Reviews for A Red Sky's Warning
guest chapter 7 . 9/17
How mysterious and a bit scary the encounter with that man and his "fortune telling". Things are getting so exciting!
Ohmicrofilm chapter 6 . 9/15
Really wonderful! The whole sea speaking/vision thing is very mysterious, I love it!
Dobby the Kitten chapter 6 . 9/15
I could not stop reading to review. I had to keep going. Great fic. It's great.
January Lily chapter 6 . 9/15
First of all, YES! Second of all, YES! I really love this so much. I must confess that I like your story better than the movie. Yes, it is true. I love what you're doing with Charlotte. It's so fun. I love her inner monologue. (Kinda reminds me of you. haha) Thank you for updating despite the fact that you had a migraine. I really appreciate it, Nixie! I'm really enjoying seeing Charlotte pretend to be Will's brother. A very interesting plot twist! Again, thanks! Love you!
Guest chapter 5 . 9/9
I love it! Please continue writing it! 3
Wayward Jules chapter 5 . 9/9
This chapter was marvelous Nixie! Good update.
mylovearedredrose chapter 5 . 9/8
I am sorry that I did not review every chapter. I devoured this story. I do not remember the last time I was this addicted to a story. I even made a Tumblr account to follow you. This story is a great one. Charlotte is a complelling character. She makes me wish she was canon. You are a really good writer.

Guest chapter 5 . 9/6
Please update
darkwolf76 chapter 5 . 9/4
So the journey begins. I can't help but think that Charlotte claiming to be a Turner as well is going to cause some trouble for her later, though traveling as a boy is more practical. Jack, Will, and Charlotte will be an interesting combination to be sure, especially with the secret between her and Will. Charlotte is a tougher than I gave her credit for. You've written her very well. She's complex and well rounded. Can't wait to read more!
darkwolf76 chapter 4 . 9/4
Well, that was intense. Charlotte seems to have some metal hidden under her dainty appearance. She's smart and perceptive too it seems. It was hilarious that she still thought about e!embarrassing she looked when she'd just had her second near death experience of the day. I wonder if she'll go with Jack and Will to get her sister back. She'd be a fun addition to that pair.
darkwolf76 chapter 3 . 9/4
So Charlotte has some tomboy in her too. Looks like she might learn to use a sword at some point in the story. Her fascination with swords might be foreshadowing. And speaking of foreshadowing, the vision she had was curios indeed. I don't think there is a place or character called Eos in PotC canon, so I guess it will be new content? Great job!
darkwolf76 chapter 2 . 9/4
"Elizabeth began attempting to save the pirate. Charlotte began attempting to fix her hair." Those are the two best lines in this whole chapter. They were hilarious and did a great job in demonstrating the difference in the twins' personalities. Elizabeth seems a bit more hardy and tomboyish compared her more delicate and girlish sister Charlotte. Charlotte wanting to save her sister and then shoving her aside so she became Jack's prisoner instead shows they care for each other though. Charlotte is very interesting. The chapter had great character development!
darkwolf76 chapter 1 . 9/4
Very interesting! So Elizabeth has a twin sister? Charlotte seems to be smaller and more timid than her, so I wonder how she'll do in the New World, filled with pirates.
Slow Dancing in the Snow chapter 5 . 9/2
This was fabulous, Nixie. Now I need more of this. Soon maybe? Whenver you can, but I hope soon.
January Lily chapter 5 . 9/2
I really LOVED this chapter! First, I really liked the beginning. I like how Charlotte thinks. Granted, she overthinks, but I can relate to that. Also, her vision really has me curious on how Charlotte is going to play into things more. :)

Second, I thought it was really clever how you had her disguise herself. And Charlie Turner? Love it. I vaguely remember having that conversation before I moved. Now I'm kinda sad. We can't just see each other and have random conversations about our stories anymore. :(

But I really really really liked this chapter, Nixie! It makes me really excited to see where you plan on going next and how Norrington will play into things when they inevitably meet up again. Also, can I tell you that your characterization of Jack Sparrow is spot on! I can literally see and hear him doing and saying what you make him do! :) Love you!
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