Reviews for The Nobody of Ever After High
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 121 . 10/14
Great Halloween special, had the Disney characters showed up, Donald would have been in his costume trying to scare people like in the house of mouse but fails lol

Unexpected twist for a crossover with one of your stories but like how it’s based on Ben 10/generator Rex heroes United. And also remembered when you mentioned about having someone paired up with clawdeen in the PM awhile ago and now realise what you mean as Drake’s alternate counterpart already existed in this verse which is a surprise, makes me curious what else could happen before or during the events of the third major game.

But what caught my interest is the type of heartless different than the others and how it commanded smaller and less powerful heartless so would there be more like it?

Wasn’t expecting this chapter and does leave the question, if the descendants takes place in the future and possible time travel, would we meet roxas’s future son and perhaps any siblings he has? Can imagine roxas be in for a big surprise and his girlfriends will ponder who the mother be lol
Jebest4781 chapter 121 . 10/13
this was quite the nice chapter to read here
Gamelover41592 chapter 121 . 10/13
awesome work did not expect this for Halloween very well done :)
Dragon Rider 66 chapter 121 . 10/13
Hmm, interesting bit with having a halloween version of Ben 10 and Generator Rex's Heroes United special with this and one of your other stories. Makes me wonder if you might do something similar again later on with another story later on, whether it be one of yours or one of your friends.
masters123lfm chapter 121 . 10/13
WOW YEAH! Awesome Halloween special! The heroes who never experienced world adaptation experienced first time . Drake Rogers the nerd of science teasing Roxas X Crystal I love it! The race battle was really awesome you made the made a perfect balance in the fights and you also made lots of great cameos. “ mentions” Drake teasing Roxas about Crystal was Awesome and cool . also Finally Riku had the guts to admit his feelings for Cupid and the female Narrator and Brooke were like those excited ladies of soap operas that want to the couple to stay together. It was touching the phrase

"The boy who didn't think he was worthy of love."

"Ended up falling in love with the girl who spreads love."

"Now that's a fairy tale worth reading.”

Ahhh a new bright future has opened in this. They’ve got long way since dragon games and Fiore arc. Ahhh thanks for this amazing my friend. And now that it’s done can’t wait to see the Auradon Chapter .

Hey I just realized two things.

1- When Roxas and Crystal back to EAH And meet a certain “Chef” And learn he have blue flames both will have flashbacks of shadow rider and also Crystal will meet another character that uses flames she will feel a little uneasy about him.

2- when you create another Monstatrix Chapter hope Drake make mention about his new best friends Roxas and Crystal and the adventures he had In MH E1.
someonestupED chapter 121 . 10/13
That was a fun a Halloween chapter, I like it.
Moto Akira chapter 121 . 10/13
I put the wrong Comment on the wrong chapter my bad.
jamesandrew.caballero301426 chapter 121 . 10/13
Ben 10 right
Moto Akira chapter 1 . 10/13
That was an interesting Halloween special Especially the end that was really touching RikuCupid Interesting choice.
Shadow Joestar chapter 121 . 10/13
KO awesome chapter, didn’t expect Drake from his story to make an appearance but it’s cool as he helped Monster High will an important game and drove away the bad guys and they all had a good Halloween night!
ChimaTigon chapter 121 . 10/13
Have you seen the anime Code Geass?
Nexus240 chapter 121 . 10/13
You've included the Ben 10 Franchise as well, are you crazy! What does Cartoon Network have to do with Ever After High and Square Enix games!
jamesandrew.caballero301426 chapter 104 . 10/10
I hope you made a crossover with Godzilla King Of The Monsters and this it will be awesome
jamesandrew.caballero301426 chapter 103 . 10/10
I hope you made a crossover with Godzilla King Of The Monsters and this it will be awesome
jamesandrew.caballero301426 chapter 11 . 10/9
Godzilla Story Please
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