Reviews for A Doom Driven Hero
Mandalore the Survivor chapter 5 . 3/4/2018
Hmm not bad, not bad at all. Nasty things those Hagravens can be, frankly Marcus did a good thing by killing them since it means less people getting caught. Still, interesting how long that mindset he has there in regards of trying avoid killing will last? A place like Skyrim has got a way changing people, some for the better, others for the worst.

Still, I'm glad to see Marcus is still facing challenges, it makes sense he'll have to do some adapting around the cold environment of Skyrim and it's dangerous creatures. It is understanding Marcus would be frustrated with a answer like that, he climb all the way top of there and got something like that only resulted in more questions? Yeah, I be wanting answers myself.

Biggest factor I am liking the most is the relationship he has with Lydia, the two I can clearly see are developing quite a close one there and I can only see few others that will be able match this kind of relationship he now has with Lydia, she certainly does seem to be the league of romance options for Marcus :P

My suggestion wise, it makes it be the Companions first that he'll have be meeting first considering their location wise. That and they happen be among my most favorite of factions in Skyrim.

Anyway nice work, good luck, till next time.
Some Guy In An Ambulance chapter 3 . 2/19/2018
That was an incredibly epic fight. Wowza! I'm hoping that the "Dragon Soul" absorbed does more than just unlock the knowledge for one part of a shout. I mean, the DB is absorbing the entire soul of an ancient and powerful creature, there's got to be more to it than learning some words faster. Heck, the DB can learn the words just like the Greybeards did, only faster since he has the soul of a dragon. This is my favorite chapter so far, and I really like both the mc's skills, and character development from frightful to enraged. He does have the soul and pride of a dragon XD
Mandalore the Survivor chapter 3 . 2/14/2018
A interesting story thus far, surprising I haven’t seen anyone else reviewed.

Anyway what I like about the story is the Dragonborn in question, he’s realistic, he’s thinking as someone normal being put in that situation, but you got me very curious about his past and what seems be he’s guilty about, vety curious.

A factor I really hope to see is how each follower acts around the Dragonborn and many of their reasons for following him. Like in game Fallout, we saw their motives, we saw how they interacted, we saw much of their backgrounds. I wouldn’t mind seeing something bit similar with the Skyrim Followers, I feel we didn’t see enough of their characters in the game.

Overall? I really see lots of potential in this, curious what you intent on subject of pairing since Skyrim’s got quite a few great romance options.

Good luck, till next time.
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