Reviews for who needs a hero when you can be your own villain?
potahtopotato chapter 1 . 2/11
This was so good?

"Does he drink - Padma shudders - fake tea, iced tea?" Cracked me up! It's a perfect blend of serious with just enough humor sprinkled in, and you managed to make it angsty without the broodiness.

Loved it!
ipsa dixit chapter 1 . 2/10
okay, first of all yOUR WRITING IS SO AESTHETIC fuck you i love you
i love the short sentences style and also the repetition? like i love the way it's read and the way it looks
also dARK!au equals bonus points for you and uSING PADMA PATIL. OKAY? CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT FOR A SEC? bECAUSE THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST NOT TALKED ABOUT CHARACTERS AND MAKING HER DARK? vic i love you this is an amazing concept
[padma thinks he's in the mafia] - jesus christ #selfinsert
[padma shudders at the thought - fake tea] - this really just is you, isn't it?
[as it turns out, she does] - tHIS MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD VIC I THINK I NEED SLEEP
you didn't put in the translation for thelpa, babe, but that's the only thing your grammar-nazi ass missed [ignorant white person here, hi]
okay, so i love the character choice and the way it's written and just the thrill of this? this was gorgeous, oml
please, please, don't ever kill someone by poisoning their chai, thanks