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MagicMissile chapter 6 . 5/10
*Gasp* New Etria is Gotham. You mean like in Batman? Anyway, cool way to introduce Mary! This story is surprisingly getting more interesting and interesting! :)
SomeFilthyCasual chapter 18 . 5/10
Welcome back! Good to see a new chapter again, regardless of how much we learn about Abel's origins or not.

Even though there's not a lot of new stuff going on (aside from the new floor, and that forest creeper's demise, which pleases me), it's still very enjoyable.

Well then, see you next chapter!
SomeFilthyCasual chapter 17 . 4/15
There's a lot happening here : First what seems to be this labyrinth's variant of the Death Walls from Ginungagap (did I mention my unyielding hatred for jumpscares F. yet? lol), and now one of the lizard-like individuals... who seem to be able to both speak, and fight as adventurers would (in this case, as a zodiac).

And this one seemed to be testing/toying with the party. No doubt she'll show up later.

And the other lizard-like individual (who we've seen a few chapters earlier), I wonder when, where and how he'll confront Ouroboros...

Alright then, see you next chapter!
MagicMissile chapter 4 . 4/8
*Inserts cue on new party member!*
Abel... "Yes, Kai?" Can you- "Nope, I've got to ask Karina first!" K...

Yeah! Leave it to low-level bats and moles to start off the dungeon crawling action! ;)
SomeFilthyCasual chapter 16 . 4/7

...Ahem, my bad, I needed to get that out of my system. Still, nice idea, making the Harvesters disguise themselves as statues.

As for why Abel is a Fafnir in the first place... well, I guess we got more questions than answers for now.

And I see you gave each floor a little quote (or title, I don't know what to call these). Nice touch!

That's all for now, see you next chapter!
SomeFilthyCasual chapter 15 . 3/30
That last part made me wonder if these two cloaked characters are forest folk, or rather denizens of New Etria's labyrinth. If by "reach our God", they mean the Yggdrasil core... I'm gonna stop here before it gets too detailed.

So, wagon-traveling, yeah! A nice approach to EO3 and 4's "overworld" (with the sea-sailing and balloon-traveling, respectively). Aaaand Mary just ate most of the provisions in... I dunno, a couple hours? These are meant to last longer than this, right?

I think that's all for now, so I'll be back next chapter!
(Also, was that a double upload? The last chapter was released two or three days ago, I think... Never mind that. See ya later!)
SomeFilthyCasual chapter 14 . 3/29
Glad to learn about some of Kai's past adventures here!

...While I haven't purchased the 31st floor DLC for Untold 2, I know of all the nasty shit you stubble upon there, said nasties being over-powered FOEs with *RANDOM MOVEMENT PATTERNS* (Oh, and instant respawn, too. What the hell, Atlus?) and Ur-Devil...

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if that gave Kai more than his fair share of nightmare fuel...

And Flavio's hard at work for the expedition! Nice! But there's a lot more questions to answer now... And that'll have to wait at least a few chapters.

Well then, keep it up, and I'll see you next time!
MagicMissile chapter 3 . 3/23
A Fafnir with no princess? Don't tell me... Karina is the long lost Caledonia princess? lol P
SomeFilthyCasual chapter 13 . 3/23
That's one floor done, and one ragelope dealt with! It's nice to recognize the classes from each games.(the fortress and, apparently a landy, in this case. I still have no idea how to write that last one properly, though...)

I guess we're still looking for the two adventurers... Wonder what classes they'll be here.

And these two cloaked individuals... survivors of gungnir? And one of them seems to have known Abel in the past? And she was also looking for a highlander? ...I'm gonna stop thinking aloud (kinda) for now. Though, I do wonder what these two's motives are...

That's all for today, see you next chapter!
SomeFilthyCasual chapter 12 . 3/18
Sorry for the late review, the site was just impossible to deal with yesterday...

So, we got our good ol' forest first stratum! Complete with ragelopes! I'd still look out for these statues, however.

I always wondered how the warp wires work, exactly. Do you tug on it, do you snap it...? I don't think it was properly explained in the games (or I wasn't paying attention, lel), so thank you for clearing that out!

So, that voice that called Abel... judging by how fafnir knights are supposed to work (as in, escorting the lady to the depths of the local ruins to try and basically prevent the end of the world), do you think whoever it belonged to will be a potential ally? Or that whoever it is is either controlled by the labyrinth (like Vissil), or a long-dead victim of gungnir (I mean, it COULD be possible, right?)?

That's all for today, see you next chapter!
MagicMissile chapter 2 . 3/16
I like it!
SomeFilthyCasual chapter 11 . 3/15
Good to see Marion replacing Eli as Guildmaster. The old man must be already swamped with work as a mayor, working at the guildmaster's office at the same time would just be a nightmare for him...

Ahh... the good ol' elite 2 (wo)men guild that everyone loves (and have to end up fighting at the 5th or so stratum, but shh...)! I wonder who these adventurers are... But only time will tell, I'm afraid.

Y'know, I am about... 80% sure some of these statues will immediately spring to life should some unfortunate soul pass nearby. Friging medusa's trees. *mumble*

ANYWAY, now that the guild has upgraded their arsenal, we're going straight back into the labyrinth, and discovering what lies after the mines...

Well, that review was longer than expected... Nonetheless, great work as usual, keep it up, and I'll see you next chapter. Cheers!
SomeFilthyCasual chapter 10 . 3/13
So, Tin-Tin looks up to Shilleka, Abel's dad is (was?) a banned Highlander, Mary's brother disappeared in the forbidden Woods prior to the story, and Marion might be reunited with her homeland... There's a lot going on here, and the guild just came back from the labyrinth!
It's nice to get some background exposition in "town-centered" chapters like that. Keep up the good work, I'll see you next chapter. Cheers!
MagicMissile chapter 1 . 3/11
Oh, pretty cool! This overflowing powwweeerrr! xD
SomeFilthyCasual chapter 9 . 3/8
First mission, first few fights as a guild, and... first F.O.E. on the first floor? This labyrinth won't be a cakewalk for Ouroboros. Then again, with Kai and Simon's expertise, they'll manage to pull through.

And with that done, the guild can now explore deeper within the dungeon... riiiiiiiight after a good night's (or morning's) sleep, some shopping, and maybe even accepting some requests here and there.

Also, on a different note, high school started again for me, but I'll keep posting reviews as often as I possibly can. Well then, see you next chapter!
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