Reviews for Harry Potter and the Elemental's Power
A Monkey From Saturn chapter 63 . 10/13
I enjoyed it and I reread it again.
Loved it all the same.
When Lilian died I went insane
My heart and tears were never the same
kaixbi chapter 63 . 10/3
kaixbi chapter 63 . 10/3
crying man i am crying...
kaixbi chapter 59 . 10/3
what the fuck you bring luna in all this
kaixbi chapter 55 . 10/2
sorry the part-2 sucks
fangirl-friend2 chapter 5 . 10/2
This chapter is allot different from previous ones. Harry Potter is not likeable and neither is this OC or the teacher. I won’t be reading anymore, but I thought you should know why someone quits reading at chapter 5.
kaixbi chapter 31 . 10/2
i can't forgive u for skipping 4th year..
kaixbi chapter 31 . 10/2
why you skip 4th year
kaixbi chapter 28 . 10/2
little did i know that i like it so much...i love you liliana..fiery yet loving and caring
kaixbi chapter 24 . 10/2
good story
Senseo chapter 24 . 9/17
Dimension travel fucked this story ):
hpfan111 chapter 63 . 9/9
Initially, the things were going well. But in the later half of the story, things started to get way too out of control. I mean, there were flamels, drakons, evil, vampires and what not. Simply put, it became a chaos while attempting to make it good. I came so close to finishing it and now I feel like a fool because of the story
Harlurephne chapter 63 . 9/4
I can not understand. How can this story is not in the top tier yet. this is an wonderful and faboulus story. a must read for the fans of harry potter fanfiction.
Rogue Survivor chapter 1 . 8/31
I can't even make it through the first paragraph. This is that bad.
Torrae chapter 63 . 8/25
This was a wonderful story. Thank you️
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