Reviews for A Godfather's Promise
Jojo2424 chapter 1 . 11/14
evymel chapter 13 . 11/13
Ah good, harry did think he went too far, that’s some Good character development, him saying sorry, and Luna being fine with and then fine. Good!
evymel chapter 12 . 11/13
Damn a bit extreme for Luna first time, she would probably take it like a champ, I wonder if harry would go softer after that, dominating then giving the carrot so to speak, two senses disabled is tough, time starts playing games with your head, if Luna trust in harry is not ironclad and doubts exist it would not make things enjoyable for her
Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus chapter 27 . 11/13
Nice to see this up and running once more and damn… Daphne has some real issues and it is only a matter of time before she blows up.
evymel chapter 11 . 11/12
And now we wait for Rita to do her magic and chaos? Let it start! Did she hear Daphne and Susan?did she followed Fleur and harry to their room perhaps? Although that might fail due to Sirius using an obscure ward from his family library to defend against animegus because they prepare to a sneaky rat, it, would work on a beetle quite funny really
evymel chapter 10 . 11/12
Go Luna, be attracted to both harry and Fleur, what a delight
orthankg1 chapter 26 . 11/12
Very nice.
evymel chapter 8 . 11/11
Luna is indeed gold
evymel chapter 5 . 11/9
I somewhat don’t get it, I get that the potters are close to muggles, but it was purged from history books of muggles right? Every war in Britain until the state of secrecy was enacted, the royal family had the helm? The potters should have been dukes or something before giving their titles, because of their influence, the royal family know of them, and any damn war before 1600 in muggle history is not totally fabricated, but parts of the history was censored, wizards involvement, armies held wizards to counter enemy wizards, archers would target wizards, maybe there was a flying unit composed of squibs flying hippogriffs, did the potters fought with swords and bows like idiots even then? Or did they have siege spells and war magics to defeat opposing wizards on the field of battle to use against an army? What about goblin wars? They didn’t only fought against wizards, before the statute of secrecy I bet they raided and fought for territory against muggles, a lot easier slaughtering them after all, there were rebellions and dozen wars I would guess, potters fought them also with magic I guess
evymel chapter 3 . 11/8
If dumbledore says harry is as talented as he was or even more it’s logical he doesn’t have a social life, dumbledore did things that were ‘impossible’ while he did his newts, the examiners with long history and knowledge were owed, of course hermione or Ron and everyone else would be jealous, also, dumbledore social life was non existent until he found someone interesting to talk with, Gellert, until then he enjoyed playing with impossible magic
Dicordum chapter 15 . 11/8
…oh dear, it appears i have a foot fetish now, thats uh, new
evymel chapter 2 . 11/7
Well you made the potters the most ancient family here so dumbledore would have to train harry to actually get his attention here
Dicordum chapter 10 . 11/7
Ahhhhhhh the fluff, im gonna cry, its so sweet
Dicordum chapter 1 . 11/7
I havent read this book at all yet, not even the prologue, but im going to purely because im a power bottom, heavily into BDSM, and your latest update happened to be on my birthday
ecoBlade chapter 27 . 11/6
Nice part with Hermione.
Very good altogether
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