Reviews for Urban Legend: The Sequel
Virgin of Aquarius chapter 4 . 7/1
Ooooh, my dearest blue-haired Ronin has got married, how lovely! I totally loved this chapter! And the scene with Ryo and Jude was totally fantastic! See ya, Ghost!
Relyan chapter 3 . 4/21
Another story?! Oh how you spoil me. Great stuff, as always.
Virgin of Aquarius chapter 3 . 3/10
Oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH GHOST! What a wonderful story! I want to see the guys' wedding soon! And I absolutely loved the scene with Rowen, Sage and Jude! See ya!
saturnhotoru chapter 1 . 2/17
I am loving this story. I could see this as a tv show with how well you wrote the guys and the other characters. I can't wait to find out what happens next to our beloved heroes. Please continue this story.
SereStarOfGaea chapter 2 . 2/4
Omg kento is going to be gay I so didn't see that coming. I always believed that their armors were sentient beings and that maybe they could help the guys know when they find their soulmates and even they have a relationship with them.

I know you said that you didn't like mia and wouldn't make her like a central character but I was really happy to see her a little more and more happy to know how she and Cye got together. I'm curious to know if maybe mia and Robyn (when she and Ryo finally get together) will get dreams with the armors.
Tenku no Hoshi chapter 1 . 1/18
I'm so excited! I'm really looking forward to the sequel, and seeing what's coming next for the group. You guys had me cracking up when Ryo broke those chopsticks! Keep up the good work!
Virgin of Aquarius chapter 1 . 1/16
I absolutely loved this story, Ghost and Willows! But can I say something? From the very beginning, I'm afraid I had to admit that I am hating Jude. Perhaps it's prejudice and he will make me change my mind later, I hope so. But meddling with my dearest archer? Oh no, that's unforgivable! See ya soon girls, it is so great to read from you again!