Reviews for You, Me, and Everyone in Between
Guest chapter 6 . 8/7
I'm so sorry about your father you have my condolences. Thank you for bringing this chapter out even after going through a hard time.
LazySundays4TW chapter 1 . 8/3
Reading up to chapter 6, I can tell you put in a lot thought and hard work into this AU. Sure a typo here and there shows its ugly head. But if I wanted to read a story with clear and perfect descriptions, I would reread The Great Gatsby. I started reading this fic because once I saw the description, I knew I would be hooked. It screamed interest and conflict, and left the reader asking “what is going on here?” I usually don’t read fanfics that aren’t in the RWBY universe because the ideas that were brought up, while intriguing, were a little too much for me. This is my First AU that is out of the grim infested world of Remnant, and I can say proudly that I’m not disappointed. This story, to me at least, focuses more on the human nature than a world-ending scheme. I’m not saying either is better or worse. What I am saying is that I can wait patiently for the next chapter because your work is more than something that can be whipped up in 5 minutes. This level of depth takes time and investment. That’s why I can wait.
darkvampirekisses chapter 6 . 8/3
*Eagerly waits for September 5th*
I'm a Nobody. Who Are You chapter 6 . 8/3
This is a story that I needed.

It's really well written. I was so engrossed in the text that when I reached the end of this chapter, it felt like I was reading too fast.
I also like the small details that mirror the original material.

Looking forward to reading more and understanding more.

Thank you for writing.
Monkeyboy0118 chapter 6 . 8/3
Hey man, I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I hope that you carry through okay and keep on doing what makes you happy. Just know we’ll support you.
RedShirt1453 chapter 6 . 8/3
Ha! And I thought Blake would be the saboteur not Yang.
HikariNiwa chapter 6 . 8/3
Yang is literally the worst here. I've seen stalkers with better personality and morals.
Namah chapter 6 . 8/3
My condolences. I'm sorry for your loss and I want you to know thats it's okay to take a break anf sort stuff out without worrying about story deadlines and the like. I really like your story but if you continueing it is causing you any strain then by all means take some time off.
Spartan1992 chapter 6 . 8/3
Blake and weiss are poor socially but otherwise fine and focused on helping ruby
yang feels like she wants to "be" ruby while justifying her questionable actions as "protecting" ruby
Definitely the least healthy alt
Still interesting story and looking forward to how it all plays out
shuujin.takagi chapter 6 . 8/3
Wow, Yang acaba de matar las oportunidad que Ruby tenia con Jaune, al menos en el futuro inmediato. Creo que es un poco hipocrita de parte de Yang hace eso, ella fue la que le dijo que tenia que conocer nuevas personas.
dandyrr0403 chapter 6 . 8/3
Tha ks for the update! And I am sorry to hear about your father. At first I thought that Yang will be okay with Jaune, but why did she have to say that at the last part!? I know she's afraid of another Adam, but what Ruby needs is friends right now and did she even think about what will happen if Ruby really wants to be together with Jaune and she learns that Yang has made that almost impossible!? I feel like Yang is trying take over Ruby in this chapter, don't know why. But honestly I am a little angry at Yang for saying that to Jaune, he already has low self-esteem, but now with how she worded it to Jaune at the last part, it must be a blow to Jaune's self-esteem, I just hope things will start to look up for Jaune! Keep being awesome! Hope you'll update again soon!
Guest chapter 2 . 7/24
You know, when I first read the summary, I thought it would be a kind of cute doc about inner voice dialogue between the main 4. But this is actually really engaging, like really good. I really captured the feeling of Ruby not remembering the past few years of her and being scared of where she is. It was cute how Jaune was willing to help her out, even when they didn't know each other.
If I have to give some advice, I would say you're making Jaune a little too much like the nice guy protagonist. Nothing against it, but maybe have him question more about Ruby's sudden change of personality or a limit on how them. Not angry, just wants some answers. Other than that, I love this and hope to see the next chapter tomorrow.
Skrubstar chapter 5 . 6/27
I really like it. Ruby’s past with DID makes me feel really sad for her and I really want to see what happened with Sun, Adam, Summer, Tai, and eventually how Blake came to be. Oh and RWBY sharing a body is something I certainly haven’t seen before. qq’s at how it updates monthly. Anyways, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
shuujin.takagi chapter 5 . 6/26
Para ser una oportunidad para saber si Jaune es bueno o no para Ruby, Yang solo lo dejo para irse de fiesta con Neon. Me gusto mucho la interaccion de las otras personalidades con Jaune, aunque esperaba un poco mas de interaccion de Blake, pero por alguna razon no me parece raro la poca interaccion que tuvieron. Espero que puedas actualizar pronto.
chronotimeguard chapter 5 . 6/26
Jaune must be so confused right now. Trying to date a girl with 4 personalities means trying to balance out their personalities of what they like and dislike. That's too much of a herculean load for basic social interactions.
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