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AxelsFire96 chapter 24 . 7/10
Wow that was an amazing ride. Very well wrote, congrats on that. I was hooked all the way through! Now I'm curious how some of the others, like captain America, would react under the same condition...
Calyptra chapter 24 . 5/17
That was such a great story! Enjoyed every bit of it. Sad to see it end. It was a lovely end, kind of coming full circle with the drink.
Yet I wish I could read more about their future now that they are actually friends.
Thanks for sharing!
xxDustNight88 chapter 24 . 5/6
I've been so busy that I've just now been able to read this last chapter. I'm so happy to see things ended well and I'm just thankful that you write this pairing again. Poetic Justice was the first FrostIron I ever read and I thank you for keeping me aboard this ship even now. Thank you for the lovely tale! I hope you write more in the future!
lordvaatithewindmage chapter 24 . 4/2
Aw! Great story! And it has such a nice ending!
nook chapter 24 . 3/21
I got really excited when I realised that this story is from the author of Poetic Justice, so thank u so much for writing another piece, because I really enjoyed all your previous stories! And I certainly enjoyed this one a lot!
TheKeeperoftheMeow chapter 24 . 3/18
This was really good, I loved it. Sorry for not reviewing every chapter, was being a jerk and not letting me read this.
Bluwcottoncandy chapter 24 . 3/14
Awwww, I loved that so much! It was so cute :D! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
schneewoelfin chapter 24 . 3/14
Nooo, it ended... what should I be looking forward to now? Haha, anyway, it was a great story and I thank you so much for writing and sharing it. I liked the way it ended and I hoped Loki would be truely free at the end of the story so I got what I was hoping for. And I was a bit afraid they could part ways at the end (Yeah, spoils of war gave me trust issues. And since now I'm hooked again, I'm going to reread your stories, I guess. Thank you, again, for all of them!
moira hawthorne chapter 24 . 3/14
aaaaaawwwwwww... I will miss these two...
it was a good story...
maybe a sequel...?
Guest chapter 24 . 3/14
Nice one.
Jeff's Icy Dragon of Minecraft chapter 24 . 3/14
NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I can't believe it's over! T_T anyways, this was a great story and I loved every minute of reading it! Thank you for making such good stories like this one and "Poetic Justice"! I hope my stories will be as good as yours someday!
MarieJR chapter 23 . 3/13
Nice ! They survived ! Wouldnt thnil that it was possible, but yeah Loki found back bus mumbo jumbo, Stark owns him and everything, sure the next chapter gonna be great
Guest chapter 23 . 3/12
Well they are going to have a lot to talk about when they get back. Loki might also need to heal from tearing off the seal like that. (I don't imagine brute force tearing it was healthy, necessary, but not healthy.)
Guest chapter 23 . 3/11
loved the drama and force behind this chapter (and glad that someone has his powers)
~Aslan's Daughter
moira hawthorne chapter 23 . 3/11
AND Loki pulls their bacon out of the fire! sorry I didnt continue with the water metaphors...
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