Reviews for The A to Z of A & C: Vignettes from The Lucky Ones
Guest chapter 26 . 7/30
i think this is my second time through this and i loved it again.
PreciousJuls chapter 26 . 7/29
Perfect way to end this. This was really a fun read. I cracked up with almost every chapter. You are a wonderful writer. I can’t wait for you to finish the story now that I know what there future holds.
PreciousJuls chapter 24 . 7/29
Oh I do love what you put our boy through. Lol. I thought for sure Andrea would find a jam copy later on. Lol
PreciousJuls chapter 23 . 7/29
Lol. These can not keep theirs hands to themselves. I like when they get caught ;). I think Christian was suppose to mention the gender of the baby when he tells everyone what he’s thankful for. At lest that what he begged to do in a past chapter
PreciousJuls chapter 20 . 7/29
Definitely one of my favorites
PreciousJuls chapter 18 . 7/29
Omg these kids are hilarious! That was a great one. :)
PreciousJuls chapter 14 . 7/28
Awww, they got the Neimus baby. Adorable :)
PreciousJuls chapter 12 . 7/28
Awww, poor Gail had to clean up all the dirty, disgusting body fluids. Yuck! I don’t blame her for using a blacklight especially in the kitchen.
PreciousJuls chapter 7 . 7/28
I love these little snippets. It’s a peek of their life in the future.
PreciousJuls chapter 6 . 7/28
Awww, so proud of him. He made a friend all by himself :)
PreciousJuls chapter 4 . 7/28
Oh Christin... Many men feel jealous. Your not the only one.
PreciousJuls chapter 3 . 7/28
Carla is a piece of work. I can’t believe CG deleted the photos! Classic! Lol
PreciousJuls chapter 1 . 7/28
Elliot is so crass. I find it hilarious! :)
jenn72stamper chapter 26 . 7/20
love these little oneshots
Munkeyfump20 chapter 26 . 6/19
Wow Thanks for the very good read keep writing I'm just going to read your other stories. Thanks again for the read.
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