Reviews for Death is Easy and Other Short Stories
Prisma19 chapter 7 . 10/29/2021
I do not blame Crystal at all for thinking they the Batfamily had meta powers. I would never think they were but I can definitely see how other people would think this.

I can see how amazed and shocked Crystal was as Stephanie and the Batfamily where showing her around the cave, how their suits work and all of the things about them and how to fix them.

I love you mentioned how Crystal had learned al lot of things as she works and loves with the Batfanily and has learned to spot changes that are not easy to see.

This description of Wally is so funny and so true!

“A skinny, beanpole man in a red suit with a yellow lightning bolt”

It’s such a normal thing for Alfred and the Batfamily to have to be constantly telling the Flashes to give them a we hang before rushing into the cave unless it’s an emergency.

Flash being so out of when he made it to the Bat Cave was so funny and I enjoyed reading and imagine it.

I love they have a medical kit called the Justice League Box! I have never though of them having a medical kits for the heroes before! I am surprised this hasn’t been shown in the comcis before because Batman would definitely have this in the Bat Cave. I have to say this is canon now and I will always think about how the Bat Cave has med kits specifically equipped for each hero now.

I love you mentioned that the other heroes go to the cave for medical treatment and that they bring the Batfamily when they need medical treatment, especially when they think they almost died or about to to make sure Batman knows. One my favorite things is the other heroes getting medical treatment in the cave and then bringing the Batfamily to the cave when they are hurt because they know they lie just like Bruce and they don’t always have a Super with them that X Ray Vision them.

I love that Tim’s friends call him

"Master of the Bats”

He really is!

I love that Spoiler and Batgirl are going to be part-time Titans members!

I really love how loyal Tim team mates are to them and that they just him and so loyal to him they they will even not only disobey the older adult heroes, they will also disobey Dick’s generation who they highly respect and admire as well.

I love that Crystal is now able to read Bruce and the Batfamily and is able to understand them now and will get better and better at this as time goes on. They are not easy to read or understand.

Tim’s team asking if they were called to the cave because they are in trouble for something shows how much trouble they are always causing and getting themselves into and I love it so much because that’s what kids should be doing and it shows how much fun they have together.

The Titans really are a symbol of hope for the upcoming generation and are the role models Tim’s generation looks up for when they become young adults.

It’s nice Crystal is getting to know all of the other heroes now and is going to learn about them so she can treat them when they get injured.

I love that after Bart asked if there as an Agent B the rest of them just went along with the joke. There really is an Agent B though and it’s Barbra! I add to add this in because now that their is an Agent A and C there has to be a Agent B and that’s Babs code name when she out in the field undercover.

I really love these realizations Crystal came to after she met Tim’s team.

“She was amazed by what they could do physically, but they were just kids, who were as ready to believe the mythos of Batman as his partners were to spread it.”

I love that you decided the artificial gravity is based on Martian technology from Martian Manhunter.

I don’t know if you have read any comcis before that have the Batfamily and the Green Lanterns them, but in case you haven’t I had to tell you that despite what you read in fanfics and see the fans post, Bruce and the Batfamily do get along with, like, and respect and the Green Lanterns and do keep them in the loop. Yea they get on each other’s nerves but they don’t dislike each other and they do get along. The Green Lantern that gets on Batman’s and the Batamily’s nerves the most is Guy Gardner (in case you didn’t know) but even though he does they still respect him and admire his hard work he does as a hero.

I really enjoyed reading about Crystal meeting the other heroes, the heroes explaining the other heroes personalities and dynamics and their interactions and conversations together and how in awe of them all she was. It was fun to imagine how surprised Crystal was when she knew who Superman and Green Arrow are what she was thinking once she knew this.

I also really enjoyed the conversation they had about Clark and his news stories,how Dick and Jason laugh about them, and that Dick told Perry how much he loved Mr. Kent's articles about Superman so he would assign Clark to write more articles about Superman.
Dick was so devious as a kid and still is today and the Batfamily and the heros all think it’s so funny Clark writes about himself.

I had to tell you that you should mention at the end of this fic that the Artemis Wally is dating is the Artemis from the Young Justice cartoon and that Thea and Felicity and Smoke Industries are from the Arrow tv show. Some of your readers might not have seen these shows before and will be confused as they read about this characters and things you mention that are from these shows.

I love that Tim and Barbara had designed a domino mask for Crystal to wear when she with people she mistrusts or doesn’t trust yet.

I really love Crystal thoughts and realizations she was thinking about and came to when she was taking to Jason and met his team, that she was able to finally understand them, realized that even though they are all so broken they have made each other stronger, are healing, and helping each other heal.

I really love these descriptions for all of them and the words you used to describe the people they fight for who are a lot like them. This is all so true!

