Reviews for This Means War
Albus Skywalker chapter 20 . 7/15
I got a question, You gonna write a sequel? If you are, I'm waiting for it.
Syenous chapter 18 . 6/20
wait so theres a lord chaos and a lady khaos?
HellRaiderS chapter 20 . 6/18
Have read this story multiple times never ceases to amaze me
TheFire44 chapter 6 . 5/12
This is a really interesting concept. Personifying the monsters, huh. Nice chapter here.
TheFire44 chapter 4 . 5/12
it's kind of confusing here. Brutus went from shitting his pants next to Percy to singing his praises. The continuity is strange. Nice concept though.
just a commenter chapter 7 . 4/13
I'd like to say, good job! But you still should have said powers beyond godlike
Readytim12 chapter 20 . 4/8
hellfrozeover chapter 10 . 3/8
What did Annabeth do to Percy that made him have s** with Leto? Or flirt with her? I mean like this isn't right. I understand they broke up or something before he went to Tartarus but...
Guest chapter 20 . 2/28
No update
Le Conquerant chapter 20 . 2/24
Bon mais ne semble pas fini. Envisagez-vous de continuer?
Santan Suprah chapter 1 . 2/4
Beginning makes literally no sense, no explanation other than "hey it was the Fates yk well what can ya do"
DemonicTrix chapter 1 . 2/2
Hello, just recently finished reading and I have to say one of the best I’ve ever read! I know it’s what 2-3 years later lol but have you ever considered making a sequel? Anyways great story hope on some rare occasion you decided to continue :)
Guest chapter 1 . 1/29
Not good he would rather fucking die than become a traitor? He would deffinetly go against olympus if they sentence him to tarturus?his sacred flaw is loyalty if they betray him than he would want revenge
sketchers chapter 20 . 1/6
is there going to be a sequel?
Pygmy Hippo chapter 20 . 1/2
Such an interesting story!
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