Reviews for A Doom Driven Hero
Bob2121998 chapter 48 . 4/4/2019
AMAZING chapter as always i'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to the next chapter i hope its published soon. :)
GreyWolf93 chapter 48 . 4/4/2019
And now his watch is ended...


Damien NightFall chapter 36 . 3/21/2019
Gods, even more of this pathetic "Everything is my fault because I didn't stop something i had no idea about" attitude. Will you ever make Marcus grow in character? Good story excluding the Mc's attitude.
apostlelord chapter 47 . 3/19/2019
really good story
Guest chapter 46 . 3/13/2019
Personally I would have preferred to see him end up with Lydia, cause frankly I think too many people on here go for the DBxSerana matchup, but love the writing otherwise!
Oblivious IJ chapter 47 . 3/15/2019
Oh gosh sorry! I thought ive read and reviewed already! So i see its all coming together now and soon we'll be at Serana's castle home knocking on the door full of bloodatarians with skin problems. I hope the fight isn't as anticlimactic as it felt in the game (It felt so for me) and hope the guy actually uses his vampire katana rather than it just being loot.

Looking forward to it, sorry for not leaving on of my signature reviews but im pissed off about what that fucker did in New Zealand.

Donbasos chapter 47 . 3/15/2019
Looking very much forward to the next few chapters, how are you going to handle the fight with Harkon? Is Serana going to cure herself? What will happen between the two. The concensus most Fanfics make is that Serana will not cure herself but they will still end up together, maybe they win and Serana confesses after curing herself as a way to confess to Marcus, perhaps Harkon will nearly kill one and the other confesses right then and there? We shall see. You indeed cannot satisfy everyone on this site or the internet, so pick whatever you wanna pick, even if it is not what anyone has doing, or even if everyone is doing it.
Bob2121998 chapter 47 . 3/15/2019
AMAZING chapter as always I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to the next chapter I hope its published soon.
NotASmurf chapter 47 . 3/14/2019
"Stupid answer. He couldn't do that. The risk was just too great. The more likely answer was that she'd say no, and then that'd prove to be the death knell for their entire relationship. Every conversation, or interaction from that point onward would be tainted with the knowledge of the unreciprocated feelings, and the awkwardness that inevitably followed would mean they could never again have the friendship they had now. Losing such a thing would probably push him back to the brink of insanity that'd taken him so long to escape from."

This paragraph, man. I think you captured the feeling of not being able to tell someone your feelings PERFECTLY. I had the same dilemma with a friend fairly recently and I could never put it in words how it made me feel, but you nailed it. I've never seen something from my own life paralleled in a fanfic like this lol. I love this damn story
GreyWolf93 chapter 47 . 3/14/2019
“Love is the bane of honor, the death of duty. What is honor compared to a woman's love? What is duty against the feel of a newborn son in your arms ... or the memory of a brother's smile? Wind and words. Wind and words. We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory, and our great tragedy.”

A minor criticism, though, if you will; Skyrim is supposed to be a huge land. IIRC, Michael Kirkbride made the comment that it was half the size of Russia (so, roughly a little larger than Australia) Even if it's still not that big, it would really be hundreds of miles across. Now, I don't know about you, but I highly doubt that I could march hundreds of miles on foot in a single night, especially when you consider the fact most average feudal soldiers back in the day marched around 18-19 miles (25 in the case of Roman legionaries and 40 in the case of the all-mounted Mongolian troopers). Realistically speaking, it should take Marcus and his small army a few weeks to cross the entirety of Skyrim, and that's barring things like bandits, enemy ambushes, and other hazards that hamper logistics. I know that in the game you can cross the map in as little as 12 hours, but keep in mind that the game has been seriously scaled down in order to save on memory space for your gaming system of choice. It's also why the cities appear to be so small and have a population of minor hamlets when in reality, they should be a fair bit larger and have the population in the thousands (Solitude, in particular, would be a fairly large city that has a population in the high tens to low hundreds of thousands of citizens, being an advanced harbor-city with thriving trade as well as being the capital of the province)

Other than that, I loved this chapter. Marcus comes to realize that he loves Serana and is absolutely torn on what to do about it, and we get a glimpse of his past life with his sister- who I assume wants to kill him for whatever happened to their parents...
razmire chapter 47 . 3/14/2019
I don't know how good my advice would be, but I would suggest reading some lemons for inspiration, and then try to write an entire lemon. If it proves to be to difficult, or if you don't like the way that the lemon turns out, then just go for the half lemon and 'off-screening' option.
Justaquestion12 chapter 47 . 3/14/2019
Well other stories that have good lemons in them and/or erotic stories for examples/ideas. There is one story i can recommend to get ideas from. An erotic 2 shot called "The Chaos Witch's Soul" an story in the dark souls archive.
Damien NightFall chapter 10 . 3/10/2019
Question: Do you believe a Jew going out of his way to kill Hitler and his generals is wrong? When a group of people's single purpose is the extermination of another race with brutality, you generally don't call the people fighting back monsters because they decided it was better for the group to be hunted down than their race.
Oblivious IJ chapter 46 . 3/9/2019
... hehehe its happening~
bfg10k17 chapter 45 . 3/8/2019
Tell you what.
If Markus asks Serena to undertake the ritual at Morthal (the one Markus also did, to become human again) then I'd say go for the lemon.
Though only if you're confident in writing one.
Not everyone can make a belivable sex scene. It's better to not have one, than to have a bad one.
You know what I mean ?
Anyway. Thanks for the chapter.
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