Reviews for Somos Familia
Paradox four chapter 37 . 10/4
Wait a little Minute! Matty and Hector was sitting mother and grandmothers grave respectivly
Violet Rose of Darkness chapter 17 . 9/29
Rereading this story after- what- a year and a half really hits deep. I lost an old friend last year to cancer and these past few chapters really envoked something in me that they didn't the first time
erica.phoenix16 chapter 46 . 9/20
Thanks for updating. :)
Alliance Empire chapter 46 . 9/17
Best Coco story I've read.
Sulmedira chapter 46 . 8/23
Sooo good! i love that... :(
Guest chapter 46 . 8/19
Man that's so screwed up hearing Hector's real mother telling her story to her son of what happened in life.
Please let the new chapter come soon.
Paul chapter 46 . 8/19
This chapter was incredibly moving and powerful. I wish hector had asked more about his liters family and learned of they are anyone we know. Domingo being Dom was something I began to suspect as the story progressed. The guy sounds even nastier than ever but I’m wondering if he abd hector will ever have a conversation about try e ofrenda, or if any of his nicer descendants (assuming there are any, we haven’t met any I yet aside from your comment that some of them once wanted to listen to hectors music until Domingo refused) might ever end up closer with the Riviera family.
I hope that we see Ernesto in the next chapter although I suspect it might take longer. Either the next chapter or the one after it will probably have Ernesto revealing the truth about the poison and that will make for a very interesting conversation.
Many Faced Mage chapter 46 . 8/19
And the Face of Today is? Wandering ghost!

So Hector met his mother. Quite a shocking backstory you have created. Hopefully this will help him change his mindset when he returns to the land of the living. As for his male parent something tells me he’s in for quite a whooping back when he gets back!
Lordfinn chapter 46 . 8/19
What a twist of hector's real parentage. Now thinking back hector dodged a bullet rejecting his half-brother's proposal to marry coco. But still the mystery of nieve's memory still being honored by someone who rejected her goes on. Hector needs to put visiting his father and learning the truth on the list of things he needs to do when getting back, it also helps that learning more about nieve would make her story passed down to her son and allows him to put her on his own family ofrenda. It might be decades before nieve meets her son's family but it would be a sweet reunion especially for imelda meeting the mother of her husband
Plumalchemyst chapter 46 . 8/18
Aw I’m sad now
E1craZ4life chapter 46 . 8/18
Now we know where he got his hat from.
erica.phoenix16 chapter 45 . 7/13
Thanks for updating. :)
Lordfinn chapter 17 . 7/8
Wow wow wait... the missing elephant and frangipani. They were actually the same animal?! Holy shit just realised they never did found the circus elephant after this. No wonder leti and frangipani got along so well, it was her spirit guide like dante and imelda's cat. And the reason why it went missing was to reunite with leti in the afterlife, thats just sweet and sad at the same time
Lordfinn chapter 45 . 7/4
Well the day just keeps getting trippy for hector. Meeting his dead daughter with her magic flying elephant and now he is meeting his mother who he never knew. But really curious though that she isn't exactly forgotten and has an ofrenda, but who set it up for her and why is she angry at them? Hector's father perhaps?
copet chapter 45 . 7/3
Ow... Now I really feel like this next chapter will feel like a poke in my heart. It's a really good touch having Héctor's mother talking with him. Maybe something good can come out, or maybe he will double-down before the confrontation with Ernesto. And I don't know if something will be done for the nearly forgotten ones, who knows except you? And by the way, in chapter 43, the expression is "Puta madre", it's strange because "Madre" is also a bad word in México since it can be used like shit (Don't ask me why, but it got the same versatility, like "Gustar a madres" ('liking to mothers' means 'Liking something A LOT'). Have a nice day! (By the way, it was a nice gesture reminding everyone of the elephant in the birthday party by turning him into an alebrije)! ;)
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