Reviews for Chuck vs The Uprising
CraigBes007 chapter 10 . 3/28
Just finish this one in a day, not half bad, well done
bahall1964 chapter 10 . 2/27
You said it was a different story than what you normally write and it was BUT it was a great one. It was very exciting and I hope that with the setup you left you find time to do it eventually (I know you have others going because I am following them). I especially liked the way you brought in Stephen's hunt for Mary and that Frost is still trying to get home to family. You did good as always.
fezzywhigg chapter 10 . 2/27
Great story and setup for the maybe sequel. Maybe it's a holdover from childhood or the show but there is a strong desire for a "happily ever after" with these characters, including Stephen and Mary. Thanks for the story!
sudhanva08 chapter 10 . 2/26
Good stuff. Thanks for sharing! Of course there was some stuff that wasn't properly explained.. but that's alright.
This story was still really good one and I enjoyed reading it. So thanks. keep writing, keep dreaming.
sevenrez chapter 10 . 2/26
I thought it was a great story! Not matter the storyline we still got Chuck and Sarah together. Thank you for sharing your dream/story.
baldcoder chapter 10 . 2/26
Great final chapter. Thanks for sharing this one.
phnxgrl chapter 10 . 2/26
Congrats on your completing of the Dream story.
Deathzbreath chapter 10 . 2/26
Crazy story but I enjoyed it, thanks!
sharpce chapter 10 . 2/26
Duuh, of course we know who Led Zeppelin is! Cool ending to a cool story.
btw. you're not silencing me by finishing 'Uprising' will still bug you on twitter, 'cause I love 'Truffaut Industries' as well :)
atcDave chapter 10 . 2/26
That was definitely bizarre. It was also a lot of fun, so thank you for finishing!
Zettel chapter 10 . 2/26
Lunacy-and I enjoyed all of it. Thanks, DC!
sevenrez chapter 9 . 2/25
I finally caught and so happy I did. Happy Sarah and Chuck are so fun. Thank you!
Dillwg chapter 9 . 2/25
Ellie can’t remember to put out a mattress to cushion Chuck’s fall? Free bit of advice: never mix listening to Die Valkyrie and driving through a police speed trap.
fezzywhigg chapter 9 . 2/25
Another great chapter. I'm looking forward to Valhalla!
baldcoder chapter 9 . 2/25
Great update! I like it, I like it a lot.
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