“Roy, so ready to fight for those who were victimized by their own minds, Kori, so ready to stand with the weakest, lowest caste, Donna, so ready to step forward and call to mind the forgotten. Jason, so ready to help those with severe trauma.”

“The Bird who was broken and lost, was back to save others. The archer who had shot something other than a bow wanted to teach others to choose something else. The princess sold into slavery believed worth was not measured by rank, gender, or ability. The warrior thrown out of history refused to forget those heroes who could not continue.”

I really love how Crystal connected with and saw herself in Jason and in each member of her team and thought about how she has changed since as person.

I really love these words! They perfectly summarize Crystal’s life and journey to where she is now. I love how happy Crystal is now living with her daughter and the Batfamily and how happy and honored she is to be working with the heroes and being the one to them and tend to their injuries.

“The Nurse who had run to the haze of alcohol to hide from the horrors of the Emergency room, who could now stand behind the heroes, ready to heal them and return them to their war”

It’s so nice how all of the heroes, their families, and allies all work together, take care of each other, and love and see each other as one family. A really really big family.

I look forward to reading the next chapter and I hope you have plans to write more chapters. I have been enjoying this AU and I love it so much!
Prisma19 chapter 6 . 10/29/2021
Bruce and Dick arguing is a whole event to hear and witness and it gets on everyone nerves and makes them all angry. It’s especially intense when Bruce and Jay argue, but any argument with Bruce is for sure going to be intense.

I love that the Batfamily and the Justice League now have Dettectices they can trust and rely on and that Tim is one of the ones in charge of approving of them. I also love that Tim’s intuition skills inspired Detective Harper and she improved her own by learning from Tim.

I can see from Dick’s side how angry he is that Bruce won’t dismiss
Detective Rohrbach as a suspect since he knows her so well and trusts her I can see from Bruce’s side how she could be a suspect and needs to be looked at since people can be amazing at deceiving who they really are and Bruce has experienced this many times before.

I can definitely see how Bruce wants to make sure the Detective is not involved since Bruce is thinking of this logically and impartially whereas Dick is just thinking with emotions. It’s how they both are and I love how different Bruce and Dick are and how they balance each other out in what they are weak in and lack.

I love all of the information on what has gone on and what is going between the Arrowfamily and Roy and how they all act.

I agree with Jason that when disagreements happen between Bruce and Dick I also go with whoever is right or agree with Tim. Same when any of them and the other heroes disagree with each other. I also see things that are right and wrong on both sides and make my own decisions and come to my own conclusions based on that.

Tim is one of the only few people in Bruce’s and Dick’s life that can and can get away with telling them when they are both acting like idiots. I am also saying that Jason is the only other person who can and is the only person who can tell it to Bruce straight and get him to see reason.

I love these words so much! It’s so true that Batman finding someone to be the next Robin involves him finding and sorting through “Shopping for” orphans or kids who have bad families.

“I figured that B-Man went Robin shopping."

I love that you called Kid Flash’s shit a yellow onesie!

It’s always a given that if any member of the Batfsmily is on a team or is the leader of the team they will always automatically be in charge of assessing and training the other heroes because they are the best at fighting and know so much more about fighting and other things to consider when your fighting.

I really love that all of the heroes talk to each other about each other until every hero knows about the gossip and what’s going on.

Dang a three hour argument is so long and not surprising for the Batfamily. I love that they only stopped after Barbra blasted Tim’s conversation with Amy.

I love that Tim got his team to think about and got them to see how sometimes they need to and it’s ok for them to tell their mentors when they miss something, to tell them when they think are wrong and to voice their opinions and disagreements to them and that they need to do all of this.

Superboy ranting about Beast Boy shedding not being cleaned up is so funny and it’s so funny. Poor Conner because Beast Boy mostly does it in his areas.

I love it that the heroes believe and now know the third Robin tells Batman and Nightwing what to do and that they all highly respect him now and the Batfamily and Bruce are proud of this.
Prisma19 chapter 5 . 10/28/2021
I love your version on how Cass’s first year with the Batfamily went and what happens to her when she was given the ability to speak and had a hard time reading their body language and how she felt through all of this.

I really love the first word to make sense was “brother” and that not long after Oracle passed Batgirl to Cass is when she began to talk.

I really love that Tim and the others did their best show Cass their emotions and what they wanted to tell her by using their body language. I also love how happy and special Cass’ time with Tim was and still is to her.

I also love the stories on how Cass came to understand what the words brother, brave, fear, kind, and safety/safe mean and what they mean to her. I love that Cass understands what words mean through actions and experiences and understands what words mean through the actions and personalities of the Batfamily.

I really love these words and imagining this moment when Bruce and Cass hugged!

