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VamPyr00 chapter 17 . 5/5 what happened to the sorceress that summoned The Source? How was she even ABLE to summon the most powerful entity in the universe?
Guest chapter 22 . 5/3
Another one gone too soon. Just when I thought I'd come across a good DC ff with a villain mc...sigh. You've probably already made up your mind about this but still thank you. It was good
Ofunu chapter 22 . 5/1
:( damn! I hate when I find a good story but it turns out to be incomplete and abandoned
Username6166 chapter 15 . 4/29
Green nipples are a W tbh
Locothehood chapter 22 . 4/18
Well good to see you still live.
Any chance that you have a new handle?
GhostSnoggAsh chapter 1 . 3/23
Think good
Hmason chapter 22 . 3/1
this was a heartbreaking and amazing story. jumping from the absolutely horrifying that makes you want your protagonist to die horribly to cheering them on and hoping for the best.

i understand being trapped in that horrible mindset and the damage it does to the will to live, that said i feel that Zack after his meeting with The Prescence could represent your maturing and moving away from that mindset. i'm not saying it would be immediate but i can see a way to continue this story without OOC the character. as it is he's not EVIL but neither is he really GOOD. instead he's an incredibly pessimistic nihilist who is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goals.

if he were to learn that Eva feels nothing at all for him it would send him into both an emotional and existential crisis. given the 2 alt lives he could have had with him developing true relationships it's probable that like with him latching onto Eva after his experience with Spectre and God he would similarly latch on to the people he knows a version of him is happy with.

Raven and Starfire would be especially appealing as both represent his needs. Raven as a similarly cursed person would understand his struggles and Starfire would be the light drawing him away from his darkest impulses. gradually with them and Purity's family he could move away from the blatantly evil things he's done (and still doing) and instead become an acceptable anti-hero.

or maybe i'm talking out of my arse because i loved this story and was deeply saddened to realize the new chapter was its obituary. while i hope you come back to this story i understand if you don't. i just want to say thanks for the amazing journey and good luck
Reader chapter 22 . 2/23
Damn nice to see your alive ;)

Was looking for a one piece fanfic and clicked on yours. Remembered reading it before but forgot you wrote it.
Nice to see you are doing well.
Flawer1762946 chapter 22 . 2/14
Welp i wish i saw this chapter first before readjng everything in a day and looking forward to the last chapter then not looking forward to having to wait for updates but i guess the wait will never come since well youve dropped the story and moved on. Anways author i hope your original work gets the recognition it deserves if its anything as good as this fanfic was. Cheers Mate.
GTI-1 chapter 10 . 2/9
Alright first initial impressions of the 9 chapters overall, i'm somewhat disappointed especially in chapter 5. He knows dabling in magic has a price, he watched DC, seen it and cautions himself against doing it yet he did it not just some small harmless experiments. He skipped the steps of learning to use a gun and just pulled the trigger knowing full well and cautioning himself that it's going to end bad. Sigh if not for overpowered gamer system than he would have suffered far worse, mentally speaking.

Either way what actually bothers me is that this type of tragedy isn't just the truck thats going to hit you and you can't do anything against it. It's the type where he causes the truck to hit himself with full knowledge on how to avoid it. Case point girl brainwashing moment : so what if she says some degrading comments about your mom and is assertively insane, why not use soul bondage or soul reconditioning to fix that? Like you brainwashed her, if it's wrong then why not do it again? First tries don't always work well does it?

The other case point being he should have left the house without burning it, he knows it and stated it himself. Now instead of just accepting your fate and wait for the police to arrive. Why not play dead? Why not hide, escape and brainwash everyone to forget that you were there and simply frame it as an accident. Now regarding the consequences, cancelling the quest was expected, really when it states that it will cancel certain quests when you go to ritual magic? Of course theres a chance the quest fails. So why not have a new quest to help mom again? It provides lots of options, could make the tragedy spicier in the fact that the character actually fails the quest regardless of the effort he did.

Like his mother dying, it was his fault, sure he didn't do it but he set the chain of events that let it happen. So why am i bringing this up? it's because tragedy like this is simply not good enough. Tragedy isn't just you screwing up and then lo and behold shit hits the fan. Tragedy is "i can fix this" and the fails, better points if the former happens. Makes it sweater. Now on the subject of the character itself, i'm going to be a honest, he's somewhat of a disappointment especially with his so called morals and the way he uses power. There'a saying that power corrupts and absolute power, corrupts absolutely. That is horseshit and you know it, simply put give people power and it will show who they really are.

And when he said that i'm doing this for himself, thats a disappointment really. There are genuinely good people in this world and theres an equal number of bad people, through circumstances and conditions, someone who was meant to be a regular thug becomes a cop yet in a single tragedy that same man would have been on the other side of the law. The fact is good people lose to bad people, simply because the latter will pull the trigger first yet what's more terrifying is when a good person realises reality and decides to make good and how does he overcome it? by being better than the bad person, be better at killing, better at extorting, better at setting dominos that will crush those so called "bad" guys.

Take Blackwatch, the various factions of metal gear, the whole shit that is code geass with Lelouch filled with the simple desire to make a better world for his sister by burning the current world order to a pile of ashes. Simply put selfish people aren't that interesting, this story could go on about that and it would be fine if we see how he rises. How he became a billionare, what methods he used, the people he deals, the elements and the supernatural yet the process is skipped. It's somewhat jarring, again not because of the whole selfish stick but the fact that the process for his rise to power is skipped.

