Reviews for another year (always by your side)
RainyDayReading chapter 1 . 1/8
Ohmygosh, Amber! This was beautiful!
Where do I even begin?

["Well, there's this gorgeous girl," she answers. "Lovely smile, great arse..."] XD Funny, Parvati, absolutely hilarious. This is just too cute!

["Ate it." Parvati rolls her eyes. "What else was I supposed to do with it?"] I'm dying of laughter. This line was so amazingly Parvati!

And wow... that magical ball drop? So beautiful! I'm just imagining it, made of pure light and glowing... I'm in complete and utter awe.

The countdown was so sweet and lovely; Parvati and Lavender just wrapped up in their own dreams *heart* I love the whispered things and little thoughts that you inserted in between the numbers. That gave everything so much more depth and only added to the perfection.

[The ball drops, bursting into an explosion of light... Their lips meet... The war cannot reach them here; the world cannot cast its dark shadow upon them.] I just found this paragraph so beautiful and moving; the joy and light of a magical new year, and they're encased in a bubble of hope and happiness.

I'll say it again- this was infinitely, amazingly, utterly, incredibly perfect. *virtual hearts and hugs* I can't thank you enough! I love, love, love, love, love this! *more hearts, because there can never be enough, right?*

Thank you!

- Rainy