Reviews for Reborn: Into the Wild Westeros
Shivam591 chapter 25 . 3h
Amazing story
Fury074 chapter 13 . 12h
Where does it say that one needs a wand to apparate? Not in the books, I can tell you.
Fury074 chapter 12 . 14h
The Katana is actually slower than the longsword or even the arming sword.
savitarsurffer chapter 25 . 20h
let me tell you the impressive work you have done with this story
I did not like Melissandre but it is understandable that someone else does something different
if I may say so, it is a possible idea to destroy the troops of the bank walkers. I send it to you by message
I recommend the story The game has changed by gdog1
now I send you the message
Western Witch chapter 25 . 10/20
I am quite enjoying this story. It's well written,but, you need to re read your work and do some editing on it or get yourself a beta for this story.
There are words missing or the wrong word has been used or a similar sounding word has been written in and the word means something else entirely so it sometimes makes for a confusing read.
I hope you update soon regardless
Redery chapter 25 . 10/19
Great story so far, can't wait for more. He should get with Dany so he can claim the Iron Throne. Would make a good king.
Redery chapter 23 . 10/19
Hmm idk how likely it would be for the faith to even think about attempting something like that against a high lord like Ned. I mean this isn't the high sparrow this is a fat cowardly incompetent septon and this is no meek boy king Tommen, but Robert Baratheon.
Also was hoping the one good thing of this could've been that Aryan could've weaseled his way out of swearing fealty to the king.
Redery chapter 20 . 10/19
This is getting pretty good. Glad OCs aren't main part and it was just Gabriella
BMS chapter 25 . 10/19
I was hoping to actually see some of the games but hopefully next time.
Great story so far.
Looking forward to more when you can get to it.
BMS chapter 24 . 10/19
Nice twist w/ Rhaella being alive.
Religions are a pain, especially the 7. Aryan should have his spies spread rumors of other Septas being just as corrupt and amoral as the high Septum. It would undermine their authority even more.
BMS chapter 23 . 10/19
Now that's how you deal w/ your enemies!
They should have known The Bloody Wolf wouldn't stand around and wait for old men to talk the problem to death.
Great update.
BMS chapter 22 . 10/19
An excellent trip across Essos these last couple of chapters.
One thing: all the historical facts you had Marwyn put in for each location really wasn't needed. Most of your readers will know that part from the books or (to a lesser extent) T.V. show. Personally, I kept skimming past it and then having to go back when I realized I'd missed the start of the actual story part. You could have easily left 90% (only the political info on Lys to set up why they could start a civil war was strictly necessary) of that out and still had a terrific trip thru the Free Cities. Most readers of a fanfic genre have more than a passing knowledge of the canon world's history/events. So, you can trim most of it down to only what is strictly needed for story events. Just something to consider when deciding what to include in a chapter.
BMS chapter 20 . 10/19
Surprised but glad to see Gabrielle included. After Sirius being included (if only in the past), I was hoping for something like this.
FicTIuNFaN chapter 25 . 10/19
I like it
Quelthias chapter 25 . 10/18
This Fanfic is very impressive. I enjoy the detail, the essos trip, the improvements to the North but most importantly, the plots and subplots by Arryn.

OUT of this absolutely impressive massive story you have written only on8e thing bothers me slightly. Why in the gods name, old, seven and Rhlor is Vodka (which tastes like gasoline) so desirable?

The rest is bang on, keep up with this massive work.
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