Reviews for The Sunset after the Beach
Guest chapter 51 . 8/12
Please let this story develop.
Guest chapter 51 . 7/5
Really good story. Would like to see the story developing
Guest chapter 51 . 6/21
Very thrilling chapter. Please let there be more chapters. And everyone gets a happy story
Guest chapter 50 . 6/12
This is the best stories. Cannot wait to see how this story develops
klm82 chapter 1 . 6/1
Liking the story so far!
Guest chapter 49 . 5/19
Hope there is more to this story. It's extremley good.
Please let there be a happy ending, and many more chapters
Guest chapter 49 . 5/13
Hope there is more to this story. Very good
Guest chapter 46 . 4/9
Hope we can have more to this story. Very good
real mynix chapter 44 . 3/12
I was so happy that they finally got together again, than you make this cliffhanger in the end! Hope Gregory didn't do anything stupid, they need love and hapiness ot more drama.
real mynix chapter 27 . 2/8
It is such an action stroy. I just toss my head hear and there. Hoping that O&G will be back together and for a happy ending.