Reviews for Pokemon: Jordinio Version!
BrotherCaptainSheperd chapter 32 . 1/17
zaunazarath chapter 32 . 1/17
Noooo the cliffhanger!
Great chapter
Mufalan chapter 32 . 1/17
Nica chapter, mate
Selacha chapter 32 . 1/17
Yay, Charizard! Way to go, you spanked that old fossil!
churchboyx chapter 32 . 1/17
Yay more pokemon
Wade98 chapter 32 . 1/17
Wow, quite the high octane episode. And now he has not only Dragonite but also Charizard. The iconic gen 1 dragons. Always looking forward to more.
FinalKingdomHearts chapter 32 . 1/17
I look forward to Charizard.
Cordylion chapter 32 . 1/17
All right, fossils down, Kalos next I presume. I'm looking forward to a change in pace after all the pokemon catching of the last few chapters. The evolution was expected what with the location and all, plus the need to keep up with some recent captures, but I wonder what new developments it'll bring with it.
shugokage chapter 32 . 1/17
Great job on this chapter!
Lost Dingo22 chapter 32 . 1/17
Damn, I think Jord will need to go back there in person or she will kill him if he puts it off. This is the story that I found you with and it has kept me reading, so seeing the update today was a treat. I look forward to your next chapters.
Ranmaleopard chapter 32 . 1/17
YEEEEEEEEEESSSS CHARIZARD BABY! I can't wait for the next enjoyable chapter!
Bearticguy7 chapter 32 . 1/17
My dude I love that thunder punch Ora Ora barrage makes me wonder if charizard might do a steely Dan beat down on a Pokémon owned by a scumbag like Damien
Palletking2001 chapter 32 . 1/17
Charizard and Aerodactyl... Yay!
Zweig chapter 32 . 1/17
Nice Chapter.

Hey, any chance of Anabel appearing soon? I really hope that the cutey Salon Maiden becomes ones of Jords girls.
JaimonDosFendu chapter 32 . 1/17
Let's gooooo !
Thanks for the chapter!
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