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Funkyshnelpu jr chapter 24 . 41m
Over and out isn't a thing. It's either "over" or "out", not both. "Out" is used to signify that you have nothing left to say, whereas "over" is used to let others know that you have more to say.
Funkyshnelpu jr chapter 18 . 52m
No. That's not how promotions work. There's no "Emergency Promotion to Commander". Especially because some shitbag doesn't want to lead. Enlisted can't become officers unless they go through OCS or become a Warrant Officer and then move to regular officer as a captain.
Guest chapter 79 . 10h
Yes! Please kill Adam.
hotrod900 chapter 79 . 10h
Wow... well, rip Jacques. Though it could have been interesting to have him in the custody of the UNSC, especially since the only time we've seen of what he thinks of the UNSC was just before he went into hiding, I'm not all that bothered by it. It is unfortunate how quite a few marines have died at this point though, yeah they are training more from Remnant but they only have a handful of actual marines at this point, probably best for them to be a bit more careful with them from now on. One thing liked about these two chapters is how we at least got a little more from Yu and Nathan, as they haven't seem to have shown up much at all in the previous chapters. Especially with Ilia's whole redemption arc, I kinda figured that they could have helped a bit too, as they are easily some of the more social people there.

Anyways, with that out of the way, I've actually had a theory that I have been thinking about for a while now, and it could make everything make a whole lot more sense. Now, this is pretty much just me coming up with ideas, and by no means do you have to use it in any way, but I just think that it's pretty interesting.

Ok, so basically the main concept behind this is that rather than them actually being in different dimensions, they are still in their own dimension. Mainly this idea came from chapter 64, where the NCO's were starting to doubt if they really traveled through dimensions. Literally the only piece of evidence that physics is different on Remnant is the "physics defying moon", which as discussed, could be explained by the fact that there is gravity dust on the moon, and that while dust may not work out of atmosphere on Remnant there is nothing to suggest that it wouldn't work on the moon.

So here comes the interesting parts. The first being that there are Forerunner artifacts on Remnant. This could explain why objects seem to constantly arrive there out of slip-space, as Nathan also called out on before. Basically the reason why the ships would arrive at Remnant could be because the artifacts attract anything through slip-space that is using a specific form of slip-space jump, such as the experimental slip-space drives or a slip-space bomb. Not only this, but this could also explain why Remnant somehow has access to hard-light technology without dust, albeit hopefully nowhere near as advanced. Especially when pretty much everything else is inferior to the UNSC.
Speaking of which, on a side note, I also feel like stuff such as their energy shields should still just be powered by dust, and also while they do have (weak) shields on their ships I seriously doubt they would have any personal shields, which I found kind of weird when people didn't really seem surprised at Ben's shields in earlier chapters. But speaking of dust, another thing is that the Forerunner artifacts on Remnant could possibly be the reason why dust and aura exist on remnant, and why when dust reaches out of atmosphere it stops working (who's to say that there aren't any artifacts on the moon).

Now this next part I'm a little unsure about, but it could explain why Remnant and the UNSC are so insanely similar, and that is if Remnant was actually originally colonized by the UNSC. Ok so just hear me out on this one. The original humans that colonized Remnant could of also arrived by an accident with their slip-space drive, and the humans that did survive were the ones that colonized the planet. Now, I realize that there is probably not that much time between when the Colonial Administration Authority began interstellar travel and when the Brisbane crashed down on Remnant, but one possibility could be that the original colony's slip-space event caused them to go back in time. Though nothing really confirms that time travel through slip-space is possible, nothing really denies it either, and there was apparently even a (non-canon) event where a spartan was sent back in time because of a slip-space accident for a dead or alive game. Anyways, somehow the humans aboard the ship would have to become more primitive, perhaps due to some event or the surviving people (perhaps only only a few civilians) also lost access to their ship, in perhaps in a similar way to the Brisbane, and were forced to live a more primitive life or something. Also of course along the way the Faunas would need to exist too. But basically if this is the case then this could pretty much explain why Remnant and the UNSC are so similar, e.g. they both speak English, they both use the same time systems/measurements etc.

This also could have some story potential, as with the UNSC finishing up their satellite map they are bound to discover some of the Forerunner artifacts/structures eventually. By now, their ship should probably have at least some data on Forerunner structures, and the revelation of them could lead them to believe that they aren't in another dimension after all. On one hand, this could mean a better chance of getting home, but on the other hand they have also released a lot of stuff to the public of Remnant believing that they were in an entirely different dimension, and knowing this as well as the fact that the Covenant would now be a very real potential threat, would need to help defend the planet at all costs in case the information were to fall into the wrong hands. Also IF the Covenant were to ever find Remnant, (would need to be a significantly small fleet if Remnant is to stand any chance against them), it could also be the perfect time to replicate the Keyes loop.

Again, you could pretty much just take all of this with a grain of salt, I don't expect you to use any of it, just something I came up with (and am also wondering if I am looking way too much into this). Anyways, really enjoying these past few chapters, and can't wait to see whats going to happen next. Keep up the good work!
qdchasse chapter 66 . 12h
The whole part with "Check your mouths grab your gear and get set for a combat op" is a reference to halo 3 odst when buck addressed his team with "check your mouths grab your chairs and get set for a combat drop" I mean like come on the resemblance is way to close to be accidental
Funkyshnelpu jr chapter 11 . 14h
Wait, what in the godamn fuck? They're going to move a Marine Colonel to the Army and demote her all the way down to Staff Sergeant? In what world does that make sense? She's an officer, even the worst NJPable offence can only bring her down to 2LT.
Funkyshnelpu jr chapter 8 . 17h
Couple issues with this chapter:
1. As a Sergeant, Meadows would never be referred to as "Sir". Only officers get called "Sir."
2. Sergeant Meadows's junior Marines would refer to him by a. his rank or b. his rank and last name
3. When Colonel Fairfire is introduced, Sgt Meadows calls her "Sir". It should be "Ma'am", but seeing as how she is called "Ma'am" later on I'm inclined to believe that this is a typo.
Guest chapter 79 . 9/23
A pathetic end for a pathetic being, fitting, now Ilia just need to serve those morons of her ex buddies to the sweet cares of the unsc and then its time to nuke Salem and co.
HeroHunter2 chapter 79 . 9/22
ok, so I'm happy yet disappointed that you didn't just nuke Jacques...though what happened was worth it chapter 79 . 9/22
I hope the UNSC still have MacDonalds because I’m Lovin’ It.

I’ll stop.

Great Chapter.
Psihopatul chapter 79 . 9/22
hmm Jacques thing, bit too anticlimactic ending, felt bit "Can't think of other way so lets go easy way out". could've possibly done bit more on the search efforts yes MAC would've most likely destroyed lot of bodies but there would still be more than just one to be discovered. Rest of the chapter was good though. Well maybe give bit more inside to Ilia's thought progress at the end when she is still in the brick before Meadows arrives.

Keep up the good work and Good Hunting till next chapter!
Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R chapter 78 . 9/22
Agreed, keep it off the comms. Ben should revert to his more professional, quiet tendencies in battle. You don't chat with terrorists, you kill them (unless you're torchwich, in which case you insult them first).
Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R chapter 77 . 9/21
Tis good. Cole protocol is not applicable in these circumstances anyway.
axel100 chapter 67 . 9/20
Good to see another Spartan. However, I wish we has some kind of Covenant presence from the ship. Maybe a sealed room with a couple of Zealot Class Elites that Jorge missed?
Guest chapter 78 . 9/19
A railgun having no effect? Stfu and get outta here.
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