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Guest chapter 41 . 10/23
Next chapter - pretty please
Sunshine chapter 41 . 10/18
Please continue :)
Guest chapter 41 . 10/13
Please hurry back, best story on this sight and I’m not a patient person.
nmathaha chapter 41 . 10/6
I just found this story and I'm very much in love with it. Thank you for writing it. Hope you update soon
Guest chapter 41 . 10/3
RedAwesomely chapter 41 . 9/28
maura could be reading too much into the tommy situation he could really be going to aa and yes tommy needs to stay away from frank senior its toxic and jane and maura so cute
Bovary chapter 41 . 9/27
Jane is so complex sometimes I’m sure at the end she will make things right with Maura and tell anyone about their love . Love your writing , thanks for sharing
hope chapter 41 . 9/26
Can I just say that I find it absolutely hilarious that anytime Maura brings up something with Tommy Jane immediately remembers the kiss he planted on her lol. It’s even more funny to know Frankie also made a move on her & I actually don’t remember if Jane ever found out about it or not. She definitely knew about them holding that box together & that Frankie had a thing for her, but idk if Maura ever told her about the youngest Rizzoli kissing her.

But onto something I appreciate a lot about your writing is your ability to write everyone in character while also developing them in a believable way. It’s fantastic to read both the personal & professional dynamics with everyone & I can’t thank you enough for this gem of a story. Definitely the best in the universe— by far.

Jane’s “have a good day” had me dying! It’s sweet, albeit a little awkward to make it a point to say something to her lady. I notice they haven't used the term girlfriend & I'm assuming it's because they're still "in the closet" as it were. Her conversation with Korsak in the car, aw it was cute. Since he’s the only person to figure out what’s going on with Jane & Maura, it’s nice to see the former opening up even at all with her co-worker about the relationship. She’s worried the captain will see a conflict of interest with them working together & tbh I think that would crush Jane. She needs Maura at work to deal with her pushy behavior towards the forensic team lol.

Frankie asked Jane to be his best man! Excuse me while I tear up at the sweetness. (Side note: I wonder if Angela will have something to say about her daughter & Nina wearing suits at the Rizzoli wedding.) I just flat out enjoyed the sibling moment where they talk about life & family.

Jane is so used to Maura in every facet of her life that she feels lonely if they go too long without speaking. Maura inviting her best friend to stay over means she’s just as smitten as the brunette. I LOVE it! 3 & you know I always enjoy reading about cute little George, everyone’s favorite tortoise.

Tbh, I’ve always wondered what Angela thinks of her grown daughter spending multiple nights a week over at her friend’s house instead of her own place. (Also sometimes wonder why Maura & Jane don’t just stay at the detective’s place too) If only she knew her daughter didn’t ever want to be without Maura— the feels!

I won’t lie, it kinda bums me out that Jane & Maura won’t be each other’s dates to Frankie’s wedding. If only Jane felt comfortable telling her mother, though I completely understand the apprehension to tell her Catholic & conservative mother about her lesbian relationship. I did find it super adorable that Jane told Maura she could tell her adoptive mother about them. Jane has Korsak to lean on & talk to, it’s only fair Maura could have somebody to do the same!

I love this so much & whenever the next update is, I know I’ll love that too! 3
hope chapter 40 . 9/26
It’s important to sing this part, “Reunited & it feels so good!” lol.

I hadn’t checked this in a while until low & behold I caught a Rizzoli & Isles episode on tv! Then I immediately saw that not had I missed one, but two updates of this fantastic story! Then of course I had to re-read the whole thing & I can’t tell you how extremely glad I am to see you still writing for our favorite ladies— giving them the story they both were robbed of in the show. I adore your writing & I’ve missed it so much. 3

Maura coming home to Jane & Angela in her kitchen was & then her & Jane having to tamper their welcome home greeting— so many feels! I can’t even. Angela telling Jane that her & the M.E discussed that she’d ask Jane about her trip just reminds me that their dynamic is so solid. It’ll be interesting to see how that shifts once Angela finds out about the new aspect of Jane & Maura’s relationship.

My favorite part of this was when it was just our favorites ladies in the wee hours of the morning. Cuddling on the couch, basking in the reality of being in the others arms. The date Jane has in her mind of going back to that seafood place is just too adorable! It’s honestly something Maura would love too, all the little house boat shop things, she’d love that stuff. Too bad she wasn’t awake to hear about it lol. Glad Jane had the courage to ask again later. & The sexual tension omg! You’re killing me with it’s slowest of burns lol. Seriously though, the intimacy & chemistry between these two is definitely palpable. Idk what they’re waiting for at this point because not only are they both so obviously into it, but they’ve already said “I love you” & Jane sleeps over several nights a week it seems which I find adorable personally. I thought for sure this would be the chapter where they took that step, but I loved that they took some steps towards it (I.e. their bare chests the next morning). Let the intimacy grow & grow & grow! I’m here for it. :D

I think for the first time both women feel confident in the relationship they’ve been building. Maura’s disdain for Davies not withstanding. Also is Jane’s not so subtle anger at uniformed officers hitting on her woman. I had a good laugh at that because really she’s been like that with Maura for years, just wouldn’t admit it. But in this chapter it seems like they were more… sure isn’t the right word but it’s the closest I can come up with. Cannot wait for their date Saturday. Just stoked. :D
Guest chapter 41 . 9/26
I luv this story soooo much :) excite for more
Don quichotte chapter 41 . 9/26
That is all kinds of awesome, sweet, intense and fluffy, love it ;-)
Quenn J chapter 41 . 9/20
Sooo enjoy this story very much. Look forward to ur next update once...cheers
Rainbow chapter 41 . 9/19
Awesome x:)
dragonflydreamz4 chapter 41 . 9/16
Brilliant as usualAnd as usual I’m always hungry for more. Thank you for the update!
afret2010 chapter 41 . 9/16
First of all, this made me chuckle: “ She couldn't be more content in that moment if she had an equal number of protons and electron.” Oh my God Maura is such a nerd!

Second, Yes it makes sense, I take so long between updates I have to read what I’ve written before or I make glaring errors in continuity!
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