Reviews for My Little Pony: The Age Of The Dinosaurs
SuperSaiyanDiclonius chapter 22 . 10/14
Just finished what you've written so far and I can't wait for more, any chance we can have another chapter revolving around the raptor squad?
Guest chapter 22 . 9/29
Could you also have other prehistoric animals in this story, like mammoths, smilodon, terror birds, dodos, and other one?
Indomiraptor chapter 22 . 9/23
Okay, honestly you could have done better on this chapter.
Gomez Addams of Addams Family chapter 21 . 9/9
Good thing the Mother Tyrannosaurus came to the rescue or else Furry Heart would be dead.
Velocirstar 239 chapter 20 . 9/8
For Carlisle Cullen of starybrooke
Don't worry, if it's anything like jurassic fight club episode t-rex killer, momma T will kick nano -Ts butt for she has what every animal mother has, *mess with my baby your messing with hell!*
Calvin chapter 20 . 9/8
If there is one thing many creatures have learned in the law of nature, it’s to never harm or even kill their offspring unless you’re signing a death warranty.
Guest chapter 20 . 9/8
Poor baby. Next chapter all breaks loose! Not good
Gomez Addams of Addams Family chapter 20 . 9/8
Yikes, Not Flurry Heart she has to live I hope Tyrannosaurus Rex wins the fight against Nanotyrannus.
Guest chapter 19 . 8/21
Please add the V-Rex from King Kong (2005)
Guest chapter 17 . 8/16
I see that you added the Brontosaurus from King Kong (2005)
Guest chapter 19 . 8/15
Please add the creatures from Skull Island (2005), especially the V-Rex.
Guest chapter 19 . 8/15
Please add the dinosaurs and other creatures from King Kong (2005)
Dinosaur Imperial Soldier chapter 3 . 8/15
Polar Allosaur from Walking with Dinosaur’s real name is Australovenator. The other raptors were Charlie, Delta were middle, and Echo the youngest from Jurassic World.
gemm1mt chapter 18 . 8/14
Awesome man. Please continue.
Nighlocktheawesome00 chapter 8 . 8/13
The Gorgosaurus from Walking With Dinosaurs?
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