Reviews for Son of Gato
1210justinp chapter 11 . 4/9
The premise started greaat, but things became too farfetched later on.
Lochnes chapter 16 . 9/2/2023
Hey; I don't usually write reviews, but I just have to say that your writing is some of the most interesting I've ever read.
Laggard chapter 16 . 8/23/2023
Found your fic due to a reddit rec thread.

Just saw your note from August 2023, and I wanted to say: congrats on your life! Hope you're doing well.

If you ever do return to writing, I hope you have fun doing so.
airstras chapter 16 . 7/6/2023
I really like Itachi and Fugaku in this fic.
Guest chapter 15 . 6/13/2023
i hate this fic. But I like the naruto in it
venedeee chapter 2 . 4/29/2023
Don't be fooled. This is not a villain story but a wannabe villain's heroic story.

Mc is a person who likes to believe he is evil while doing heroic acts. The heroic acts are not just an illusion to show others but finding evil of others and enacting judgment, all the while telling himself about how he doesn't care.

A few points to note,
1. He felt angry when he saw injustice.
2. Had an adrenaline rush when killing.
3. Making up an excuse about "becoming a messiah is better" to hide his heroism to himself.
4. When killing bounded people, he needed to see their evil doings using observe to get a easier time killing.
5. And he got a rush from enacting justice.

Is this guy a psychopath? The answer is No.
Is this guy a wannabe villain? Yes
And is this guy actually a hero lying about being a villain? Yes

Then what does he truly achieve? Becoming an edgy hero.

I have read something similar, 'Trash of the count's family'. The mc lies to himself about being uncaring while eagerly jumping to help others. An edgy kid tells himself how he is selfish while doing the exact opposite. He was quite selfless. And Yes I was one of the bamboozled readers who felt betrayed. Mc was delusional, he lied to himself and readers like myself got fooled.

At least "Son of gato"s description clearly says, "Pretending to be edgy", "Pretending to be a psychopath".
Jamaican Printessa chapter 16 . 4/23/2023
Please come back and update (T-T)
Bluenait chapter 1 . 2/14/2023
this gamer fic is trash
mandvisahuxx111 chapter 1 . 1/28/2023
Well iBiki also has loads of scars
Ktheus chapter 11 . 1/26/2023
I don't know how I found this story, but it was one of the best things about my vacation. Ps: TL from Portuguese.
FailedKeikaku chapter 2 . 1/20/2023
Found this story mildly interesting untill you made Gato Jr believe it's all fake and he's the only real person. Yeaaah nope im out after that.
ExXiled chapter 14 . 12/26/2022
Love how much of an unabashed hypocrite your protagonist is. He dares to lecture someone who is infinitely better of a person, has an entire lifetime of wisdom that dwarves his like a fucking entitled upper middle class white mother at a Fiola Miami and then turns around to let his people get raped (and cannibalized) all whilst he twirls with his tiny cock and shouts at women.

But hey, let that edginess flow. The poor fuckers that read that kind of shit you put out think it's the new testament or some shit. Or don't, you don't seem to have the intent on continuing on this pseudo philosophical fuck fest
Guest chapter 2 . 12/19/2022
Sigh, will this idiotic notion that he is the only Real person going to be where all the plot revolve around? İt feels like a kid's journey to finding out that Santa is actually not Real. İdiocy is boring most of the time unless you manage to make us not think which is not possible since we are reading, not enough stimuli to be caught up in the flow, imagine cartoons without the visual, you would see all the plotholes you ignore becoming painfully glaring now.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/19/2022
His insistence that only him being Real is patheticly stupid and baseless, his existence can only prove that another reality with different rules governing said reality exists and there are beings that his mortal mind cannot comprehend that are above this occurence.
KingOfEmptyness chapter 5 . 12/20/2022
its a he not a she haku is a boy fuck you
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