“Here, in her real Father's arms, nothing could hurt her. The Bat would spread his wings to cover her, the man would not shoot her or beat her to teach her. The father would not let her sire have her back.
"You are safe here, Cass," "I promise you are safe here and you will be all right."

I will never get bored of reading and seeing the Batfamily comforting each other!
Prisma19 chapter 4 . 10/27/2021
I liked the information about what was going between the Young Justice Team and the Titans team as they decided to work together.

It makes me so happy Tim plays video games with and chats with some boys from his school. Tim checking In Jason’s room for traps is a good way to now be bored and I love this idea that they all check into each other’s rooms when they are not home or are bored. The problem is, they could get trapped and not have a way to call for help which is scary and funny at the same time.

I love that Tim would go out by himself when he first came to the manor but it’s so sad he didn’t think he had to tell anyone because that’s what he always did when his parents and housekeeper where not home. I am now picturing Bruce yelling at him about how dangerous this is because he his ride could be some crazy driver or be a man in disguise who wants to kill him. This is Gotham city after that’s filled with criminals and bad people everywhere you look.

It’s nice Tim eventually learned that he had to tell someone and that they made wear a tracker. I have a canon now that after this Bruce made everyone wear a tracker at all times.

I love that Bruce plays Solitaire to avoids paper work and that the staff know it! It’s also funny because Bruce can pretend to play Solitaire as he works on Batman things.

I love that Tim went to visit Bruce when he felt bored and lonely and how happy Bruce was to see him and how happy Tim was when Bruce was happy to see him and that Tim was so excited and happy when Bruce gave him stuff to do and how happy they both were as they worked together. I also really love that Dick and Jay did the same thing and that now Tim gets to sit and lay on that same special couch they did.

I love that Tim asked his friends for information and feed back as he was working and to help make his decisions.

I really love that Bruce and Tim developed a new and improved type of Kevlar that’s called Bat Kevlar. It’s so nice the family designs and builds things for their superheroing and costumes. Alfred appreciates it the most and it helps him to worry less each night they go out.

I love that Bruce has as an alias he used to go to college as a teenager and that he uses it to visit the R&D division and that Lucius knows about it. I also love that Tim helping out and working with the R&D division gives Bruce and excuse to come by more often and that he can use his alias less and come visit as himself and how happy and proud of Tim Bruce is and that he doesn’t have to his his intelligence.

Tim being a successful investor at age 15 and being a good businessman with just learning about investing and how the business world and WE works is impressive. Tim is a genius and comes up with the most amazing ideas and inventions. I love how supportive and proud of him everyone is and how Tim feels like he is sort of the family and how happy he is to be doing something special Bruce that is apart of Bruce’s life and how he feels useful as not only Robin but as Tim too.
Prisma19 chapter 3 . 10/27/2021
I knew Talia as going to have to disown Damian, but I was not expecting her to send him video saying it.

As sad as everyone was during Thanksgiving week and on Thanksgiving it’s nice that they all still celebrated and ate a nice day and that they all were able to stay home and spend time together.

It makes me happy to know that they were all happier during Christmas week and on Christmas and that is snowed. Thanks to the snow Batman couldn’t patrol and had to come home.

As I was reading all of the fun they were having and all of the things they did I could clearly picture and hear how much fun they were all having. All of them plaything hide-seek with their skills and training is going to be wild and intense and I love that Bruce joined them!

I love their tradition they have that they sneak presents into the Family Nest Room every Christmas Eve, that they turn into a game and that they had a tree they decorated in there with snacks, and that Bruce was the last one to appear with his presents and that Tim set an alarm which Bruce found and disabled.

Christmas with the Wayne family sounds and looks like it’s so much fun! It reminds me of how it is when I have Christmas with my family because their are 8 people in my family and it gets crazy and loud, especially when we open presents.

It’s so sweet Bruce got Damian and Steph a kitten! I really love the descriptions on Damian’s and the cat’s interactions. They are so adorable and cute and make me feel so happy! It’s so cute Stephanie's kitten ran up onto her shoulder!

I love your version on how Damian got Alfred the cat! I have always loved that Damian named his cat Alfred in the comcis. I love how honored and happy Alfred is that Damian naked his cat after him and how everyone thinks it’s so cute and adorable he did even though his cat is a girl.

The image of Damian lifting up the kitten to check its gender is adorable! I love Steph named her kitten Patches! Patches is one of my favorites names for animals! I also love the personalities of the kittens!

I love the possibility that Bruce is going to let them a dog now, now that Dick has mentioned it. We all know Bruce is going to say yes! Yes! Soon the cave will now not only have cats roaming around but a dog too! They all need a dog! He will be so useful for them when they go on missions and will be great at finding evidence and people!
Prisma19 chapter 2 . 10/21/2021
Tim thinking Jaosn moving out because he is taking up everyone else time is so sad! I am so happy Jaosn can get through to him and get him to the truth and see what he thinks at times is a lie.

