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Guest chapter 6 . 9/8
Guest chapter 6 . 8/24
That's the whole thing! Damn.
mhcalamas chapter 5 . 8/25
Love thiiissssss: “"Don't order me around like a house elf!"
He sighs audibly. "I apologize. Please, try it again?" The fact that Draco Malfoy has apologized and used the word 'please' leads her to the conclusion that either she is the one with the hallucinations, or he really has seen a bluebell flame.”—so much hope! It’s growing with this!

I sniggered and then had a brief “awwww” moment here: “Hermione sticks her hand through the opening in the wall again, gripping the first batch of warm skin she feels under her fingers.
"Ouch! That's my ear!" Draco complains.
Embarrassed, she mumbles, "Sorry. It's just that...well, I touched you when the flame happened, and I thought-"
"It's okay," he says briskly and guides her hand where she can feel his neck join his shoulder.”

I’m crying! I remember crying in this story and this is the exact part: “The vision of Draco Malfoy peacefully gardening, with two curly haired, platinum blond children chasing a large cat through the gardens is so improbable that it makes the bubble collapse. Hermione sighs heavily and can't help a sob escaping her and some heavy tears running down her cheeks. "It's futile."
A hand reaches through the wall, caressing her cheek with a surprising amount of gentleness. "It isn't. Maybe we should simply take one step after the other. First escaping from Azkaban, then discussing baby names."
Hermione has the uncanny feeling her life will take an unexpected and absurd turn, even compared to her imprisonment.”

mhcalamas chapter 4 . 8/25
This chapter destroyed me...

First this: “The comfort another human - he brings her… it could turn into hope. A hope that is destined to implode, if she takes all variables of her current situation into consideration. But strangely, the darkness taking hold of her finds solace in having company in what could easily be her final weeks or days.”—such good writing.

And this is just beauty in the ashes: “"Malfoy? Are you alright?" An incoherent groan is her answer. "Malfoy!" she repeats with emphasis.
"No. Be quiet," he moans, pressing his palms to his ears.
"I won't." Her answer is defiant. He was there for her. And now she would be there for him.”

Gahhhhh!— “Even if this insane yelling only contains a spark of truth - the snobby boy and young man she remembers from Hogwarts has always been a facade for a highly sensible and vulnerable person.”—it’s true. It’s poignant and true!

THE QUIZZING! Ohmyheart, is forgotten about this and I love it. It hurts and it’s beautiful... “The quiz goes on, Hermione rapidly firing one question at Draco after the other. She switches topics randomly, the facts getting more and more fastidious and demanding more concentration. She listens while he responds and is aware of how his breathing slowly evens. It continues for what feels like an hours, until he hoarsely answers, "It's the Second Principle of Herbal Transfiguration. And I'm back."

Le sighhhh, the feels here: “"I only wanted to help," she whispers, stretching her hand out and placing it on his shoulder.
"I know," he sighs, and just like that, all the tension and pain and anger is lost, and a renewed feeling of hopelessness takes over the air between them.”

“"By Salazar, Hermione!" Draco's gasp made her memory dissolve.
"What?" She wants to pull away, but his grip on her hand tightens, and she feels a jolt of something vaguely magical coursing through her at this feeling. "You swot! You just made a bluebell flame appear in my cell!"
mhcalamas chapter 3 . 8/25
I love the talking. And the sneaking. And the talking.

And I ached here. I so ached here: “"Granger?" comes a concerned voice from the other side of the wall. "What happened?"
She shakes her head, not ready to answer.
"Granger, please. Tell me. We're in this together."

And I am aching all the more here... “elite, after all, and you could be a perfect addition to it." The interrogator tugs at one of her uncombed curls, just forceful enough to make it sting. A subtle reminder of their power. Hermione wants to vomit at this bastard's proximity, but her thoughts are in chaos. A pause. "Think about it, Prisoner 24...Hermione. We will come back to this in awhile."—I just hurt. Deep inside

Snifflinggggg, this hurts and I’m sniffling...”Somehow, his ire burns itself through her emotions, deepening the guilt even more.
"DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" he yells, and Hermione jumps in shock.
"Y-Yes. I understand," she admits, her voice breaking. It's all too much. She has not only disappointed her friends, herself, her magic - now she has disappointed the only human being that has her back at the moment. "Sorry," she apologizes, albeit so quiet she is not sure he can hear.”

Such brilliant writing here: “She is shocked at his warm touch, but it makes her feel...human again, pulled back from the edge just barely, just for the moment. She sobs, this time in relief, and leans her wet cheek against his skin.
The feeling of his hand makes him so much more real.”

And this ending— “But for now, he is her anchor in her personal sea of monsters.”—hope in the midst of hell...BRAVA!
mhcalamas chapter 2 . 8/25
The dark hopelessness in this chapter, it’s so perfectly written. I’m caught up in all the feels here. And I especially loved a couple of parts:

“I've seen your blood - it does the same as mine, carrying oxygen and magic." She shivers at the honesty in his words. Better late than never, right? Or was it only what her fragmented brain wanted to hear?”—this was so beautiful and poignant and devastating...

And this, “"You hair must look even more a mess than usual, Granger." The world would keep turning if the ferret makes remarks about her head, right?”—there’s something light and bonding in this...he’s making humor and light, and in doing so, he is sharing this with her...because they’re in this together now. Love
mhcalamas chapter 1 . 8/25
First off, I so apologize! I meant to do this two weeks ago now, I think. And for that, I’m truly sorry...but let’s crack on with a comment then :)

This entire first chapter captured me from the beginning. I was spellbound. The details were vivid, horrifying, and i ached for our heroine.

I especially loved this: “But Prisoner 24 is set on not being broken. She is aware of her situation: hopeless.” —so set and determined and focused.

HOPEFULLY INDEED! “As she's exploring the wall, her right hand meets a loose brick. Should she really be so lucky? Or is it another prank her mind plays her before she descends to insanity? Either way, she hears sounds from the other side - the next cell, presumably. Hopefully.”—and I’m caught up in the feels that I had the first time around reading this... gah!

Ommgggg, cliffhanger, and I love it! “"Granger? Salazar, help me!"
Is she allowed to feel something akin happiness? No matter, she does.
"Draco Malfoy, is it really you?"

Excellent start and let’s see how far I can get before starting supper...
Lumos2288 chapter 1 . 7/9
soooooooo good. seriously.
OverlyInvestedFangirl chapter 1 . 6/24
What an interesting start, the description resets the scene well, I can visualise what Hermione is seeing and can get a sense of her feelings. Of course now the fun starts as she is aware of her neighbour, great start
otterlyardent chapter 2 . 6/22
Oh, they are precious.
otterlyardent chapter 1 . 6/22
Ooh. I am intrigued. I like this already. Even if I'm terrified of liking it. Call me the fluffmonster, because angst makes my heart quake in fear but I'm already pulled in by these two. Heaven help me.
Gaeleria chapter 6 . 6/4
I love this so much!
malugargula chapter 6 . 6/3
Loved how they got bonded
Raverin Prefect chapter 6 . 6/2
I totally recognized the vows from ‘Outlander’. Thank you for sharing this super sweet story. Did I see a sequel listed amongst your works? Yay!
Raverin Prefect chapter 5 . 6/2
So sweet!
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