the emotions, and the constant transition from one emotion to another. I like that scene between France and Monaco too, cause the comfort scene really helped wrap up the situation. Western Sahara's scene was the same too, so great job!

Well to answer Lithuania's question near that last section in their part, Laughter's infections. If someone starts giggling, I end up giggling. Still, now I have a bit of a mental image of Lithuania laughing insanely (I may have to blame myself on that one. I may have seen one too many pictures on deviantart of that. And sadly, there's very few pictures of that on there).

I wonder who's voice that was speaking to Bosnia though. I wanted to say Russia, since the russian word for yes is da, but he isn't part of the order. So I have no idea on who it could be.

All in all great chapter Blaze! :D
Eternal Nexus Warrior chapter 25 . 6/21
Lol, Cameroon Jinxed it! To be honest though I end up jinxing myself half the time though. Still, can't wait to see how Switzerland deals with this.

I have to say, this was a good, intense chapter (Between the DRC and the other africans, and the whole Haiti vs France and Egypt situation), and It sets the stage for what else is to come within a few chapters. There's also mysteries at hand that I can't wait to find out the answers to (Well one of them I can figure out but won't say just in case people read the reviews), but I have to admit I am beyond curious on the mystery of that message on Senegal's abdomen.

We did get some Nordic action (I will admit, I may have fangirled a bit when I read the part of Norway smirking.) and some more micronation action. I really find it cute with these scenes of America taking care of them and those double for Norway caring about his family as well.

The one thing that stood out the most though, was definitely the scene with Haiti, Guatamala, Egypt, and France. The whole thing with France apologizing was something I wasn't expecting (in a good way though, cause it shows that some of the nations truely feel remorseful of the situations), and Haiti reversing the damage he did proved that even with the two enemies, the order does have a human/conscious side to them.

All in all, great chapter, and I can't wait to see what next chapter will bring into light.
NadiaJA627 chapter 25 . 6/18
After everything that’s been going on, I would understand why Hungary would be worried about Austria, and investigate the situation along with Poland. It’s suppose a serious moment, but I can’t help but enjoy the little squabbles between the two. Especially since Poland doesn’t care about their position and worries more for Lithuania, while Hungary tries to keep him hidden. It was enjoyable until the end. One thing that piqued my interest was Bosnia’s appearance at the end of the chapter.

France and Haiti’s standoff was tense as always, and I thought things wouldn’t end so pleasantly for all of them. What I didn’t expect was France’s words to have a toll on Haiti, leading to Monaco’s normal and unscathed state, since he’d made it very clear that he hated France. I guess France’s words have been the one thing that Haiti wanted to hear for, and it changed my perception of him being a completely apathetic person when it comes to others. I’m glad to see that at least –almost- everything ended well, I’m relieved that Monaco is unharmed and is given another chance. On to the less-pleasant outcome, Haiti’s subtle threat should be something that Egypt should keep an eye on.

It’s interesting to see Finland with the hot-headed type of attitude among the Nordics, along with Denmark’s serious personality that’s was also shown in the flashback. The Nordics may pose as a serious threat once they found out the rest of Egypt’s group. I hope Belize’s group get to their destination in time and warn the other Central Americans. In other words; they need to be ready.

I’m beginning to get worried for Mali, since it’s shown that Senegal himself had those urges going about in his head. If that were the case, then, what is it about Mali that made Senegal want to do harm to her in the first place? Is it something that happened between the two in the past? The letters and numbers on Senegal’s abdomen seems to contain a hidden message of some sort, could it be related to Mali in some way? Either way, I’m curious of the outcome of their situations, Senegal needs to pull it together and not let his thoughts become actions.

Uganda has to be one of the most unfortunate characters, since the situation ahead of him gets much worst every time. His captors seems to always single him out whenever they have their ways with himself and the others. Cameroon starved him at the beginning, DRC beaten him up, and now, he’s forced to eat...those. Among the characters currently in the story, he’s definitely one of the unluckiest ones. Poor guy.

Things doesn't seem so bright for the non-Order nations along with their prisoners, but I'm eager to see what will come next in the upcoming chapter, especially Egypt's situation at France's home, along Hungary and Poland's. I hope you update soon enough.
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