Then cue to him raping a girl simply because he's daughter of a crime family. Like the whole process where he got the idea that might makes right? where did he learn it, when did he have time to think, to prospect on how he fully changes to this mindset. The problem isn't the mindset itself but of how the character just went from a baby with an adult mentality of "i'll fix my mother" to just "those weaklings do not matter". Yeah how did that go, transformations like that don't come overnight and since the gamer systems keeps the person i'm inclined to believe that the character is simply bad in principles. Bad in a sense that with the power he was given, he could have used it for good, not the superhero bullshit good, but the systematic change kind of good and that part where he mentions the lack of good that Bruce Wanye enterprise had done is exactly why he simply is bad. There are many who would be better with this power than him, walk the path of bloodshed, suffer, lose their sanity piece by piece yet still resolute in their mission.

He's not one of them, so why am i saying this exactly? Because the concept of a self declared villain is stupid. Damn one hundred percent stupid just as bad as being superheroes is stupid. If you want money why tun to crime, penguin guy could have ran a legit restaurant business that cater to the upper class and make more money than being a criminal. You don't steal money by being a robber, you steal money by becoming the bank itself. Factions with intrigue are always better because they are unique, one viewpoint is not enough to fit it. For example the patriots in metal gear, a whole illuminati group trying to make the US the global dominant hegemon led by them and control the world. Now that is a much better way actual villainy works, you disguise by making it seem good. Isn't that how politicians irl do things.

Which is exactly the point, the fact that we're not seeing a group of US government heck UN sponsored institution meant to dables in things like this is disappointing, there could literally be an SCP foundation right now or UN led Global Occult Coalition ready to get shit down, the fact that the story focuses on characters an not people and institutions is a flaw yet part of what makes this thing a comic genre in a sense. As for another reason why i delved into this, if any were to actually read this far is because this story lacks philosophy, point is he's doing all of the world domination thing and the simples motive is that he's doing it for fun without disregard for the fact that cosmic forces will surely exist that's going to crush him. There's always bigger fish in a pond, one that could nullify his entire gamer advantage, he hasn't prepared his soul for the gut wrenching suffering he will receive in the future and all that suffering would mean less because connecting to him wouldn't matter, afterall all he's doing it is simply for fun and himself. No friends to care of, No bonds of camaraderie, Nothing that ties him to his humanity.

And that's the main problem, he doesn't have anything to tie him to his humanity and means nothing for us to relate to, made even worse because the whole transformation was simply skipped over. It would have provided something to relate to. Take Lelouch Lamperouge or Vi Britannia, his actual true name. Give him a mind control power that is a pathetic shard of the game and he manages to conquer the world in 2 years, all for the sake of his sister or was before the journey turned him upside down, suffered the consequence of his actions and lived a double live, masking identities perfectly even though he's completly untrained yet he has humanity. The moment where he laments over the death of a friend's father even after he killed hundreds previously without a care in a world, backstabbed allies, gets betrayed in turn and suffered to gods know what yet he still has humanity we could relate to his love of his sister, to the bonds of friendship with the guys at the student council, the care for kallen, has actual believe in what he's fighting for, and most of all to the suffering he endured and the reason he was pushed to this extent.

There's a reason why that character is the most popular one in anime list, he's complex and from a perspective of a person in that world i could see why someone would hold undying loyalty to him like Jeremiah Gottwald, how he convinced people to follow him. I would if i lived in a world given no hope. I suppose that high standard is why i'm somewhat dissapointed with how Isaac turns out, we didn't see the journey of how he bacame his current self with nothing to relate to. If's he's that confident then there should be a reminder that eventually if he pushes the line too hard, there's bound to be something that will kill him. Someone like Lelouch with gamer systems will dominate that world, his father almost killed a god, the uncosciousness of humanity that is and since Isaac is a normal person yet he's capable of this much. I wonder how a true demon like Lelouch given this much power would do because whilst i'm certain the worlds in for a bloodbath, at least Lelouch given wisdom will be a better factor for good in the end. He does have flaws, a lot that i'll have to write a lot just to explain it but in simple terms i hope that Isaac changes his philosophy, give something to relate to or to understand why. Because if not it's going to be dissapointing.

I'm quite sure that you're perspective has changed, since you're not writing this anymore. Either the passion itself can't relate to what Isaac has become that you see continuing it difficult. I couldn't write a few paragraphs of stories before doubting myself and think shit i'm gonna screw up a lot. Would love to trade advice on writing though. Much need thanks and i'll continue to read because i'm somewhat bored.
Rinku Akui chapter 4 . 2/9
This is on some Boss Baby type shit. lol
Guest chapter 7 . 1/20
Man awesome work, It feel like I am watching movie while reading your fics.. And that was good Rick and Morty reference there
TypeVos chapter 5 . 1/21
man ...
Guest chapter 1 . 1/14
Guest chapter 1 . 1/14
Don't know if you'll see this but I wanna say that you are one of my first authors that made me love fanfic and I'm proud that you realized you've changed as a human being and can't write the same even if you tried. I believe the purpose of life is to always make yourself the best version of yourself and learn from past actions and others mistakes. I wish you the best of luck in life man wherever it may take you just know I've rooted for you since the beginning. )
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