I never realized before how alike Jason and Tim where when they both first came to live with Bruce and how they had a hard time believing them living with Bruce and Alfred is real and that they are never kicking them out. I am going to be thinking about this now whenever I see Tim and Jason together.

I love that Tim loves to have his hair longer! I always love that in the comcis Tim had his hair a little longer than the rest of them! It’s my canon that he still does!

I love that Bruce have each of them a share of the company! I am surprised Jason was surprised by this! He should know it’s already a given that once your adopted by Bruce he is going to make sure your set for life!

I also love that when Jason died Bruce donated to and still does donate to the inner-city youth centers, which is something Jason would have wanted him to do.

I am so happy Jason has a place of his own now and that the others are going to be visiting Jason to get away from Bruce/Batman. The man can really unbearable at times.

It is really nice that they are all spread across Gotham and that they are still nearby each other and also far away from each other at the same time but too far away so they can have their own space and have their own life too.

I love that Jason bought and owns the new apartment complex he is living at and made a branch of WE called JTW Enterprises.

Dick’s and Cass’s prank they did to each other was fun to read! It’s so cool Dick invented nail polish that changed colors when you wash your hands! I also hate mustard yellow just as much as Cass does and I refuse to buy anything that has a lot of mustard yellow on it!

I love that they keep score of who wins the prank wars and have a point system! Bruce being in the lead surprised me and it’s nice to know the man is learning and is cable off having fun and being childish!

I love how happy Jason in his new apartment and how happy he is to be with the family and knowing he can always come home to his family at the manor.
Prisma19 chapter 1 . 10/17/2021
I like that not all of the drugs the drug dealers were sending were deadly.

I like the stories of the man and the people who where involved in the car accidents and the ones that lived and died, and the story about t about the friends who took the drugs and forced their friend too. The saddest one is the ones about the friends and it made me as mad as Jason when I found out the one friend who filing didn’t die.

I love what you came up with as to how the Pit water works and is triggered. It also makes the most logical sense. I feel bad for Jason they thought Jason’s behavior was because of the Pit water and he had to convince it was all him. It hurts Jason so much every time they ask him this and doubt he is telling the truth.

I understand both sides of why and why they shouldn’t kill, but I have to agree with Jason, the really bad people who are like the Joker and the ones who will never change and hurt people just to hurt them need to die. To me it seemed like Jason was also subtly talking about terrorists and they fell into the group of bad guys that need to be killed and I agree.

Jason saying that If someone had killed Joe Chill instead of letting him free from jail then Bruce’s parents would still be alive was so hard for Bruce to hear, especially since Bruce knows it’s true and he is so tempted to kill the bad guys but, he restrains himself because he knows what would happen if he did and that he would never stop.

I love how surprised Bruce was when Tim told him it only took him 6 months to hack into Bruce’s encrypted files.

I also love Bruce’s story about the time he was training in Tibet and that he was pretending to be a tourist to see if the same things drew muggers all over the world and because he accidentally killed a man in self-defense that day that’s also why he doesn’t kill.

These words Bruce said were so dark and deep! If Batman did kill someone I believe he would think he has to stop being Batman, but he would only take a break from it and then continue being Batman because he knows Gotham would become way worse without Batman.

"I believe there is a time to kill, but if I ever have to make that choice again, there has to be no other option. I think I would have to lay down the cowl if I did."

You did wonderful job writing both sides as to why they should and shouldn’t kill and you did a wonderful job writing them through Jason’s and Bruce’s point of view and gave accurate predictions as to what would happen if Batman did kill. I really enjoyed reading Bruce’s and Jason’s conversation on this topic!
RenesmeVivio chapter 7 . 5/27/2021
Blaze Zion chapter 1 . 4/20/2021
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
BrokenKestral chapter 5 . 10/20/2018
I loved this; I loved how you saw the way Cass viewed words. Thanks for writing it. I hope your illness lightens.
Loftcat27 chapter 5 . 10/10/2018
Amazing stories! Great emotion.
zombie-hunt chapter 3 . 7/12/2018
Question. Will you introduce Ace the Bat dog?
JarOfIdeas chapter 1 . 5/30/2018
I still wanna argue with Bruce haha butnice first chapter! I'll be reading more~
APercival chapter 2 . 4/7/2018
Another Great story. A little bit more 'touchy feely' than usuall, but still an excellent read.

Its always great to have a new story from you.

APercival chapter 1 . 3/28/2018
A very thoughtful explanation for The Batman's "No Kill" rule. I can see him, as a young man, training and learning, getting into a situation where it was kill or be killed and regretting it.

As usual, your story telling is excellent. Maybe you should try writing a Batman novel for publication? No Joke.

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