Reviews for Second Chances
Undertheskys chapter 12 . 7/24
Oh boy I thought this was Harry and Draco pairing but after this chapter im guessing its not, probably Harry and Snape, Draco and Ginny im guessing
Bookcoda chapter 49 . 2/27
Wow I was actually reading chapter 49 left and checked my email to see chap 50.
Nienna.Earfalas2 chapter 50 . 2/27
Woah... that was unexpected, but I understand his reasoning. That was a beautiful ending, thank you!
geekymom chapter 50 . 2/27
I have thoroughly enjoyed this story. Thank you.
geekymom chapter 49 . 2/26
This was a wonderful chapter. Thanks!
geekymom chapter 48 . 2/25
Wow, a very intense chapter! Great job.
Nienna.Earfalas2 chapter 45 . 2/22
Awwww! A as yet unseen side to Professor Trelawny. I like it! And I hope they can hold off against whatever else will be thrown at them...any plans for reinforcements?
geekymom chapter 45 . 2/22
Awesome chapter!
Nienna.Earfalas2 chapter 44 . 2/20
Woah...they should've made more potion! I hope no one except the werewolves get injured
geekymom chapter 44 . 2/20
Great job... another wonderful chapter.
NercyLover chapter 43 . 2/19
I absolutely love this story! Keep up the fantastic work!
dedodo chapter 42 . 2/18
Hah! the last part (hearts of light and all) reminds me of the Sims, and that made me laugh. Just wanted to let you know that I really like this story and the way sev is getting a second shot. great job!
geekymom chapter 41 . 2/17
Wonderful job on this chapter! Very sweet!
geekymom chapter 40 . 2/16
Awesome chapter!
geekymom chapter 39 . 2/15
Awesome chapter! I like the new partoni.
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